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Neighbours Episode 4963 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4963: Sky Anxiety
Australian airdate: 10/5/06
UK airdate: 02/08/06
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Mishka Schneiderova - Deborah Kennedy
Elle Robinson - Pippa Black
CamRob Robinson - Adam Hunter
Ned Parker - Dan O'Conner
Katya Kinski - Dichen Lachman
- "Sacramento" by Deep Dish
- "Everybodys Wearing My Head" by Deep Dish
- "Sergios Theme" by Deep Dish
- "Dub Shepherd" by Deep Dish
Summary/Images by: Alex/Emma (Mwah)
- Sean threatens Katya
- Dylan tells Sky a friendship is Not. Gonna. Happen.
- Lou gets the General store back
- CamRob 'kills time'
Ned complains to Connor he's behind on his ticket quota. This is apparently Connor's fault because he got Ned back into singing again. (I think the question is why?!) Anyway, Connor tells him it makes him a better person to live with. He has clearly never heard Ned sing. Ned argues this makes him a lousy parking inspector. AggroAnnie™ scored 993 parking tickets last month! Cue smoothing out of purple trench coat at 993 mention. Detective work for the week over. Ned barely managed 50 and they were mostly Paul and Izzy. Connor tells him he just has better things to do with his life than spread misery. Ned spots the flaw in that logic because they don't pay him as well! Connor's phone goes off with an awesome jangly ring tone cutting the conversation short and we hear him say Oh My God to the caller.
Switch focus to Lou and Mishka, who are leading Harold through the GS blindfolded. They take it off and then TADA! Show him the Under New Old Management sign, and explain that TGS belongs to them again! Lou explains he and Mishka outwitted Pond Scum while Harold was cavorting with Svetlanka in Perth. Lou should not have been allowed to say that, baaaad images produced. Harold accuses them of doing something illegal. Mishka makes Neighbours history by dragging them off to have this private conversation in the kitchen. Doesn't she know everyone needs to be able to eavesdrop?
Connor agrees that he will see what he can do just before all of Mishka's making history is undone as Harold yells for the entire TGS to hear, "You did WHAT?!" Connor tells Ned that Carmella's Mum has just told him that no-one has seen Carmella since Christmas Day, and she wants him to go and find her.
Scarlet Bar
Paul, Izzy, Elle and Katya are eating and Paul yells over to Dylan, who is clearing the next table, what an excellent meal it was. Dylan stalks over and hands him the tip wine glass, telling him to prove it. Izzy objects but Paul waves it away and gets up, leaving Katya to ask Elle how the job hunting is going. She has given that up though, losing TGS was a message from the universe. She is just going to have some fun for a while. Izzy cottons on she means to live off Paul and is not happy. Paul may be very generous to her but she still insists on making her own living. Oh yeah, Iz, all those shifts you do at the SB. You don't leave Max to do all the work at all. Katya agrees with Izzy though, saying if you do have your own paycheck then you don't need to be obligated to any man. Izzy tells her to sing it sister! And I immediately get Sister's Are Doin it For Themselves stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Elle thinks that all this feminism stuff is 'cute' but not her thing, why should she work when Paul is willing to give her anything she wants?
CamRob arrives and tells Katya the wine went everywhere, which was why he had to change, and then produces flowers. For no reason? Come on Katya, that should so get that radar going. But it doesn't, and he tells her she is worth it. Paul reappears and remarks Sean still isn't answering, something just isn't quite right. I need to lend him my purple trench coat for all this detective work. CamRob sits back and tries to look puzzled.
Sky is lying despondently on the sofa when Harold, Lou and Mishka arrive home. Harold agrees Lou didn't do anything illegal but this inspector did. Lou tells him all he did was make a phone call, which is untraceable. Harold tries to say hi to a mopey Sky and is dragged off to the kitchen by Mishka to be told that Sky was unfaithful with JP and so Dylan broke up with her. Apparently all she does these days is sit around and watch TV and hasn't been to uni for a week. She has clearly discovered the delights of rubbish daytime television. Harold tries to get her to go for a stroll but she is tired and wants to watch TV. Harold tells her she is still a good person who made one silly mistake. She believes she isn't though, she was just a hypocrite waiting to happen.
Sean's Office
