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Neighbours Episode 4822 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4822: Knowing Bree, Knowing You
Australian airdate: 04/10/05
UK airdate: 27/12/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Alex Kinski Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski Matthew Werkmeister
Jonathon Verne Oscar Redding
Summary/Images by: Ally (AllyAngel)/Elin
- Alex visiting the 'healer'
- Karl and Alex's first meeting
- Janae yelling that Boyd is a loser etc
- Alex visiting Karl at the surgery
Alex tells Karl that he just can't hack the fact that Susan is over him, but Karl reminds him that, until Susan knows the truth about him, it is just a charade. He knows what Alex is going through better than Alex might think - and that is why he is questioning his motives - the whirlwind romance and engagement. Karl thinks he just needs a mother for his kids. Alex is outraged, but Karl wants the truth - if he wasn't dying, would he have rushed into this? Alex admits the diagnosis did force him to embrace the moment, but he isn't going to die! There's nothing to tell Susan or the kids!
West Warratah Caravan Park
Janelle is telling Janae to keep yelling - it is good therapy! So Janae starts yelling about Boyd being a pretty boy...but then he appears in the doorway. He says she is right - he would have to be pretty stupid to hang around her - she doesn't know what she wants! He lists all the stupid things she has done - like stealing Sky's clothes, the thing with Karl, kidnapping a dog...
JANELLE: I stole the dog!
Boyd tells her they are too different, and he doesn't need her problems in his life.
Scarlet Bar
Lyn, Joe and Max arrive back from the time trials, happily telling Steph about their victory. Stu says he is a bit of a surprise package (Steph and Stu standing at a table together...I can feel Carly's grin from here...) but Joe says Bouncer is a legend. Steph cheers for the winning team, as she drags Joe over to the bar. She helps Joe change his shirt, and put a good one on, while asking Max how he enjoyed the night. Lyn wants to know what Steph and Joe are up to, but they say 'nothing' and keep talking. Once Steph is finished fixing his shirt, he puts on his jacket, and does the 'tada, look at me, I'm spiffy' routine for Lyn. He tells her to turn around, where Max and Steph have set a candle-lit dinner for two. Aw.
General Store
Janelle tells Janae to cheer up - no one likes a sourpuss! Janae doesn't know why she ever thought she had a chance with Boyd, but Janelle says he'll be back - why else would he rant and rave at her...in front of her mother!
JANAE: Because he hates my guts?
Janelle says that Janae's problem is she is too available - she has to show him who's master! Janae doesn't think it will work - she likes Boyd more than he likes her. Janelle says there is only one law in love - win or lose...now listen closely while she gives her the winning edge...
Rachel is explaining to Zeke exactly what Bree feels about him, and pointing out that he feels the same way - always thinking about her, asking about her...
ZEKE: Gee, that does sound like I'm in love with Bree...
RACHEL: Hello! Wake up Australia!
Alex comes home with a chocolate Bavarian cake, and Susan asks if he went to Bavaria to get it - he took long enough! He asks the kids to leave the room, so he can have a word with Susan. He tells her he called by to have a word with Karl...and that Karl doesn't think he will be able to make her happy. Susan assures him that he makes her very happy, and that Karl is just jealous. Alex wonders about the long run...but Susan says she is not going to let Karl ruin things with his spite - they are grown adults and know what they are doing.
Scarlet Bar
Lyn is so impressed with the dinner, but Joe tells her that it was Steph's idea - the dinner, champagne, him dressing up...Steph knew Lyn was stressed with the two of them not getting on, so she thought it would be a nice idea - she's a good egg, that one. Lyn mouths a thankyou to Steph, who mouths back a 'no worries.' Max the interrupts a LynoeSmooch to tell Joe to put the dogs, who are under the table, back outside. Joe tells him it is discrimination.
MAX: Oh, cry me a river Joe!
Boyd comes in to get the house key because he is locked out. Max thought he was going to be with Janae, but Boyd tells him that one ain't gonna happen. Boyd leaves and Joe comes back in, asking if, now Max has had a taste of the dogs, he is going to do the rest of the things on his list. Steph is like 'Wha? List? I don't know about no list!' but Joe informs her it is a list of all the things Max wants to do 'before his rugrat hits town.' Max tells Steph number 2 on the list is getting next weeks roster done, as she chases him around the back of the bar, trying to get him to show her.
