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Neighbours Episode 4964 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4964: Marry-Go-Round
Australian airdate: 11/05/06
UK airdate: 03/08/06
Writer: Graham Hartley
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Kim Timmins Brett Swain
- "Rhythm To Fly" by Wesley Carr
Summary/Images by: Kellie/Emma (Mwah)
Izzy having a good laugh to Karl about the watch he gave to Boyd being worth $20,000
Janelle and Kim horrified over the wedding blowout
Sky telling Dylan she's going to have so much fun without him
Number 24
Sky's walked in and not in the mood to listen to Harold. He tells her that Elle was wondering where she got to. Sky thinks Elle can mind her own bees wax. Harold, after commenting on what she looks like, cuts to the chase; he asks if she really stayed at Elle's. She wants him to mind his own business too. Harold understands she's upset about the break-up but she has so much to look forward to like she's young, has great friends, her artwork... Sky says that's a waste of time and is giving up uni tomorrow. Harold asks her not to make any rash decisions but she's made up her mind, walking out of the room. Just as she's gone Elle turns up, asking how Sky is. Harold doesn't know, he's never seen her like this before.
Number 26
Janelle and Bree are browsing wedding magazines when Dylan comes in with the mail. Bree asks if he's okay; he replies he's fine but he obviously isn't. She asks if he wants to talk about it, and when he said he doesn't Bree accuses him of taking on the tought guy act. She follows him over to the other sofa saying he needs someone to talk to and it's her. He tells Smidge he'll be right. Thanks for caring; he knows she's got a bit of her own stuff to deal with. Bree says that's what sisters are for. She knows he's hurting and she wishes there was something she could do to help. He assures her it won't last forever.
Meanwhile Janelle's watching this family love in scene happily. Unfortunately Janae storms in to protest about the yellow number her mum has picked out for the bridesmaids outfit. She's not wearing it, she'll look like big bird. Janelle tells her that if she can find something that meets her approval fine but until then nick off. Janae calls Bree to come with her back to the bedroom.
Dylan's walked into the kitchen where Kim is doing one more of his shifty DVD dealings over the phone. Luckily he's talking about orders so when he gets off the phone he can convincingly lie to Dylan; tell him it's one of those damn bun companies not knowing what they're doing. But Dylan has this look in his eye that tells me otherwise.
General Store
Boyd's talking to Max about my local hospital! err the country hospital he went to; it was understaffed like my local one. They were really busy and cut Boyd a lot of slack, especially the head resident. Max asks why, Boyd admitting he was kind of distracted. He was thinking of Janae and all the stuff that happened between them. And he still loves her and wants her back. Max thinks it would be good if he's love life didn't affect his studies. Boyd tells him he can't help being in love.
Oh well looky here, Karl's come over asking about how Boyd went and saying that the head resident was really happy with him. But we all know what he wants; the watch. Karl starts lying about how it goes with a lot of the clothes he wears so maybe Boyd could give it back. Boyd says sure, but he thought it was a present. Karl says it was, he'll get Boyd a replacement. Boyd's about to hand it over when Max butts in saying that he gave it to Boyd, and that Karl had said that it reminded him of Izzy. And that Jenny had got him a new one anyway. Max tells him he can't give it back, it's poor form. Karl finally admits that the watch costs a fair bit and he didn't know at the time so he wants it back. Max tells him that's a shame, but Boyd can't give it back that's not the way it works. Boyd says to Karl that Max is the boss. *sniggers*
Number 26
In the kitchen Janae and Janelle are looking at bridesmaids dresses. Janae points out one but Janelle isn't impressed.
Bree answers the door. It's Zeke! She asks him if he wants a drink and leaves him in the lounge room while she goes and gets one. Bree pauses to look at the dress Janelle is showing Janae. Janae thinks it's hideous, Janelle doesn't agree until Bree says it is. Janae asks why she listens to Bree but not her. Janelle wants her to stop the whinging and find a better one. Bree throws a juice to Zeke and tells him to wait, she's got a surprise.
Dylan answers the door to Harold wants to talk about Sky. He's there to ask him to go easy on her. He realises there has been hurt on both sides but Sky's so down. Harold hopes Dylan can find it in his heart to be civil with her. Dylan tells him she's made her bed and can lay in it with whoever she wants. Kim's on the way out. Dylan's way interested, running after him. Harold follows asking him to visit Sky at least once.
Janae points out a new dress to Janelle but she isn't going to pick that one. Janae thinks this is so unfair, Janelle doesn't listen to her but she does whatever Bree wants. With Zeke listening on Janae goes on to say that she thought Janelle was going to treat Bree normally again. Janelle needs to get over it otherwise they'll never be a proper family. Zeke is a bit confused by this.
Number 24
Elle's ready and waiting for Sky to come out of her room. She explains that Harold let her in and he was pretty upset. Sky doesn't care. Elle asks where Sky went last night, she can't believe that she would go off with those gross guys. Sky says that they were jyst like her; boring mainstream losers trying to escape their lives. And if anything bad happened she deserved it. Elle asks if she thinks a girl going off with a bus load of gusy is stupid. Sky doesn't anymore, asking if she has anything else. Yep next time they go out Elle will call the shots. Sky tells her that she can look after herself. Harold comes in to hear Elle talk about how she knows that Sky feels awful right now, but she promises that she will not always feel like this. She's Sky's friend and she will always look after her.
