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Neighbours Episode 4870 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4870: Us Against The World
Australian airdate: 09/12/05
UK airdate: 06/03/06
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Ned Parker: Dan O’Connor
Elle Robinson: Pippa Black
Kim Timmins: Brett Swain
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Summer Hoyland: Marisa Siketa
- "Tell Me What You Like" by Selwyn
Summary/Images by: Carly/Emily
Alex tells Susan the symptoms have returned
Bree pitting Summer and Rachel against one another
Alex about to tell his kids about the lymphoma
Number 28
Alex has just told his shell-shocked kids his bad news and says he knows they're strong and brave when Rachel jumps up and asks why they should be. "Wasn't losing mum enough?" she yells, running out the door. Susan follows her while Zeke clings to his dad for dear life.
Ramsay Street
Susan promises Rachel one thing, that she will never leave them. Rachel thinks that's a lie though, that's exactly what Alex told them when their mum died. She gets angrier when she finds out Susan had known the truth for a while now and gets her shout on. "Who am I supposed to trust now? WHO?" She storms off. Again.
Number 28
Alex tries to tell Zeke, who is on the computer, that Susan has already done a thorough search on the Internet on his symptoms but Zeke is adamant he keep looking. Susan comes back to tell them Rachel ran off and she couldn't stop her (must have been all that effort staying stationary and not, you know, running after her...). They all rush out to find her, Zeke especially worried.
Hoyland House - Timmins House
Max has brought home a collection of Lindsay Lohan DVDs for Sum as a thank you for giving her room up for Steph. He asks her how school is going and she says it's great, but back here in Erinsborough? Not so hot. Bree's totally changed.
Bree's having a dad/daughter chat at her place, saying she's an idiot for turning Rachel and Summer against one another. Kim correctly guesses that they've now turned against her.
It was fine in the beginning when her and Bree used to write to one another but now she's just turned horrible. Summer really hates the mind games Bree's playing.
Bree just let all the popularity go to her head and her mum said... "Ahh, your mum," says Kim, cottoning on and asking what brilliant advice she doled out this time. I believe it was the old 'treat 'em mean and keep 'em keen' scenario, Kimbo. Bree knows the girls hate her now.
Summer thinks Max is on Bree's side when he tries to get her to see what Bree might be going through, but he assures her he's on no one's side; "but I'm always backing your corner, you know that." Sum wants her to get a taste of her own medicine.
MAX: Two wrongs don't make a right.
SUMMER: That's the dumbest saying ever.
MAX: I know, but it's true.
Kim says he's not bagging out Janelle but sometimes her ideas aren't so great, especially ones that involve manipulating people. He says to Bree that they should grab a coffee and plan a strategy to get the girls talking again.
Max tells Summer she's got a great musical gift and knows how to make people happy and uplifted when she plays. Sum asks why she always has to be the nice one and Max says it's just in her nature. He encourages her to talk to Bree.
General Store
Wow, this is turning into the dad and teenage daughter half and hour...
Kim and Bree sit at one table while Max and Summer sit at another, both girls drinking sickly looking strawberry milkshakes. Max is still on his song and dance about Sum making the first move and making up with Bree but Summer isn't so keen, making the snarly eyes at Bree and vice versa.
Kim's playing the same tune to Bree with a hot shoe shuffle thrown in - he notes Summer's only five paces away, so talking to her would be a cinch. Bree receives some courage and goes over to Summer, starting an apology when Sum interrupts and says they should be friends again. Huggage. Max goes and sits with Kim while the girls play catch up and vow to spend the rest of the holidays together.
Karl saunters past the two men (saying his one line of the scene, "Hey, lads") as they chuckle about teen drama and angst. You'd think Max would be used to it with the amount of O.C. he watches...
Rachel also walks in and the girls chirp at her that they're all friends again now and they should, like, hang out and stuff, "How perfect is this!" Rachel tells them, no, things are not perfect. They're the total damn opposite! Their dads might be alive and well but not hers. "He's dying. He's DYING." Karl has overheard this and looks concerned.
General Store Kitchen
Rachel shouts at Karl that he should have told them about their dad but he says he wasn't in the position to as his doctor *cough*yeahrighthasn'tstoppedyoubefore*cough* Karl says Alex just wanted them to be happy for as long as possible but Rachel thinks that was a dumb idea. She's wasted so much time that she could have used talking and hanging out with her dad.
Number 22
Izzy slinks up to Paul and offers him some miniature Christmas puddings she's made from an old family recipe (insert big air quotes here). She also offers one to a sulky looking Elle and comments that she must be annoyed at her for setting up that thing to make Ned jealous. Izzy wants to make it up to her by going on a shopping spree or having a night out. Elle assures her she's not annoyed, she's just over talking about Ned. Izzy continues on her goodwill spree though and says she's got a solution - last week she was trying to be her friend so this week she'll try and be a mum! Elle will now receive the best advice ever from her (methinks it'll still be along the same lines as glorious Janelle advice). Elle, just like the audience, tries not to explode into laughter as she says thanks... but she might just go for a walk now.
Paul commends Izzy on her nice gesture, and then proceeds to choke on a miniature pudding.
PAUL: What the hell was in that thing?
IZZY: Gin, rum, a bit of vodka. Why, is it too strong?
PAUL: Strong? You could start a Goddamn car with it! An old family recipe my foot, come on, whose recipe is it really?
IZZY: ... Okay, Janelle just said to put...
PAUL: Ahh, Janelle. Say no more.
Scarlet Bar
Izzy spies Ned learning his lines for the play and sits down to have a chat with him while he totally checks out her... dress. She confesses that she was the one who thought of the stupid 'rent-a-friend' idea to make him jealous about Elle. Ned says it's just water under the bridge but Izzy presses the issue, saying that she's going to be completely honest with him - she knows he still harbours a crush for her but she thinks it's because she's unobtainable and therefore safe, whereas Elle's not. We find out though that Ned believes Elle's out of his league.
