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Neighbours Episode 4821 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4821: The Hound And The Fury
Australian airdate: 03/10/05
UK airdate: 23/12/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Alex Kinski: Andrew Clarke
Rachel Kinski: Caitlin Stasey
Zeke Kinski: Matthew Werkmeister
Summary/Images by: Carly/Jamie
Stingray threatening Zeke
Janelle dog-napping Audrey
Boyd and Janae kissing
Timmins' Bus
Boyd and Janae continue on with their snogging session. He asks if she's okay, she says yes, she asks if this is what he wants, he says yes. More snogging commences until they hear Janelle and Stingray outside. Janae says they can go somewhere else but Boyd doesn't look too keen - they don't get a chance to chat much longer before Janelle walks in, smirking at them. "Should have put 'do not disturb' on the door!" Embarrassed Boyd sprints out of there leaving Janae looking a little unsettled.
Lyn and Susan are having a squealing girly gush session (with Lyn thwapping Joe on the arm in excitement) over Suse's engagement while Joe stands in the background. He's all, 'Yeah, congrats... where's Audrey?' He goes to retrieve her from out the back so B5 can have some quality time with his girlfriend.
Lynnie asks if they've set a date yet but Susan says there's no rush, "we've got all the time in the world." CLANG. Ow, those irony anvils sure fall down hard. She inquires how the kids are taking it and Susan says she thinks they're as excited as her and Alex.
Rachel and Zeke, who are sitting on the couch, are talking about the Stinger fiasco that happened. Rachel thinks he needs to say sorry to Bree and buying her flowers would be a good start.
Joe bolts inside looking distressed, Audrey's missing and so is her blanket. "Maybe she's been dog-napped!" he yelps.
Karl's Office
Karl drags his luggage in while Alex follows him - he came straight from the airport because his plane was delayed. They start Alex's appointment with the door still OPEN slightly. Like, could you play with the confidentiality rules anymore there, Karl? Actually, I'm getting ahead of myself...
He asks Alex about any symptoms he's been having and whether or not he's been talking to the counsellor at the hospital but Alex cuts right to the chase; he wants Karl to increase the dosage on his prescription. Karl hesitantly says he could but wants to know how his children are taking the news. Oh quite well, it's like they don't even know. Oh. Wait. Alex replies that he hasn't told anyone because "I'm not going to die. I'm going to beat this. Spare me your negativity, doctor. Just give me the prescription that's all I want from you."
General Store
Max finds Boyd sitting all by his lonesome at a table. He soon discovers he's having issues of the Janae variety. "Went well did it?"
Zeke finds Bree at another table and hands her a bunch of flowers to apologise for forgetting about their meet-up, "I got distracted by a family issue." He gently asks her if she likes him as more than a friend, which causes Bree to get the deer in headlights look and say she doesn't know.
ZEKE: Your brother led me to believe you did.
BREE: Why would you believe anything he says? ... Which one?
ZEKE: Scott.
BREE: Oh yeah, he's a bit out of his tree. He's like fell off his skateboard one too many times. Brain damage.
ZEKE: (relieved) Oh good, glad we cleared that up.
Yes, clear as mud. He tells Bree they'll do Scienceworks another time and bids her adieu.
General Store - Timmins' Bus
Boyd tells his dad that he thinks Janae's great but he didn't go over there with the intention of kissing her.
Janae's having a chat with Janelle in the bus. She says that kissing Boyd felt special and she's never felt that way about a boy before. "It felt real."
Tell me more, tell me more. Did you get very far? Boyd says the kiss just happened and he could have stopped it but he, obviously, didn't. He doesn't want to hurt her because he likes her, but he wasn't thinking romance.
Tell me more, tell me more. Like does he have a car? "He even asked me if I was sure," Janae reveals. Janelle looks stunned - maybe it is the real deal.
Tell me more, tell me more. Did she put up a fight? Max says that most blokes Boyd's age are only interested in having a good time. He's proud that he's so concerned about her.
