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Neighbours Episode 4918 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4918: I’m Just Riled About Harry
Australian airdate: 08/03/06
UK airdate: 16/05/06
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Elle Robinson – Pippa Black
Ned Parker – Dan O’Connor
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Emily
- Harold warns Paul that he is in danger, but Paul brushes it off.
- Elle flashes Stu.
- Paul telling Izzy that Elle thought for a second she had gone off with Ned, but the three of them laughing it off.
DYLAN: I call it 'Sausage Heaven'!
PAUL: Why, because sausages go there to die?
Dylan is so proud of his new dish, he makes Paul try it, and...by George, he thinks it's delicious! Dylan made it himself...except for the homemade sauce, that came from a bottle...*cough* Dylan says the new dishes are walking out the door, and Sky comes around the corner just in time, conveniently enough, to hear Paul say they must be giving the General Store a thrashing, and congratulating him. Izzy and Elle come in, with Izzy gloating about Elle getting a distinction for her first business studies assignment. Izzy's phone beeps, and it is a text from Ned - 'Got the role. Six months in Sydney. Ned.' She tells Paul it is an add from her Tel Co and he rattles off some company punch line, before announcing it's time for champagne!
DYLAN: Do you guys crack open the champers on every day that ends with 'y'??
General Store
Speaking of cracking, Harold cracks up at Lou for 'slacking off when there are jobs to be done'. Lou points out there is no one there, but Harry passes it off as a 'brief lull'. Lou says no one has even been through the door in 20 minutes. Connor has finished slicing the pork, which Lou shudders at, as Stu comes in the door. Half the things he wants the Store is out of - 'trouble with suppliers'. Harry goes to answer his phone and Stu yells out to Connor that Angie is cooking a roast and Toadie wants him to come and help eat it. Stu describes, in detail, the juicy half-a-cow to a shuddering Lou. Sky comes in and tries to make them feel better by saying Lucinda's is quiet too. But not all news is good - Harold says that was the bank on the phone - they want a 'friendly chat' about the overdraft...
Elle stumbles out of...the kitchen? and Dylan chases after her. She says she just needed a breather...and she misses Ned. Dylan suggests she calls him, but suddenly Izzy is there. She shoos Dyl off and tells Elle about Ned getting the role. He could be gone for a year if it goes well. Izzy suggests a girls night out - she won't take no for an answer!
Connor and Stu lament their full-to-bursting bellies, and wonder how they will possibly fit dessert in, Connor dissing Toadie for 'having work to do'. Stu says he might need a lawyer soon...and it will probably be Toad. Sindi wants a divorce. Ok, now did that come from NOWHERE or have I missed something besides the blatant case of PlotDevice-itis ??? Connor is just as shocked as me, but Stu is strangely calm. It's like he knows that this way he can hook up with Elle, and not have to worry about it being adulterous. He claims he's still numb. Sindi is getting a lot better, and wants to make a clean break from her past - her doctor thinks it is a good idea too. Connor is all sympathy, but I am just distracted by the plastic fruit on the pole behind them. that banana is re...actually, we won't go there.
Sky comes in to see Dylan, who is run off his feet. She asks if he remembers how they have been 'joking' about the feud, and Dylan says yeah when Paul brings it up he just glosses over it. Sky is shocked that Paul brings it up at all. Dylan says it is no big deal, but Sky says it is - they have the bank on their backs and it's all due to the success of Lucinda's. The market isn't big enough for two viable businesses.
Connor and Stu are heading out on le booze, as Lou knocks on the door. He wants to use their broadband to download some, er, rather large, umm...video files. Connor and Stu are like WHATA THA??? But they give him the ok, with a warning that Angie is out...cleaning the pool...so she might stick her head in if she hears anything...er...out of the ordinary...
Scarlet Bar
Izzy notes that Stu is looking like a bit of a misery guts tonight, and Connor tells her that Sindi wants a divorce. She says Elle is on a downer because Ned is staying in Sydney...soo...why don't they get them together!? Misery loves company! Connor isn't so sure, but Izzy won't be swayed. She goes over to Elle, and stops her from texting Ned - hello! Desperate! Elle says that's how she feels, but Izzy says Ned won't come home just because she begs. Nope, she should try for Stu instead - he's getting a divorce and is totally fine about it! Plus, he has Ned's country boy charm, with a more confident package...and he comes with handcuffs... oooh, kinky...
Lou's eyes appear to say 'I've hit the jackpot' but he gets up to answer a knock on the door. It's Harold, who is curious as to what he is doing there. Once he gets the impression that he has joined the unholy ranks of shadowy men, he exists as randomly as he arrived.
Scarlet Bar
Connor sighs that this isn't working, but Izzy says Elle and Stu are getting on like a house on fire. Cut to the gloomsome twosome themselves, leaning on their pool cues, looking mopey.
CONNOR: Are you blind as well as deluded?
Over at the pool table that only appears when it is needed as a plot device, Elle lightens the mood by joking that maybe things would be less awkward if she slipped on a robe...
