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Neighbours Episode 4834 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4834: Mister Mo Jangel
Australian airdate: 20/10/05
UK airdate: 13/01/06
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmiester
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Karen Buckley: Maya Walker
- "Shower" by Sandrine
- "Turn To You" by Charlton Hill
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Chloe
Bree falling out with Rachel.
Susan telling Alex she will support him all the way
No. 26
Whilst Janelle is taking her time in the bathroom, Joe discovers Janelle's book on the PC and starts to read but he isn't impressed one little bit by what he has read since the comments about him aren't very nice. Janelle eventually surfaces from the bathroom and Lyn isn't impressed with her either for using the new towels and that the hot water is just about used up too. Joe gives Janelle 'a look' as she passes him on the way into the kitchen.
Rachel and Zeke approach Susan to ask if she loves her dad since they haven't visited each other's homes lately.
No. 26
Lyn wonders why Joe isn't out walking B5 but Joe is in the huff with the dog following the disappointing performance he gave at the track. Janelle comes through after getting dressed and applying some lippy when Bree comes home ill from school but Janelle thinks she is skiving to avoid Zeke. She tells her daughter that men are weak and stupid and cites Joe as a perfect example! Joe and Janelle have a bit of a ding-dong over who is the perfect parent before Lyn tells Bree she can come with them to the salon. Joe and Janelle have another ding-dong before she leaves and Joe decides to extract some revenge by emailing Janelle's book to every address Lyn has in her address book!
Rachel and Zeke aren't happy with the story Susan said (that things were moving too quick) and offer their own reason instead - Karl and a classic love triangle! Susan dismisses this and says that Karl is just a friend before asking them to stop worrying about it, which they do although reluctantly by Rachel. When Susan leaves them, Zeke tells Rachel that Susan's explanation was logical but Rachel doesn't think so and wonders what the real reason is.
Scarlet Bar
Karl, Max and Steph are discussing the email they have received. Karl or Dr Kyal Karmedy is furious at being described as 'a lecherous alcoholic who can't keep his hands off young girls and is secretly in love with the local hairdresser'! Max or Tex Royland 'the handsome but stupid local barman keeps his crazy sister locked up in a cage and can't father any more kids because there ain't no swimmers left in the pool'! Steph thinks they are just being a bit sensitive and should treat it as fiction and laugh it off or else people will think it is true. Lou joins in the discussion and is following what Steph suggested by laughing it off. Steph bails to get a bike ready and Karl asks if Lou has really read it, he hasn't, and isn't impressed by how Janelle describes him - the pathetic old shyster Lou Plummer who is an evil snake of a man with bad breath and BO! Janelle also has a go at Lou about the credit card and hopes that he rots in hell! Lou now isn't laughing!
The General Store
Janelle is trying to give Bree love advice and the first thing she needs to do is to get rid of Rachel and despite Bree's protestations, she's going back to school to do so!
In the corner, Alex apologises for what Susan had to say to the kids earlier and promises to tell the kids once he's had a definite timeframe from Karl after Karl has spoken to the specialist.
Scarlet Bar
Joe joins the reading group whose mood hasn't improved the more they've read. Karl suggests suing her but Lou thinks that is too good - she should be dragged through the streets by a mule instead! Joe tells them that Janelle is on her way to open the salon and they could tell her to her face instead!
As Lyn and Janelle make their way to the salon a reception committee is waiting for them! Janelle asks what she can do for them and Lou suggests by explaining this and shows her a copy of the book. Janelle is shocked to see that they have a copy of this since they weren't meant to see it! She then confirms Karl's question that she did write it but can't see what the fuss is all about since it is all made up and Max adds his tuppenceworth by telling her it isn't made up enough. Janelle is beginning to treat this as a game and Karl threatens her with his lawyer and Lyn jumps in and says there is no need for that since it is just harmless fun and that they should just take a deep breath or two! Janelle now decides to be serious and tells them that nobody was meant to read it and that she didn't email it to them. Lou says that the email came from Lyn's email address and she denies sending it and Janelle turns round to see a smiling Joe standing at the Scarlet Bar!
JANELLE: It was him! (Camera cuts to Joe) Him! (Joe now doesn't have a smile on his face) I'm going to get you Mangel and I'm going to make it hurt!
Joe does a runner promptly followed by Janelle!