Where we end up after some lovely shots of city buildings. Paul, Izzy and CamRob are trying to find Sean, who they think has got cold feet and skipped town. Well, Paul and Izzy do at any rate. CamRob is too busy trying to deal with the spot of blood on the desk. Paul is confused, he was positive Sean was in. Izzy tells him she would back his business sense against the world. Paul tells CamRob that with the proceeds he was going to get him a new house for his next birthday present and apologises. Hah gutted. Although Sean losing his life and CamRob losing a house is hardly a fair exchange.
After the break we return to Paul telling Izzy Sean spoke to his wife an hour ago and was happy with the deal, so Izzy tells him he was right. Paul smooths out his borrowed purple trenchcoat and remarks it was odd that he didn't call him tonight. And if he had a problem with the deal then he would have spoken to him face to face. He goes to sit down in Sean's chair. And the last person to sit there...ahem. He thinks leaving the contract on the desk unsigned is distinctly suss. Give Paul Connor's PI job. Izzy wants to call the cops, so Paul asks CamRob. Who thinks rather safe than sorry and he should also call the cops.
Scarlet Bar
Where Katya also thinks it's weird. She really should have put those flowers in some water by now. CamRob thinks she can relax now though. Katya asks if he had anything to do with it. As viewers everywhere gasp someone has cottoned on to CamRob's evils ways, she ruins everything by continuing that maybe he had a word or something. CamRob is amazed she thinks he is so powerful, one word from him and tough entrepreneurs are running for their lives. He did promise she would be safe from him though, to which he replies she is safe from anything as long as she is with him. As long as he doesn't start thinking about strangling her again. She is glad she doesn't have to see Sean again, and CamRob reckons she deserves a break or three.
The other side of the SB, Dylan tells Elle he isn't in the mood for a heart to heart, but she just wants to congratulate him on keeping up the bad mood for a week. She reminds him when things went bad with her and Ned, her moping didn't do any good, it just drove everyone mad. He tells her he put himself on the line for Sky, opened up to a chick for the first time and got screwed for his time. So, no more of that. She remarks on the nice tip and he agrees, putting it into his pocket. Although they are supposed to share tips, his food, he earned it, he is looking out for Dylan Timmins now. Although someone got fired at my last work for that, so watch your back Dylan. Anyway, Elle shouldn't push it, because he is that close to not coping.
Harold tells Lou he is happy they have TGS back but he doesn't want to work there, he loves retirement. He's enjoying life for the first time since last year and wants to live it to the full. Life in the fast lane. Look after Sky, spend more time with the Salvo's and be a bit selfish and find out who he really is. Lou thinks it won't be the same without him, but all he does is apologise.
Scarlet Bar
Home of BitterDylan™. He tells Connor that Carmella stitched him up for the money and ran, which is typical woman, then takes a swig of his drink, bitter old man stylie. Connor tells him he is going to look for her and will be paid by Carmella's Mum. The problem is though that what Carmella did to him and Serena was unforgivable. Ned throws his 2 cents into the ring saying that she was his girlfriend and so he can't just walk away.
BITTERDYLAN™: Why not? She was a messed-up, two faced liar! She probably wreaked her disappearance just to suck you back in again!
Ned and Connor aren't too impressed by that, and Ned reminds him that Carmella could still think Connor is languishing at the bottom of the sea. BitterDylan™ doesn't think chicks are worth it. The other two think he is lousy company and so decide he is coming on a night with the boys and they drag him out of the bar.
Conveniently, just as they leave Paul appears, and Izzy stops cleaning a table (she's doing a shift! I half retract all my previous comments. Not totally mind.) and asks him what the cops said. They won't treat Sean's disappearance as suspicious for another 72 hours, because they reckon he is just playing away from home. Izzy asks him whether he thinks they're right but he responds, who knows and who cares? Sudden random switch to a sat down CamRob who says he doesn't, then back to Paul who says he just knows he has lost a bundle of money. Steph and Lyn won't be happy either. Elle swans up and does the sweet and innocent act, saying she was going to ask for money for going out but now won't. Paul tells her not to be silly, they aren't paupers and searches for money while Elle pouts and flicks her hair at Izzy. She ruffles the bills, tells him he is a legend and walks off, leaving Izzy to comment he is determined to spoil her. He agrees, but he wants to spoil her too. They kiss, and then he wanders off for more champagne. Elle grins back at her and shows the bills from the door, leaving Izzy to a fantastic little eye roll.