Susan wants to know why Karl can't just be happy for her and Alex, but he points out that Alex came to him! And besides, she's known the guy for what - two months? Susan says that's longer than he has known him, and if he can't be happy for her, just leave her alone!
General Store
Janelle is sniping about Lyn and the Audrey incident, when Zeke comes up to the table. He tells Bree that she may have noticed he has been a little strange lately, but this is all new to him...and he was wondering if she would like to go out sometime with him...? 'Ok' Bree agrees, and Zeke toddles back off. Janae thinks Bree should go after Zeke and make him set a date for the date, but Janelle says she shouldn't Janae is too much of an eager beaver - she has to make them work!
JANAE: But I don't want to win Boyd, Mum!
JANELLE: Yeah, and I'm the Pope's mother!
Janelle tells her that it is important she first clear the air with him...and at that convenient moment, he walks in the door. Janae gets up and apologises for what she said, and tells him he's right - they aren't cut out for each other. He agrees, and they bid each other goodbye. Janae sits back down and Janelle tells her she is going great guns, and to shut her trap while she explains stage two...
Erinsborough High
With Janelle's voice in her head, Janae starts to put ThePlan into action...
Say you see Boyd in the corridor...don't let on you know he is there...just be friendly.
Janae looks away until Boyd says hi, and then says hi back.
But not too friendly...
JANAE: I uh, didn't see you there...
Then lose interest completely...
Janae looks away...but goes to look back...
Whatever you do, do not look back at him!
...not look back...
That's my girl!
Scarlet Bar
Steph gets off the phone to a very satisfied customer - Steph has helped her find her dream car! Max says good on her - she has a real nose for the business! Steph says he is just sucking up, but Max says he is proud of her - she had an idea, set a goal, and made it happen. Steph is like 'yeah yeah, can I see the list yet?' she snatches some paper from his pocket, and reads off it. Sort out the files...clear out the garage...Steph laughs that that is a jobs list, not a wish list! Max points out that it is a list of the jobs he wishes to do before the baby is born.
STEPH: Is this the same Max that wanted to be a rally car driver, or a bass player in a stranglers cover band? Huh? HUH?
MAX: (shakes his head solemnly)
STEPH: Come on Max, I know you've got a bigger, bolder list just waiting inside of you to get out! I know you have, come on!
Janelle comes into see Lyn, and Joe goes to stop her, but after receiving a death stare, decides to go and get a drink. Janelle tells Lyn she wins - she can't take the silent treatment anymore. She should never have let the kids talk her into borrowing Audrey...She can't expect Lyn to forgive her, but she misses their little gossips...and 'that Mangel' had it coming...Janelle starts bagging him, but Lyn gets upset - what she says against Joe, she says against her. If Janelle doesn't mind, she would like to finish lunch with Joe.
Alex comments on Zeke's spiffy outfit, and is informed that he is going out with Bree...on a date...technically...
ZEKE: I was surprised too...but it all adds up...it was Rachel who diagnosed the science...
He has brought a different outfit just in case he was too dressed up. Susan says he looks very handsome...he goes to get changed. Bree turns up at the door (Hey! My sister has that jumper! Wardrobe has blatantly been shopping at Jay Jay's!) and Rachel asks if she is excited. Bree is all cool, calm and collected, and tells Rachel she'll kiss and tell if everything goes well...well, she'll wait and see if Zeke buys Minties in the foyer first...Rachel says her brother is so clueless, Bree will have to buy them herself. Zeke comes out and he and Bree leave. Alex wants to know what ideas Rachel has been putting in Zeke's head, and they all laugh and have a hug as Suse comments about how nice it is to have a family again.
General Store
JONATHON: So Doug, who have you told about your illness so far?
Wait a sec! That's no Doug! That's a very Karl-shaped Doug! And Jonathon is also donning a new alias - Graham. GrahamJonathon wants to know all about DougKarl's illness. DougKarl hasn't accepted his death sentence, for which GrahamJonathon applauds him. He then feeds him the same spiel he fed Alex, about the rare ingredients in his treatment being super-expensive. But of course it is a trifle to pay for a second chance at life...Just keep nodding and smiling Karl...there, you have it down pat already!