Zeke asks if Bree is feeling OK and in her head she can hear Janelle's voice telling her 'that nothing interest more than disinterest' and so ignores him. Rachel asks if he's upset her again and he claims he hasn't. Janelle's voice now tells Bree that a note will soon follow and bang on cue a note from Zeke appears. The voice tells her to put it in her lap without reading it, which she does, and Zeke wonders why she isn't reading the note. The voice now tells Bree to select a hidden pre-written note and put that on the desk and read it. Bree now quickly gets out of her seat and calls Zeke "a scumbag" and naturally the teacher - shock horror someone other than Susan! - wants to know what she is doing. Bree tells the teacher Zeke wrote her a note and the teacher (after reading the note) tells him that it is crude and unacceptable and gives him an hour's detention! Zeke is confused about this to say the least. The voice now tells Bree to move onto the next plan, which turns out to be insulting the teacher and she ends up with an hours detention too as the voice now says, an hour by herself and Zeke the freak!
Lassiters Lake
Alex is reading a poem when Karl approaches him after taking to his specialist. They chat idly before Alex asks Karl how long he has got.
Ramsay Street
Joe has run all the way back from Lassiters and runs into Steph as she is tidying up a bike. They start chatting about bikes before he spots Janelle and hides behind the wheelie bins to avoid her. Janelle comes over to Steph and they start talking about the book (Steph seems to be the only one who likes it and thinks it is funny) before Steph quietly points to where Joe is hiding whilst vocally saying that she doesn't know where he is (Janelle asked if Steph knew where he was).
A hiding Joe thinks he has escaped her as Janelle says she is off to work but really she is heading over to where he is and surprise, surprise he reveals himself (since he thinks she is walking in the opposite direction) and ends up being caught and dragged away by Janelle so they don't make a mess of No. 32! Joe appeals to Steph for help (and for her to call the police!) but she tells him to use his golden tongue to get himself out of it but Janelle says it might not be there for long!
Joe pleads with her that he only sent it out because it was such a good read when Lyn finally reaches Ramsay Street and puts a stop to Janelle's plans and orders them both inside.
The teacher sets Bree and Zeke work to do for their detention before leaving and he wants to know why she called him 'a scumbag' and what did the note she gave to the teacher really say. Bree says the note was a joke saying he'd like to make out with her. Zeke is aghast at this and wants Bree to tell the teacher the truth, which she refuses to do, so he threatens to tell her himself.
No. 26
As Lyn chuckles to herself while reading the book, Joe and Janelle are still nit picking with each other. Janelle says that she'll not be able to face anyone now and that she'll have to move back to Colac with the kids. Joe offers to help her pack but Lyn thinks that isn't necessary - Janelle can move her family into No. 26! She then gives Janelle the rest of the day off to move her things back in and Joe certainly isn't laughing now.
Bree tries to get Zeke to participate in the work the teacher gave them but he is still sulking even after she apologises. To get him to participate in something, she writes a sentence on a piece of paper and folds it over so he can write the next part. He doesn't respond but Bree does this anyway and hands him the paper, to which he writes a bit before the teacher comes back in to see what they've done. The teacher reads it and is satisfied over what is written and sends them on their merry way.
No. 32 driveway
Max drives home and catches Steph sitting on the bike daydreaming. She quickly says that she wasn't going to ride it and surprisingly Max replies that he wouldn't mind if she did! Steph then tells him that Janelle caught up with Joe and points out that Janelle is moving her things back into No. 26.
No. 28
Alex comes in and gives Susan some good news - the tests have proved that he has longer than first thought and they have a kiss and a hug to celebrate.
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Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4834
Joe Mangel

Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4834
Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4834
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4834
Karl Kennedy, Steph Scully

Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4834
Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4834
Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy

Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4834
Bree Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4834
Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins

Karen Buckley, Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4834
Karen Buckley, Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski

Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4834
Alex Kinski, Susan Kennedy

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