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Neighbours Episode 4956 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<4955 - 4957>>
Episode title: 4956 - Smoke Gets In Your Pies
Australian airdate: 1/5/06
UK airdate: 24/07/06
Writer: David Hannam
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mishka Schneiderova: Deborah Kennedy
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Jean-Pierre Valasco: Steven cabral
Chris Kingsley: David Gaedicke
- "No Gun" by Cindy Ryan
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Mishka wants to know why "no kissing".
Steph thinks that Paul just wants an opportunity to exploit her.
JP and Sky "take in the art" overnight in the gallery.
Lassiter's Park or is it?
Sky and Dylan lie on a blanket and she asks if he loves her and he reassures her before kissing her. Dylan then looks in the picnic basket for some food and isn't pleased to find there is none and despite Sky assuring him that she packed food, he tells her she's ruined everything and storms off.
JP's apartment
Turns out that scene above wasn't real but yet another dream sequence we've had this past year or so as Sky wakes up to find herself if JP's bed and him making breakfast. As she hurriedly pulls the blankets back up, JP says she is a pretty sight to wake up to and thanks her for going to the gallery the previous night. Sky is a bit quiet and he concludes that she isn't a morning person and as he goes back to making brekkie in bed for them, she collapse back with a 'what the hell have I done' expression on her face.
No. 24
Mishka tells Lou to get up before answering the door and letting Dylan in. He notices the great mood she is in and she offers him brekkie but he declines as he just wanted to see how Sky got on. Mishka replies that Sky isn't up before commenting to him that she never sees Sky in the kitchen making her man a meal. He says that he is the whiz in the kitchen before heading into Sky's room while Mishka lights a cigarette. Naturally he doesn't find Sky and comes back out saying that she must still be partying. Mishka hides the cigarette she was trying to light and tries to give some possible reasons why Sky hasn't returned home yet however she drops a bit of a clanger as she subtly mentions that Sky has been spending time with JP in preference to him. Dylan quickly says that Sky wouldn't cheat on him.
Ramsay Street
Steph tells Max as they walk with Charlie, how much she loves being a mum and seeing the world through a different eye and wonders if that is weird. Max sarcastically replies that it is bizarre.
STEPH: It's just that everything is completely different now.
MAX: Not too different I hope... (leans over and kisses her)
STEPH: Are you flirting with me Max Hoyland?
MAX: Oh, well if you have to ask then I'm definitely losing it!
They kiss very passionately in the street as Dylan comes out of No. 24. When they break away, Max calls him over and offers him a trial job at Scarlet Bar. He accepts the offer and then we then get a bit of a daydream sequence when he imagines Max and Steph telling him that Sky would be a fool to go for him and that she is probably in JP's bed as we speak. Dylan comes too but is still in a bit of a dazed state, so Max tells him to drop by later to discuss the job and once he leaves, Max and Steph wonder what just happened.
The camera then cuts to Paul and Elle who came out just as Steph and Max were talking to Dylan and Elle comments to her dad as they watch Dylan head home, if he is okay or not. Paul isn't sure and tells her to go and see and in the meantime he'll open up.
JP's apartment
JP finishes off making brekkie and now dressed Sky declines as she has to get to Uni. He says they could take the day off but she replies that she doesn't want to miss Uni. As she checks her mobile for any text messages, JP wonders if she transferred out of his class because of Dylan or so there could be 'a them'. He doesn't let Sky answer though and says he is rushing her. Sky then tells him that last night shouldn't have happened as she is still with Dylan. JP is annoyed at her not telling him because he said they could only take things further if she ended things with Dylan and Sky can't explain herself other than to say she got carried away because they were having so much fun. She assures him that she never wanted to hurt him and explains she turned up to the gallery (to support him and his work as a friend) before Sky says she should leave.
No. 26