Mishka assures Sky the food isn't poisoned but she just isn't hungry. Mishka then attempts to play the game her mother used to play, lifting a fork and chanting.
MISHKA: Here is little rabbit, looking for rabbit hole.
Give this woman a Logie, utter comic genius. Sky isn't too impressed, but Mishka is pleased because it does at least persuade her to feed herself. She tells Lou Bear not to look so down either because Harold has made up his mind. She reminds him that he controlled a whole hotel for years single-handedly, and very successfully too, Harold chips in. Lou thinks it is different, he was younger then and this place has always been a double act. Mishka decides to step in, she is a genius in the kitchen and very good with people! Sky, playing idly with her food, snorts but they ignore her. Lou and Mishka of the General Store! These two should try and take over the world.
Elle appears, asking Sky that now she has cheated on Dylan who is next? She adds to a protesting Sky he was just too much of a bogan for her and she only dates lecturers now. Mishka asks if she is the same Elle who is Sky's friend, but Elle replies she is a friend of Dylan's too. Mishka thinks she should stop throwing stones and take care of her foolish friend, and take her out for a good time. She taps Elle on her 'bottom side' and tells them to go, which they do. She adds it is very hard to give up smoking and Lou chuckles away.
Club of Self Pity
We see Dylan and Connor on their boys' night out, and then surprise surprise, just the other side of the club Elle and Sky appear! Sky is moaning about the upturned collars, saying they look like tools. Elle tells her off and she says she forgot, she is a snob. She knows Elle meant it like that because she thinks she is above everyone else, even Elle sometimes. Elle replies she sometimes feels superior to Sky, and she is right, because Sky continues to say everything she believed about herself was wrong. Dylan catches sight of them and rather impressively from that distance we can hear everything Sky is saying.
SKY: I'm no use to anyone. I'm a waste of space basically. A sour little try-hard.
Elle then joins her in self-pity mode, pointing out Sky is at least a princess where as all she is good at is being a spoilt little princess. She was excellent at that earlier mind. She is going to enjoy spending Daddy's money while she can. When Sky argues she was kidding herself she was an artist, Elle replies that the indie Sky Mangel was just a myth and she is actually mainstream! They agree to have some mainstream fun, to buy expensive drinks and dance to commercial rubbish just like the commoners do. How rude!
Katya thanks CamRob for listening and caring. She never thought that when she told a guy about her past they would want to speak to her ever again. He replies it's not what we do, it's who we are that matters. Not sure that works if you are an evil psycho murderer impersonating your twin though.
In the kitchen, Izzy is complaining to Paul about him spoiling Elle. Apparently he is doing her no favours letting her stroll through life. He argues he is just giving her some time out and when she has worked out what she wants to do she can then go to Uni or get a job or whatever. She doesn't have to know what she wants to do with her life right now. She's his little girl and he can afford it. What's the harm?
Back with CamRob and Katya, Katya has nicked Paul's purple trench coat and is questioning whether anything bad has happened to Sean. He wasn't exactly an honest businessman and he knew some pretty scary guys. One of which is sat right on the couch next to you Katya! CamRob is all confused because he thought that she hated him. She replies she doesn't want to see him ever again but didn't wish any harm upon him. Confused, CamRob just replies she is amazing, she hates him yet can still feel compassion.
Back to the kitchen we go, and Izzy telling Paul that Elle is a spoilt brat leading Paul by the nose and he refuses to see it. Rewinding confirmed Izzy was indeed talking about Elle and not herself. Ahem. She stalks off and Katya feels uncomfortable and tries to leave, but is urged to stay by CamRob. Paul apologises to her about tonight because he has been frazzled and Sean has gone missing and the deal has fallen through. Because Katya of course can't speak for herself CamRob pipes up that of course she understands and he has no need to explain himself.
Club of Drinking into Oblivion