Janae thinks that Boyd ran away because of where they live; she doesn't have much confidence in her self worth this one. Janelle tells her to stop right there, Janae's the most beautiful girl on the planet and is worth anyone's love. "If you ever say that [she's not worth it] again I will box your ears." Janelle just thinks that Boyd is shy. Stinger, holding Audrey, whacks the door to the bus with his head - he wants in he's hungry! They don't let him though. Meanies.
Karl's Surgery
Karl is shining a blue light in Alex's right eye - he has to re-examine him if he's going to up the dosage on his prescription. He also wants to know more about the healer he's been seeing; he doesn't think too highly of them. Alex says he's not a fool and he hasn't suspended his disbelief, he just wants to try all avenues.
ALEX: I do know that what Graham Harlon is offering might be a load of old rubbish.
Uh, YEAH. Besides the fact he's using a fake name (that's if Jonathan Verne is actually his real name... Could be John Smith), I don't think that he's going to do much with some twigs and some special chants. Karl knows that the mind has some power over the body but there are limits. Alex replies that unless Karl knows what he's going through he shouldn't call him a gullible old fool.
ALEX: I've chosen life. Now I have the love of a wonderful woman and two great kids who I will live to see grow up.
Susan, Lyn and Joe have returned from searching for Audrey with Joe convinced that Janelle has dog-napped her. "She's trying to get back at me through Bouncer." Susan thinks she's just run away but Joe won't let his Janelle theory go; he's going to go to the caravan park to confront her. Lynnie agrees to go with him so that Janelle doesn't murder him, flapping her arms all over the place along the way. Rachel and Zeke look on in curious amusement from the kitchen table just in case Lynnie starts to fly.
Timmins' Bus
Bree sneaks into the bus as Janelle sits outside with a magazine, she doesn't want her ma to spot the flowers. Once inside she smacks Stingray's book into his face, "You nearly ruined everything!" She says that Zeke stood her up because he was shy and that he must like her because he bought her flowers; besides, they've made another date.
Joe, Lyn and B5 jog up to Janelle. "The gig's up, Timmins. Where's the pooch?" Janelle puts the innocent act on but B5 is on the case, sniffing out Audrey's scent. Joe rushes into the bus but doesn't find anything except for a couple of stony-faced Timmins kids.
Joe hoons back out the bus with the two women not far behind. Lynnie apologises for the ruckus, as Joe calls out for Audrey in a high-pitched voice, like a laaaaydeee. He tells Janelle he's going to put the RSPCA on to her and does an about-face with B5... right into the front of the bus. Smooth moves, Mangel. Stinger gives his mum a disapproving look.
Scarlet Bar
Max and Boyd are stocking shelves but Hoyland Jnr is quite distracted. He wants to go and talk to Janae, he doesn't know why he's feeling so worried about being with her. Max thought he wasn't ready to commit but Boyd's changed his mind. He races out.
"Young love, ay?" Max sighs in Karl's general direction. Karl's all, 'You talking to me? I kinda hope you're not, dude... OH. Your kid.' They reminisce about the first time they fell in love.
MAX: I remember I lost my heart to... to Catherine Hamilton it was. She was going to be the love of my life. Lasted about two months I reckon. I wonder where she is now?
KARL: When I was his age I lost my heart to young Susan Smith. She was the love of my life.
Speak of the Suse, in she walks! Hmm, interesting... ShirtlessNedShirtlessNedShirtlessNedShirtlessNed... No? Le sigh. She asks them if they've seen Audrey but they haven't. After Karl suggests she ring the pound he offers to walk her back and help her look, he's also got some photos from Mal to show her.
Classroom - Aikido Class
Boyd jogs in to talk to Janae but she's being a bit cold with him. He's about to tell her the happy news that he thinks she's a great chick when he spots Audrey tied up near the doorway. He finds out that Janelle dog-napped her and Janae's on babysitting duties, thinking that getting back at Joe Mangel that way is a bit odd. Janae berates the look he has on his face, like she's not good enough for him. "You know what? You're the one missing out." She stalks out of there and Boyd just wants to rewind a few minutes back to, 'Hey... how you doin?'
