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Neighbours Episode 4948 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4948: Burnt by the Son
Australian airdate: 19/04/06
UK airdate: 12/07/06
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Katya Kinski Dichen Lachlan
Elle Robinson Pippa Black
Robert Robinson: Adam Hunter
Sasha Hennessy Eloise Grace
Simon Burns Sam Lee
- "Sergios Theme" by Deep Dish
Summary/Images by: Kylie/Neighboursfancanada
- Sasha kisses Boyd.
- A shelf collapses on Elle.
- Dylan gets fired.
General Store
Dylan can't work out how the shelves collapsed, but Connor thinks it is easy - he isn't a qualified carpenter. Dylan points out that Connor isn't a qualified PI, but Connor defends himself - he has a certificate! Certificate or no certificate - Dylan has a new theory! Oh, this'll be good. Some screws are missing - someone musta tampered with the shelf! Well, who'da thunk it?
Number 26
It must be the night for 'well, whaddaya know?' moments - coz Katya and Janae have a scene together! Katya has brought some books for Bree, but Janae is in a flap because Boyd rang and he's coming over, and she doesn't know why, and it might be good, but it might be bad, and how should she act, what should she do, is he bringing chocolates? Breathe, breathe. BREATHE!
KATYA: Well, do you want to get back together with him?
JANAE: YES! No! ..........I don't know!
Well, too late, Boyd's already here! Turns out he came over to er, yeah, give Janae their tickets to the er, yeah, school dance coz, er, yeah....yeah.... And the award for the most *awkward* conversation of the episode goes to.......*drumroll pleeease*
Boyd exits stage left, and Janae is left to offer Katya a cuppa. Is it just me or does that feel weird? Anyway, Janae can't work out if Belle wants to go to the ball anymore, now she is desperate and dateless. Katya suggests she find a date, and Janae is all 'hello! Cam Robinson!' And in reply, Katya is all 'hello! He's mine, biatch!' Nah, not really, but Katya points out they have kinda been on a date, and Janae says she'll stay away then - she ain't no lunch cutter!
Number 22
CamRob pours a glass of champagne and Paul asks what they are celebrating. Paul...did you really just ask that? This is you we're talking about! Do you *need* a reason? CamRob replies that's all there was to drink...and Paul needs it - he doesn't like him feeling all let down like this. Izzy brings a sore and sorry Elle down and Paul fusses over her but she doesn't want the attention - she's just glad she isn't hideously disfigured! Charlie wasn't hurt and she's fine, and no one else was hurt so it's all good. Paul says he's fixed it anyway. Well, he's fixed Dylan... Elle can't believe he sacked Dylan, but as much as she defends him, Paul's mind is made up. Elle tells him she can't run 2 businesses on her own, but Paul tells her she'll just have to train someone up. Izzy suggests maybe Paul reacted the way he did because he is disappointed in himself - Dylan was his protégé, and maybe he let him down...
Number 26
Dylan comes in and Janae is on a 'find me a date that is Cam Robinson, but not' crusade, while her brother is on a 'prove Cam Robinson guilty' crusade. Geez, the poor guys ears must be *burning* tonight! Dyl tells Janae how the shelves fell down at the store and whacked Elle and could have squashed Charlie. They are fine but Paul has decided Dyl is a total drop kick. Dylan says that there were screws missing from the shelves, and Cameron had access. Janae doesn't see why Cameron would do it, but when Dylan tells her he got the sack, she understands why he is so cut up, but tells him he has to have evidence before he makes accusations. Suddenly he has an idea, and tells her he is on the case.
Scarlet Bar
Connor is trying to coax out Ned's inner nice-guy, but to no avail. NastyNed is still nasty as ever. With Boyd in the background, Janae comes in and wants to ask Ned a favour. Will he go to the school dance with her? She wants to turn heads and she thinks he's the guy! Her request is met with a flat out 'no' from the invitee.
Connor tells her not to worry - Ned hasn't been himself lately *taps nose*. Janae says to tell him that the only reason she asked him was because Stu isn't around. So there. Ner ner!
Dylan comes in and tells Connor he has a job for him - it's about the missing screws...
Ned grabs Janae's attention and tells her he would love to...you know, go to the dance with her - but don't spread it around, ok? Janae is a bit taken aback, but agrees and says she can't wait! She bounces off as Boyd gives us his JealousFace™ in the background.
Number 22
Elle defends Dylan as CamRob wonders if Paul should have put so much trust into him - especially someone *like him*. Like what? Elle asks. CamRob highlights his background, and Elle asks when he became such a snob. CamRob says all he is saying is that if Dylan wasn't up for the job then it isn't Paul's fault. Elle thinks that Dylan *was* up to the job, it was an accident! CamRob says he is just looking out for Paul, as he goes to answer the door toooo......Katya! Geez, is she doing house calls tonight or what?
Izzy and Paul wander into the kitchen making it a *whole* family affair, and Katya asks if she is early. Nope, no, they are just a load of plot devices, so Paul can ask her about how she makes CamRob so happy, and Izzy can thump him and swiftly change the subject by asking Katya about her favourite patients, Steph and Charlie. Izzy says Steph told her they got the VIP treatment, and the pair quickly descends into the depths of gossip, as Paul drags CamRob over to the window. He's booked him the penthouse at Lassiters for the night. CamRob says he can't take it, but Paul reminds him he took it six times last year, at the Tasmanian branch - on Paul's tab! CamRob takes the room key and says a bit of token resistance never hurt. But as Paul walks away he looks just about ready to wet his pants in fright.