General Store
Karl asks for a strong tea (three sugars - blergh) as Susan, Alex and Zeke rush in to collect Rachel (oh my God, they've got Colonel Sanders the KFC man as a random extra...). He leads them into the kitchen... only to discover she's run away. Again. Alex despairs, "This is Cartia Katya all over again."
Scarlet Bar
Let us all take a moment to appreciate the genius that is the singing and moving Christmas reindeer hanging on the wall.
Love it.
Anyhoo, Ned sees Elle walk in and uhms and ahs for a while before walking over to her and dumping his script on her table. He admits that he's got a reading problem and really wants her to help him. She asks why her and he replies that he'd just prefer it that way. Elle smiles and says he should buy her a drink.
Number 28
Rachel explodes into the dark house in a violent and upset rage, wailing on all the Christmas decorations. She tears down the tinsel, stockings and then goes to town on the tree just as Susan and the boys walk in and find her. Alex grabs her to calm her down, saying that wrecking things won't help but Rachel cries that they're not going to have a merry Christmas anyway so what's the point? He cuddles her and looks upset as Susan does the same with Zeke.
Number 28
They're all sitting around the table now and Rachel says Alex is probably worried she's going to turn out like Katya, but she says she won't. Rachel wants to know why this is happening to him but Alex and Susan have no answers. She looks discouraged and goes off to bed.
Zeke, who has been hanging the decorations back up, asks why Rachel is making things worse but Susan says it's just her way of dealing with things.
Ramsay Street
Kim spots Max washing his car and jokes that he could do the van as well if he wants. Bree and Summer walk out from Bree's and wonder if they should go and see Rachel or not, going over and asking their dads for advice. The four of them talk it out and come to the conclusion that the girls should see her and just go with the flow, keeping in mind that she may just want to spend time alone with Alex.
Number 28
Susan invites Bree and Summer in and makes an elaborate show of saying she was just about to take Audrey for a walk with Alex, adding that they should get a move on "she gets so excited". So excited she freezes with fear while Alex puts the leash on her and has to be dragged off the couch. Poor lil Auds. Zeke goes with them of course.
Sum and Bree try to make small talk with Rachel but she's not really in the mood for a natter. Especially not with Bree after what she did. She needs people around her she can trust. The girls leave her be to answer the phone.
Ramsay Street
Bree is downcast but Sum tells her she said all the right things. She thinks they should just give Rachel some time alone, which Bree agrees with. Sum smiles and says they're lucky to have Bree as a friend.
Number 28
Rachel sounds grateful to whomever she's speaking to and says she'll let Alex know the news when he gets back. "Miracle," she states as she hangs up.
Number 22
Paul, Elle and Izzy (who looks like she may have a haystack stuck to the back of her head) are sitting down eating as Izzy starts to get too into the family thing, even suggesting they go on picnics every second Sunday. "We could even take up a sport like golf!" Elle starts coughing up her brekkie, like way to make another Robinson choke, Izz. Paul looks bemused and notes that, besides the choking, Elle's looking mighty happy today. Elle smiles and says it's thanks to Izzy.
ELLE: And now that we're friends again you can probably drop the Martha Stewart routine; we all know what happened to her.
IZZY: (sighs and takes it on board)... OHGODTHEMUFFINS! *sprints to the oven*
Number 28
Susan, Alex and Zeke return from their walk with (the reluctant) Audrey. Rachel suggests they play some scrabble (hope Karl doesn't want to come over and play, ay Suse?), but Alex is looking tired out and says he'll play the winner after a sleep.
Once Susan has taken him into the bedroom, Rachel sits next to Zeke and whispers conspiratorially to him, asking him to make a promise to her that they stop relying on adults. Zeke says they'll have Susan but Rachel wants to know what happens if Susan gets sick too. She adds that Susan's nice but she's a liar, she kept Alex's secret from them for months, and she's not family.
ZEKE: She's the best option we've got.
RACHEL: Not necessarily, what about Katya?
ZEKE: We don't even know where she is. And you hate her; you don't even want to find her.
RACHEL: I didn't understand her before, now I know exactly how she felt.
ZEKE: We've got to find her and that could take years.
RACHEL: Someone who knows Katya saw the ad we put in the Big Issue, they called earlier, I know exactly where she is. So we're going to go find her, Zeke. It's going to be us three against the world.
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Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4870
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Alex Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4870
Susan Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Alex Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4870
Alex Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Kim Timmins, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4870
Kim Timmins, Bree Timmins

Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4870
Summer Hoyland, Max Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4870
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Elle Robinson, Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4870
Elle Robinson, Ned Parker

 in Neighbours Episode 4870

Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4870
Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4870
Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins

Kim Timmins, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4870
Kim Timmins, Max Hoyland

Rachel Kinski, Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4870
Rachel Kinski, Summer Hoyland, Bree Timmins

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4870
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4870
Izzy Hoyland

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4870
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

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