SKY: I don't need to be looked after by Dylan, by grandad or by some spoilt little princess who makes Paris Hilton look like a brain surgeon. So you can go back to you evil daddy and leave me alone.
She runs off to her room.
Random Vacant Lot Behind a Shed?
Dylan, from a distance, watches Kim sell a couple of boxes to a couple of guys. How dodgy. He walks right up to his dad, Kim asking what he's doing there. Dylan tells him he was just having a stroll, and then asks what Kim is doing. Bus-ted!
Number 26
Zeke and Bree are looking at the free books she's gotten. He asks if she has something she hasn't told him about. She can't answer; she has to answer the door. It's Boyd. Bree runs to the kitchen to get her. Janelle gives her Janelle's Love-Life Advice #34 - when a guy comes crawling back that means you've got him. Janae's got to make him sweat, but not too much. Janelle calls buggerlugs aka Zeke into the kitchen to leave the ickle ones to it.
Janae asks how he went in the country while the other look on. Boyd asks if she wants to go on a walk but Janae thinks they can talk there.
BOYD: While I was away I had a lot of time to think and I reckon we should start again.
JANAE: Riiiight. Look I'm really sorry but I don't think that could happen.
BOYD: No... what I mean is I think we should be together.
JANAE: But I don't. Boyd I don't want to be in a relationship where you can dump me whenever you think I'm not being you want me to be, and then just expect me to come back.
BOYD: Janae...
JANAE: I know I'm only 16, and I know I sometimes do stupid things. I forget stuff or I just don't understand. But that's me. I need to be with someone who can accept all that and just love me for who I am. It's not you, sorry.
She shuts gently the door in his face.
Scarlet Bar
Max's working when Karl arrives.
MAX: Hey Karl do you fancy some lunch? My shout.
MAX: You know what, I've changed my mind.
Karl explains that the watch isn't just a trinket, it's worth $20,000 big ones. Max is shocked, but it's like Max says. He doesn't make the rules.
Over at a table Kim and Dylan are talking DVDs. Dylan wants in, but Kim won't allow it. Dylan tells him he'll get done in for handling them. He needs sellers that don't know him from a bar of soap, someone who can collect the money and deliver on time. Someone that will point the blame far away from him. Kim says no, Dylan has a record and he hasn't so it's worth the risk. Dylan doesn't care about the risk, he wants the cash. He's in.
Number 28
Bree and Zeke are back at his place discussing the fact she was separated at birth. He asks if it feels strange. It doesn't; she's still a Timmins and that would never change. She asks if he's seen the cosmology book and when he gives a little "mmf" as a reply, asks what's wrong. Zeke thought he was her boyfriend. He is, she apologises for not saying anything. Scotty was the one that told Rachel. He knew something was up. Bree explains that she really wanted to tell him but she thought that if she didn't mention it, it would all go away. He tells her it's okay, it's kind of cool. He's an orphan with a step-mum so they both have untraditional families. Bree agreeing they have weird families. Zeke says all that matters is having the people you love around you. Ones that love you no matter what, like him. Awwness!
Number 26
Janae is still trying to get a nice wedding dress but Janelle thinks it wouldn't be too good for Susie Q (it's a bit too sexy for her). Kim's come in (grabbing a drink from the fridge). Janelle asks him where he's been because he missed Janae telling Boyd to rack off. Janae tells her to butt out. Janelle tries to get Kim to agree with her but he's staying out of it. Kim finally talks about the hefty price for the wedding, saying it might be a bit too much. They can still have a romantic wedding day for $10,000 at the most. Janae says he can't do that, it's just so tight. Janelle knows where this is coming from, is DylDogs going under (no). She can tell he's hiding something. Janelle asks him to look her in the eyes and tell her there is nothing dodgy. He does it. She tells him that if she finds out otherwise he'll cop it.
Scarlet Bar
Dylan secures someone 'in' on the DVD business. He walks out of the office just as Max and Karl walk in, Karl begging for Max to have a word to Boyd. Max has already told him it's out of his hands. Karl's ashamed to say that the watch is the only thing of value Izzy left him. Max has had enough of Karl's world class moaning, they were always going to give it back to him. They were just winding Karl up. Max tells him to go find Boyd.
Dylan walks up to Max saying he's done and is about to leave when... he bumps into Elle. She's checking that he's alright, coz with Sky and everything she was worried. He says he's fine though, everything's going good... Harold watches on while Dylan asks her if she wants to hang out with him. It's a yes so he suggests a drive. Elle thinks that's a bit odd (you can tell ) but agrees. Harold stops Dylan before he heads off to ask if he thinks moving on so soon is such a good idea, and with a friend of Sky's. Dylan says he is right, it is none of his business. He is a free agent now so he can do whatever the hell he wants.
Number 24
Harold thanks Boyd for coming over to talk to Sky, he might be just the one to get through to her. Boyd walks in and over to Sky. She stops him in his tracks, saying if he's hear to preach about everything being fine he can just forget it. He tells her that she won't get any of that from him so she can stop being nasty, he's actually over for a bit of sympathy himself. She isn't the only one with a relationship in pieces. She says he can stay only if they don't talk about her. Boyd jokes around, asking why would he. Sky thinks she isn't good at all, luckily Boyd feels the same. She asks him if he can remember a time after the plane crash when he told her that she has to stay weird and stay herself, Sky doesn't even know what that is anymore. She doesn't even know what she feels anymore. Boyd gives her a hug, saying life pretty rubbish when you have nothing to put faith in. Sky welcomes him to her world, it's easy to take things for granted. Boyd ponders over that.