Number 26
Dylan comes home and Janae starts on about how she got a date for the dance. It's Ned. And no, he's not to old. And no, she's not doing it for Boyd's benefit. And...she realises Dylan isn't taking any part in this conversation so she drags out of him what is wrong. He's sick of being such a loser.
JANAE: (in all seriousness, and the picture of sympathy) You can't help it. You were born that way.
Janae says she is joking and he's not a loser. Dylan says Paul sacked him, didn't he? He gave him a chance when he had a record and no one else cared. Now it's gone - the only good relationship in his life. Janae points out other people love him, but Dylan says Sky doesn't even count - she's too busy playing 'paint-by-numbers' with JP to care. Janae says Sky is lucky to have him, and so is Paul - so are all of them! He is a good guy who made a mistake - everyone does it! So stop feeling sorry for yourself, Dilbert, and get over it!!!
Scarlet Bar
Connor tries his hand out at being mean and nasty by not buying Ned a drink, but that is laughed off as a totally pathetic attempt by MrNasty™ himself. NastyNed catches Connor watching Cameron, and is informed that Dylan asked him to keep an eye on Robinson Junior.
Over in the corner, Katya and CamRob have a D & M about their mothers - Katya still really misses her mum, and CamRob misses his mum back in Tassie. They discover they both have a photo of their mum's in their wallets. Katya likes the fact he's a bit of a mummy's boy.
Boyd answers the door to Sasha. Wow, she still exists!
SASHA: Oh, so you do still exist!
Well that was freaky.
Sasha says she's been trying to call, but his phone was off. Boyd says he must have forgotten to turn it back on after work, and invites her in. She tells him that she has been trying to call to apologise for the other night - for the record, she doesn't usually throw herself at other guys. Boyd says it's fine, and he can't blame her - it's his personality, and his great Pecs, I mean, come on, she's only human! Sasha laughs at him to get over himself coz she really has now! They compare their lives as singles and agree it has its ups and downs. Boyd informs Sasha that she was right about Janae - she's *already* asked another guy out, and *right* in front of him! They both agree Boyd is better off without her. Sasha asks if Boyd has heard about the Med Ball coming up, and asks if he is going. Boyd says he isn't sure, but Sasha says to let her know and she'll get them tickets - they can go together, not as a date or anything, but...Yeah, why not! Boydie agrees. So, what did you just say about Janae, Mr Hoyland junior? Tehe. Sasha just grins.
Number 26
Speaking of Janae, she's borrowed Lynnie's GossipWatchBinoculars™ to spy on Miss Sasha herself.
JANAE: Oop, she's leaving now. In her daddy's Lexus, the spoilt moll!
Janae rants about 'eer, nothing going on!' yeah right! Well, she fumes, if he's so keen to see other people, then what's stopping her? She tries to open a drawer, but it is stuck and as she pulls it out she knocks over a lamp, the drawer contents spill everywhere, and she throws it down, screams in frustration, and storms off. *listens for it...* Cue IzzyDoorSlam™. Dylan just raises his eyes.
Scarlet Bar
Katya and CamRob play pool, but they both suck at it as much as each other. They have a bit of a Moment™ and CamRob leans in for the kill. Which results in much lip biting and possible permanent scarring. Even merits an 'ouch!' from Katya, who proclaims he must be as nervous as she is - although she had heard he is a bit of a ladies man. CamRob tells her not to believe everything she hears. Maybe he just made up the rumor. Or maybe he is just pretending to be inexperienced, Katya quips. She has been let down by guys who turned out to be totally different to how they first appeared.
CamRob suggests they get back to their game of pool, although now he doesn't know what is worse - his pool skills or his kissing skills! Just as he sinks a ball, a random Lassiters employee called *checks credits* Simon Burns waltzes in and asks CamRob if he is still planning on making use of the Penthouse Suite tonight. Oh that wasn't good. Mr Burns...tehe, Mr Burns (/childish)...says they have had another offer and if he isn't going to use it...well, his question is answered as Katya storms out and CamRob runs after her, giving up at the door of the Bar. What an effort. We need a Commercial Break just so he can catch his breath.
Ramsay Street
JANAE: Dylan, when are you gonna wash your hair?
DYLAN: What, it's natural!
JANAE: Urgh, you could work at Grease Monkeys!
Paul walks up the street with some bags and Elle asks what he got.
PAUL: Ah, don't worry I got you a Danish and your coffee scroll, Miss Piggy!
ELLE: Ah! So what, I've got a healthy appetite!
PAUL: I got enough for Mr Casanova too, is he home yet?
ELLE: Nope.
Boyd comes out and picks up a newspaper, as Ned comes out of Number 30. He stands with one leg pulled behind him, and calls out to Paul to ask if he wants to come from a run. Hehe, that's cruel. Janae calls out to Ned and asks how he is. He says he is off for a run. *resists urge to comment* Janae asks how far he goes, and he says only about ten K's.