Izzy asks Connor if he has heard of the new bar on Anson's Corner called Scintillate. They have like, 100 martinis on their cocktail list - they should go check it out! Connor does the 'wha dada do da??' face, but Izzy snorts and informs him she isn't hitting on him - but they should leave Elle and Stu to their now cozy little chat. She drags him off to part-ay.
Dylan approaches Paul and tells him he isn't sure this is the right scene for him - maybe he should go back to the hot dog cart. Paul says that would be doing himself a major disservice, and if Kim is giving him a hard time, then he will deal with it - blood may be thicker than water, but this is about his future.
Paul asks Dylan if he just aw Harold poke his head in the café, and bets there are no customers at the Store. Dylan says he lied to him before - it was nothing to do with his dad, he doesn't want to be blamed for killing the General Store. Sky told them how much they are suffering, and Harold is a good man - even if Sky wasn't his girlfriend...Paul says that Harold would still be a saint, right? Well he has a story for him...
General Store
Sky wants to organise a raffle to help the Store raise money. Harold tells her that Lucinda's has heaps of customers - she told him they didn't. Harold says he found Lou, but he'd rather not go there...They should just pack up and go home for the night. Sky sends Harold home, but she is going to hang around to see if they get any of the Scarlet Bar crowd.
Dylan comes in and says Sky was right about Paul - he's a wack job. Sky wants to know what made him see the light. He says he told Paul he didn't feel comfortable selling the Store to the cleaners and he wanted out. But then Paul came up with a load of bull - Harold tried to kill him! Strangle him! And he expected him to believe it! And he told him if he didn't, to ask Harold, and tell him to swear on the bible. He says he isn't going to though - Harold wouldn't hurt anyone! He suddenly notices Sky's face and asks her why she isn't angry, but she just looks away.
Izzy and Connor arrive home just as Lou is leaving - he has burnt some stuff to DVD, and has hours of viewing pleasure! When he's gone, Izzy asks if he was downloading what she thinks he was, and Connor says he doesn't want to know - but Izzy does. She jumps in the chair and has a look. Turns out Lou has been downloading 1970's British Comedy. Oh Louis, you dirty old man you! Paul comes in and Izzy says she and Connor went to Scintillate. Paul asks if he should be jealous, and he and Izzy enjoy watching Connor squirm until Izzy says Paul is just teasing. Paul informs Izzy they have the house to themselves, so they run off.
General Store
Sky explains to Dylan what happened when Harold got back from Tassie, and how Paul wants revenge - he takes pleasure in destroying them - it was crueler than handing them into the Police. Dylan reminds her of their total honesty pact, asking if it is just a one way street now? Sky says she was just protecting her granddad, but Dylan is furious he has just wrecked his career for her. He says he can't trust her anymore, and goes to beg for his job back.
Outside Number 22
Elle and Stu agree they had a great night, and make a pact to have lots more laughs together. Elle asks if he wants the 'fun night' to continue.
Outside Number 22 (morning)
Izzy shuffles out into the sunlight in her PJ's, with remarkably straight hair for this time of the morning! She does a double take when she hears a voice say 'hey!'...a voice which sounds remarkably Ned-like...Well whaddaya know, Neddikins has dropped out of the show because Izzy is his happiness and he has come back for her. Izzy says she can't leave Paul...Brain tumor, you know. She pushes Ned back towards the car and...wow, Dan is like, giant compared to Nat who is like. Not giant! She says again she can't leave Paul, and Ned says he understands...and he'll wait! God can that guy not take a HINT?
Stu and Elle are sitting under a blanket on the lounge, drinking coffee/tea/hot chocolate/whatever, and Elle says she should get going before people get the wrong idea. Stu says they know that nothing happened and that's the important thing. Elle says she is proud of them, and how restrained they were. Now that's an invitation for a...Ok, Stu beat me to it. They are still kissing as Ned walks in the door and wants to know what the hell is going on. Stu does the guppy jaw drop, but Elle jumps in and asks what it looks like - she and Stu are together now, so na-na-nana-na!
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Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4918
Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Connor O
Harold Bishop, Connor O'Neill, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4918
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4918
Sky Mangel

Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4918
Sky Mangel, Dylan Timmins

Izzy Hoyland, Connor O
Izzy Hoyland, Connor O'Neill

Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4918
Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4918
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4918
Ned Parker, Izzy Hoyland

Elle Robinson, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4918
Elle Robinson, Stuart Parker

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4918
Ned Parker

Elle Robinson, Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4918
Elle Robinson, Stuart Parker

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