Dylan gets everything off his chest to Elle over Sky possibly cheating on him since she did that when dating Boyd. Elle is surprised to hear about her cheating but assures him that she wouldn't do that to him. Dylan brings up the fact that Ned cheated on her and she says that was because Ned was weak, which is something Sky isn't before telling him what Sky was like when he was in prison and the fact she was prepared to wait 10 years for him. Dylan replies that it's the not knowing where Sky is that is tearing him up then announces he is off to JP's. Elle tells him not to go as violence won't solve anything and to wait for Sky and give her the benefit of doubt if he really loved her.
No. 32
As they watch Charlie, Max and Steph debate whose nose Charlie has before Steph admits that she is so happy that she terrified that something will go wrong. Max replies that it is normal for new parents as Lyn and Oscar arrive complete with Pudsey Bear (and it is nowhere near Children In Need day either...unless this a subtle hint that the BBC are doing to be airing this in November!).
Steph comments on Lyn's smart appearance and she plays it down saying "what, this old thing?" before explaining that she is shadowing the assistant manager at Lassiter's later on and wants to look really good. Max assures her that she looks good and Steph confirms that she is fine to look after Oscar today. Before she rushes out, Lyn hands Steph over the contracts for the baby belt to Steph for her to read and sign.
Once Steph stops Oscar from leaving with his mum, Max wonders why Steph didn't tell Lyn about her forthcoming appointment with the oncologist. Steph says it is just a check up and doesn't want Lyn to worry. Max reassures Steph that what they went through to have Charlie means they can deal with anything that comes their way and tells her to have positive thoughts.
MAX: Your check-up is going to be fine.
STEPH: Yes, you are right. Since we had this little one our luck has changed hasn't it?
And as they look at Charlie, Stax fans around the world have just gone 'kiss of death' and are busily shaking their heads.
The General Store
Mishka runs into Max and is so pleased to meet him and wants to know everything about Charlie, so suggests she gets the coffee while he takes a seat. At the counter, Mishka places their coffee order and then asks Elle for a packet of cigarettes. She is shocked to find out that none are sold at The General Store and Paul, who just arrived, confirms it is their policy not to stock any tobacco products.
MISHKA: Ah, you must be the very powerful Mr Robinson? Isabelle a lucky lady.
PAUL: Almost as lucky as me I guess.
Mishka then cancels the coffees because she wants to look for somewhere that does sell cigarettes and her excuse to Max for them leaving is that it is too nice to stay inside on such a nice day.
ELLE: That is so gross that Lou ordered an online girlfriend.
PAUL: Yeah...I wonder if she comes with a free set of steak knives! Buy one get one free!
No. 24
Mishka complete with cigarette hanging out her mouth takes some food out of the oven. She is coughing and spluttering and takes a look at the packet of cigarettes and obviously doesn't think much of them. Lou arrives home and she quickly hides the fact she's been smoking but he can smell it. She says the smell his just her cooking and pulls the cloth away to reveal her cooking...complete with a cigarette sticking into one of the pies.
Mishka assures him that she is trying to give up and has gone down to two a day. Lou thinks that is great, only smoking two cigarettes a day but Mishka quickly adds that it is actually two packets a day. He asks her if she'll give the cigarettes up for him because he'd hate to fall in love and then lose her.
MISHKA: You fall in love with me?
LOU: Isn't that obvious?
MISHKA: (throwing the cigarettes away) Then I must just give up for you, for us.
And as she hugs Lou, she looks to see where the packet has landed.
The General Store
A guy from the council (Chris Kingsley) arrives to do a building inspection and Paul tells him to get on with it. Elle comes over and asks Paul if he cheated on their mum and he says that he has never been unfaithful with Gail or Izzy, which then leads them to a discussion on infidelity but both are coming at it from different POV's so they agree to disagree.
No. 26
Dylan confirms to Max on the phone that he is up for the job and is indeed trying out some recipes as Sky arrives. He offers her some of the food he is trying out but she doesn't take it and he immediately says that she spent the night with JP. Sky is about to try and explain herself but Dylan tells her to go.
The General Store
The council guy thanks Paul for his co-operation and he'll be in touch soon about it before leaving. Elle comes over to ask if Paul is worried what the report might say but Paul replies that the council was happy to pass it after the fire so why not now.