JANAE: Oh gee, don't wear yourself out!
MrJealousAndConfused, aka Boyd, looks on as Ned jogs away and Janae waves him off.
CamRob drives into the street and Elle and Paul are all smirks as they ask what he got up to last night. He smirks back and hands over the room key. Elle says he's a heartbreaker, as they go inside to see if Izzy's got breakfast. Paul calls over his shoulder to CamRob not to leave the car there!
Connor runs up to Dylan and says he has some dirt on Cameron. Get this - last night.............he slept..........in his CAR! *shocked faces*
Number 22
Paul asks CamRob if he got the bottle of wine last night, and CamRob is like 'err...um yeah, thanks!' Paul says he knows he didn't use the hotel room last night; the night manager called about 11pm and asked if they could use the room for a VIP booking. Paul asks where he really stayed, and CamRob tells him Katya's place - a 5 star hotel seemed a bit much...but maybe next time...Paul taps his nose. Elle comes in and says now he has a new girlfriend, she guesses she won't be seeing so much of CamRob anymore. CamRob says he guesses not. Elle says not to worry - at least she doesn't just have 'creepy old Robert' to hang around now! CamRob looks maaaad.
CamRob says he has been looking everywhere for Katya, and she replies she doesn't know why. He just wants to explain himself, and she gives him two minutes. He tells her that he seems to have gained his hard reputation to live up to - he isn't as experienced as people make out. And he was embarrassed to reveal that -he hasn't even had a proper girlfriend. Katya says that's nothing to be ashamed of. CamRob explains that when Paul gave him access to the Penthouse, he was too ashamed to say not...but he never meant to use it. Katya suggests they start over again. But in the future, he doesn't need to cover up his secrets - she's pretty good at keeping them herself.
Connor hands Paul the report on Ned, but he chucks it in the bin - all it will say is what he already knows, Izzy isn't playing up on him with Ned.
Speaking of Ned, around the corner, he gives someone a parking ticket.
PAUL: Aww, another villain snared is it?
NED: Just doing my job.
PAUL Yes, and we're all so much safer for it. Oh - by the way, thanks for the tip off about the disabled parking permit - made my life *so* much easier!
Ned says he is glad to hear it. Yeah, sure you are Neddikins.
PAUL: Yeah, sure you are.
Wow, I'm on a roll today!
Paul tells Ned he is off home to Izzy - does he remember her? She's the woman he had a crush on - the woman who is waiting at home for him!
Number 26
Janae yells out to Dylan that Elle's here, and asks if she wants a cuppa. Elle tells Dylan that she just came to see how he was doing, and Dyl says he hasn't joined the dole queue yet. Elle says Paul explodes sometimes, but in a couple of weeks he'll be his golden boy again. Dylan says it is nice to know he has someone on side, and Elle tells him of course he does. Dylan says he knows she won't like, but he checked the shelves two or three times, and so he thinks cam may have fiddled with them. Elle says he can't shift the blame onto Cameron of all people. She has defended Dylan to her Dad but if he can't take responsibility, then he's on his own.
JANAE: Iiiiiiii hope you like Iced Vo.... (sees Elle leave)...Vo's...
Dylan and his lanky locks are left to mourn the loss of another supporter.
Number 22
CamRob has just removed Izzy from the also Dylan-less family picture he has. Izzy comes down the stairs and he shoves the picture, now just of Elle and Paul, under the cutting board, but PhotoIzzy falls to the floor, and he places his foot on her. CamRob says she gave him a fright - he thought she was out! Turns out she was just having a nap, and she asks what he is doing. CamRob says he's busted...he was just looking through some photos; he knows he should have asked, but he was hoping to pinch one - he doesn't have many family photos. Izzy says not to be silly, she's sure Paul won't mind! She gives him a photo, and tells him that Paul has really loved having him around. It's been a breath of fresh air and maybe they should even take some new family pictures now he's here! CamRob agrees and slides his foot off PhotoIzzy so we can aaaallll see.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Dylan Timmins

Katya Kinski, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4948
Katya Kinski, Janae Timmins

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4948
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Timmins

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4948
Janae Timmins

Janae Timmins, Connor O
Janae Timmins, Connor O'Neill, Ned Parker

Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Katya Kinski, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Robert Robinson, Izzy Hoyland, Katya Kinski, Paul Robinson

Katya Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4948
Katya Kinski

Boyd Hoyland, Sasha Hennessy in Neighbours Episode 4948
Boyd Hoyland, Sasha Hennessy

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4948
Boyd Hoyland

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Elle Robinson

Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Katya Kinski, Robert Robinson

Ned Parker, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Ned Parker, Paul Robinson

Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4948
Dylan Timmins, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4948
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

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