Where we have Sky strutting her stuff with some lads saying they are dirty and she loves it. Elle tries the sensible 'let's drag her away' approach but Sky says she can't hear and runs off again. Elle spots Dylan at the bar and apologises because she is there with Sky. He tells her she is a good friend to have. He stalks back to the corner where Connor and Ned are and squares straight up to Ned, asking him what he was doing cheating on Elle because she is a top chick. I'm spotting some symmetry here in defending each other to their exes. Dylan calls Ned a moron and starts pushing him about. He yells that Izzy is a tart and is dragged off and thrown out by some silent bouncers.
Sky is taking a photo of herself and the lads on her camera phone. Elle asks what she is doing and Sky replies having fun, like she was told to do. Girl has a point. Elle just sighs.
Where we have CamRob having some KatyaLegFeelage. He moves away when Izzy appears to ask if they are still up. Which you would have thought was pretty obvious. She wanders into the kitchen. Paul's disembodied voice, presumably from upstairs, asks her to get him a glass of water because he is thirsty.
IZZY: You should have thought about that before you took your leg off!
She says good night and disappears again. Katya remarks it feels like they just got busted over the LegFeelage. It feels like she is a teenager again and her Mum caught her snogging the boy next door. It's just the way he makes her feel, like a teenage crush. He feels the same only it's the first time in his life he has felt like that. She wants him to promise she will always feel safe with him. We have major hesitation and viewers everywhere scream, except when he's thinking about strangling you!, and he them promises.
Club of More Drinking
Ned refuses to go and talk to the girl that has been eyeing him up for the past 5 minutes.
CONNOR: What a fantastically successful night we have had so far. Let's see, what's the score? Ex-girlfriends 2, Fights 1. Pick ups none!
Connor is fed up and calls Toadie to tell him of the great night they are having, wall-to-wall babes, all over them like a rash. Ned snatches the phone off him to tell Toadie to get back because Irish has lost the plot. Irish heads over to the girl eyeing up Ned and asks to buy her a drink.
New camera shot as we see Sky and two lads reflected in an oval mirror. Elle tries to drag her off home and says it just isn't Sky. Sky disagrees and says maybe it is and there is only one way to find out. She marches off with the lads to play pool.
The next morning Elle asks Harold whether Sky is with him. He looks all puzzled and asks didn't she stay the night with Elle? Nice work Elle, totally dropped Sky in it there. She backtracks and agrees of course she did, but she disappeared after breakfast and she is wondering where she has got to before wandering off quick smart. Mishka states the obvious, that Elle is a very bad liar and Harold goes home to wait for Sky. Mishka then snaps at the next patiently waiting customer and Lou despairs of what he has done.
Ramsay Street
Dylan watches Sky, who is barefoot and has last night's make up everywhere walk up the street. She asks him what the look is all about and how he should give his tough guy act a rest. He has stuffed up so many times but she makes one mistake and he acts all tortured. Close to tears she informs him, with Elle hovering in the background, that she is now going to have so much fun and no-one I going to get in her way, especially him. Elle tries to see how she is but she just stalks off towards No.24. Elle remarks to Dylan she doesn't know who hates themselves more, him or Sky. Dylan just yells at her to go after Sky and Elle turns and walks off in disgust.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Ned Parker

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Connor O
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Connor O'Neill

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4963
Harold Bishop

Robert Robinson, Katya Kinski, Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4963
Robert Robinson, Katya Kinski, Izzy Hoyland, Elle Robinson

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4963
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

 in Neighbours Episode 4963

Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4963
Robert Robinson

Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4963
Elle Robinson, Dylan Timmins

Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4963
Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4963
Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4963
Dylan Timmins

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4963
Sky Mangel

Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4963
Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson

Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4963
Elle Robinson, Sky Mangel

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