Lyn takes Paul's place and she thanks him for the great time she had shadowing the assistant manager but he's already heard good reports from Edward about her, which she is thrilled to hear. Paul then changes subject to the baby belt and asks if she gave it to Steph, she did, and why then hasn't it been returned to him signed. Lyn replies that Steph didn't sign as she needed time to look over it, which doesn't go down well with Paul and he dishes her out a mini-lecture before adding that he'll leave it in her hands. Lyn then apologies for 'not doing her job properly' but he lets her off commenting that he likes a bit of good sparring with an employee and friends. Lyn has a look on her face of 'what just happened there' before she heads out.
No. 32
Steph is trying to make up a bottle for Charlie as he cries when Lyn arrives and is followed a few seconds later by Lou asking for advice from them. He wants their advice because Mishka is thinking of giving up smoking and wants to know what worked best for Joe. Lyn replies that he went cold turkey before Steph adds that he still gets cravings every now and then especially in times of stress. Both are pleased to find out that things are progressing between himself and Mishka and Lyn asks if wedding bells are on the horizon! Lou doesn't quite deny it and besides he is still married to Trixie but adds that he'll see how things go before leaving them to it.
Lyn gets round to the reason for her visit - the contract for the baby belt, which Steph has now read and signed.
The General Store
Max drops off some leaflets for the open mike night at TSB and spots Mishka smoking and quickly informs her that she can't smoke anywhere that food is prepared. She is a bit annoyed and sarcastically spouts off reasons why she shouldn't smoke before adding that she has tried to stop. Max tells her that he managed when Boyd was born and so knows how hard it is.
MISHKA: It is easier to survive Mafia hit squad than this!
Stax fans everywhere go 'Huh?! Max [I]smoking?![I] The same Max Hoyland who was so angry when his daughter tried one cigarette! Ha.'
Paul wonders out to Elle and she says that she has been thinking about himself and Izzy and wondering how he can trust Izzy not to cheat after her fling with Neddy. Paul explains that it wasn't cheating in a classic sense because she wasn't in love with him and that Izzy thought she was doing the right thing by her. "That's twisted logic isn't it?" replies Elle before Paul comments that he thought she'd forgiven Izzy for it anyway but Elle keeps quiet.
PAUL: She isn't a bad person.
Elle agrees with that statement, saying "everything is great" but the look on her face would suggest otherwise.
JP's apartment
The apartment is in a mess as; a despondent JP answers the door to a very angry Dylan. He immediately asks if JP loved her and JP simply replies that it wouldn't have happened if it did. Dylan picks JP up by the lapels and after holding him for a few seconds with JP looking worried, he releases him and leaves.
No. 24/Ramsay Street
Mishka brings Sky over a cuppa as she lies on the sofa looking very despondent.
Out in Ramsay Street, Dylan has found some red paint and begins to paint out the drawings Sky put on his car when she thought he'd died in the plane crash.
Back inside and Sky looks through her drawings of Dylan and after a quick shot of Dylan painting the car, we see Sky pull out the original drawing of what she was going to do to the car before we go back to see Dylan finishing painting over Sky's painting.
<<4955 - 4957>>
Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4956
Sky Mangel

JP, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4956
JP, Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4956
Sky Mangel

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4956
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4956
Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson

Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4956
Charlie Hoyland

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4956
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully, Oscar Scully, Max Hoyland

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 4956
Mishka Schneiderova

 in Neighbours Episode 4956

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4956
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4956
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully, Elle Robinson

JP in Neighbours Episode 4956

Dylan Timmins, JP in Neighbours Episode 4956
Dylan Timmins, JP

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4956
Sky Mangel

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4956
Dylan Timmins

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