Ramsay Street
Bree and Zeke are walking down the 'street', Zeke stating that they aren't really normal as a couple. They don't really kiss. It's okay he's cool with it but guys at school think it's weird. Bree wants to know who. Zeke tells her not to worry, it doesn't matter. He loves being with her and that's enough for him. He was just wondering what she thought about it. Her thoughts are kissing him on the cheek and saying they can work on the kissing. Awww. Karl runs into the scene talking about Zeke scoring a goal. Riiiight. Karl is wondering if they've seen Boyd around (they haven't). Karl tells them it's nothing urgent, and to stay out of trouble. He heads over to the Hoyland's house while Bree and Zeke continue down the street hand in hand, Bree joking about how she's glad she doesn't have Karl as a father figure.
Random Carpark
Dylan and Elle have finished their drive. Dylan tells her it's been good having her around, someone to talk to. She's a top chick that Elle, the first time he saw her he was like "phwoar! Hot as." He thought she was way out of his league but then they started getting to know each other, becoming mates. Elle agrees they've become close. Dylan knew Paul and Izzy were pushing them together, they must've saw something they didn't. He thinks there's a real spark between them now. Elle guesses there is... so Dylan takes the opportunity to try and kiss her. Elle tells him that had to have been the sleaziest pick up line she has ever heard and she has heard a few. She can't believe he would seriously think she would buy it. He asks her what she came here for. It was the drive but he meant the driiive like that makes more sense. And she came to help him understand he's still hung up on Sky. Dylan says Sky is dead to him but Elle can see that he is still hurting. And when he's ready to stop acting like a four year old she'll be there for him as a friend. Nice one Elle, Dylan now wants to kick you out. He tells her to get out of the car, he isn't in the mood. So he leaves her alone at the carpark.
Scarlet Bar - Night
Dylan's taking praise for the dinner he's cooked the family. Dylan says if that's good they should wait for the desserts. Janelle doesn't want any, she wants to keep in shape. Oh well Janae will have hers then. Bree asks what's on offer then asks if she can have both. Janae can't believe it, she couldn't have the fish because it was too expensive but Bree can stuff her face. She cancels her dessert and goes home. Janelle thinks her mood is because of the dresses.
Kim walks over to the bar to get more drinks, giving Dylan an opportunity to talk DVDs. He's gotten two guys in the sell them to people in pubs and clubs around town. Two bucks a sale, the rest goes to them. Kim wants to say something but Dylan interrupts, saying to spend up on his mum's happiness.
Karl says to Max it's a $20,000 watch and Boyd goes and sells it on something he just had to buy whatever that might've been. A fleet of motorized skateboards, a share in a Gym or maybe a store full of tight pink polo shirts.
Number 24
Sky's looking at all her drawings and throwing them to the floor. Harold walks over asking what's this. She replies that it's no talent, never had any and never will. Harold wonders what to say, then promises it won't always feel as dreadful as this. It will get better, and she'll have to trust him on that. He can't bear this, she's all he's got and to see her like this tears him apart.
SKY: Oh! Oh so if it tears you apart let's just stop everything we're doing. We wouldn't want to worry grandad would we? No. Did you think of me went out on your crusade, when all that matter to you was seek revenge on Paul Robinson? No you didn't think about me you were just thinking about yourself!
HAROLD (shouting!): I lost most of my family in a plane crash. I lost my son! How does that compare with you losing your boyfriend because of your own stupid weakness? (calming down) I love you Sky, I love you very much. And when you decide to grow up... I'll be here for you.
He leaves Sky alone in the room to cry.
Number 26
Janae answers the door to Boyd on his knee and holding up a miniature box.
JANAE: What are you doing?
BOYD: Showing you that I am committed to you. That I will never, ever take you for granted or doubt you again. That you're the most amazing, gorgeous, insane girl that I have ever met. (opening the mini box to reveal a ring) Janae, will you marry me?
She looks understandably shocked.
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Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4964
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4964
Dylan Timmins, Bree Timmins

Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4964
Boyd Hoyland, Max Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

Zeke Kinski, Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4964
Zeke Kinski, Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins

Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4964
Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4964
Dylan Timmins, Kim Timmins

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4964
Janae Timmins

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4964
Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4964
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4964
Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4964
Elle Robinson

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4964
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4964
Sky Mangel

 in Neighbours Episode 4964

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