Steph and Max are sitting in the waiting room, and Max passes her the list - revised. She starts to read and tells him that is more like it, until she comes across a particularly interesting listing, and says she had no idea...that Karl is about to come into the surgery, causing Max to snatch the list back, and not letting us find out what is on it! They follow Karl into the surgery. Karl tells Steph to hop up on the bed, but something catches her eye...it is a flyer with Graham Harlin on it. Steph exclaims that it is Jonathon Verne - the Life Mechanics dude! Karl asks if she is sure, and Steph replies that she'd know the face anywhere - he tried to tell her her Cancer was because of her own negative thoughts! Karl asks what happened to him, and Steph says he took off after the whole thing was revealed as a scam...tried to pin a fraud case on Stu too! And speaking of Stu, isn't he going to be interested to hear this!
Janae is playing basketball, when Boyd comes up. Once again Janelle's voice floats into her head, reminding her not to get her knickers in a knot...be friendly, but not too friendly. Janae greets Boyd pleasantly, before passing the ball to him, and saying she has to go - she'll see him later!
Across the road, Bree is eating about a thousand mints, while Zeke tries to decide what movie they should see. She suddenly leans in and gives him a peck on the lips. Zeke lets out a huge breath, before informing her that at least they now know they don't love each other...but that's ok - they can go back to being friends...can't they? Zeke is confused out of his poor little brain, and Bree is just plain devastated.
West Warratah Caravan Park
Janae arrives home and wants to know what Janelle is doing, providing hairdressing for the caravan park residents. Janelle tells her they are Lyn's clients, but starting a business there isn't a bad idea! Janae reminds her she isn't qualified, but Janelle says she isn't charging them full rates, and if Janae breathes a word to Lyn, she'll be sleeping outside in her parka and her beanie! Janelle asks if Janae has seen Boyd today. Janae says she has - and the campaign is going better than she thought! But someone else hasn't been so lucky...Bree runs into the bus in tears...
BREE: I'm so stupid, thinking anyone could like me as a girlfriend!
She throws herself onto her bed, and starts scoffing into the emergency chocolate supply...
Lyn and Joe return Audrey, and present Susan and her pooch with presents - stuffed dogs - for being so kind. Joe rushes off when he realises it is after Boucer5's dinner time, and Lyn follows. Rachel asks if Susan finds the neighbours a bit eccentric, and Susan says most of them, yes! Rachel says she is lucky she is marrying Alex - she needs someone stable in her life! They wonder how Bree and Zeke's date is coming along...
ZEKE: it's not!
Scarlet Bar
Max puts a beer down in front of GrahamJonathon....but he hasn't ordered a drink! Max informs him that it is compliments of the lady over there...Steph just waves cheekily. GJ raises his hand to wave back, but it is promptly snapped into a handcuff...Stu has arrived to save the day, and is arresting him for fraud! As he is hauled off, Max looks triumphantly at Steph, who flashes another cheeky grin.
Karl fills Alex in about Graham Harlin's non-Grahamness, and tells him all his credentials are fake. Alex sighs that he is a gullible fool but Karl says he wasn't to know. He says it (his illness) is a terrible thing to deal with, that's why he needs the support of his family. Alex says we are born alone, and we die alone...Karl says he doesn't have to do this alone, but Alex wants to know how he is supposed to tell them...he knows he has to but what is he supposed to say? He just needs a few more days...then he'll be ready...
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Alex Kinski, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4822
Alex Kinski, Karl Kennedy

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4822
Boyd Hoyland

Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4822
Janelle Timmins, Janae Timmins

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4822
Janae Timmins

Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4822
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4822
Lyn Scully, Joe Mangel

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4822
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Joe Mangel, Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4822
Joe Mangel, Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully

Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4822
Janelle Timmins, Lyn Scully

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4822
Lyn Scully

Alex Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4822
Alex Kinski, Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Jonathan Verne in Neighbours Episode 4822
Jonathan Verne

Max Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4822
Max Hoyland, Steph Scully

Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4822
Bree Timmins, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4822
Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4822
Susan Kennedy, Joe Mangel, Lyn Scully

Karl Kennedy, Alex Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4822
Karl Kennedy, Alex Kinski

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