Susan's looking at some happy snaps from Karl's time in London. She laughs at his look of terror on the London Eye - his smile was a grimace. Karl says he told Mal to ring her more, "You never know what's around the corner." SYMPATHYALEXCLANG. Irony anvils apparently. He tells her about his patient who only has a few months to live. "I don't know how I'd react."
Susan answers the frantic knock at the door. It's Alex! No, it's really Stingray who has just popped around on the sly to let her know that Janelle has Audrey but she's okay. "And congratulations on your engagement!"
Karl freezes on the spot as Stinger dances out the door to the snazzy moves of the 'Go Susan, go Susan' jig. Susan twirls around with a grimace... ahem, smile on her dial and points out her ring.
SUSAN: Engaged (said in a 'oh yeah, I kinda got proposed to ain't that wacky' kind of way). Was gonna tell ya...
Timmins' Bus
Rachel's over having a chat with Bree about her 'bro. Bree only said she didn't know how she felt about Zeke because if she told him the truth he'd run a mile. "Guys don't like talking about their feelings, they're all emotionally crippled." Bree thinks their way of communicating lies in flower-giving, things like that. "That's how I know Zeke likes me." Rachel's looking a bit worried like, 'Why didn't I just tell him to give her cellophane-wrapped figs?!'
Janelle's hanging some undies out on the clotheshorse outside while Joe and B5 try to hide behind a caravan across the way.
JOE: (after B5 growls) Settle down, Bouncer. They're cottontails not bunnies.
Lyn finds them hiding and so, unfortunately, does Janelle. She calls out that he's a perv while the neighbours watch on in bemusement. They're just about to leave when Joe sees Janae walking back with Audrey. He takes the dog off her and Bree and Rachel stick their heads out the window to see what's going on. Lynnie can't believe Janelle would stoop so low; she was starting to feel really sorry for her and her family but now she never wants to see them again.
Karl asks when she *was* going to tell him but Susan says she was just looking for the right moment, "you don't know him." CLANG. He can't believe she's gotten engaged after only knowing this man for such a short amount of time.
KARL: I don't begrudge you having a relationship...
SUSAN: Well that's big of you.
KARL: Okay, I'm not the person who should be lecturing here...
SUSAN: Pfft, yeah.
KARL: Susan, I want you to be happy.
SUSAN: Karl I am happy, I am. Alex is a wonderful man.
Yep, you guessed it. In walk Alex and the kidlets. Susan starts the introductions but the two men aren't really listening. They're both in a little bit of shock right now. Karl looks disgusted and makes his excuses to leave.
Scarlet Bar
Joe and Lyn leave the doggies at the door and ask Max if he's ready - they're off to the time trials at the greyhound track. Max gets his keys and Joe makes a dash to the toilets for one last nervous wizz. Max asks a downcast Karl, sitting at a table, if he wants to join them but he says there's something he has to do. He walks out with Joe not far behind, it was a false alarm wizz. I repeat, a false alarm wizz.
Karl hammers on the door, not to apologise as Susan would like, but to have a word with Alex. Susan thinks he's being a jealous old goat and the kids are worried that he's going to fight their dad, but Alex says it's fine. Susan won't let him out though.
SUSAN: Karl I don't know what your problem is but you're not coming in here upsetting the children. Now go away and grow up!
Timmins' Bus
Janae's still feeling upset with herself because of Boyd and still thinks that she's no good, so Janelle keeps up the 'you're a lovely, beautiful young girl' pep talk. She encourages Janae to say what she feels and in this case it's saying "Boyd you're a boufhead!" out loud a couple of times with a few, "Boyd you're a loser and a head case!" shouts thrown in for good measure. Man, these Ramsay Street folk swarm around like flies when their name is mentioned - Boyd, having come around to talk with Janae, overhears her outside the bus and doesn't look too pleased.
Karl and his suitcases are about to go home when Alex stops by to chat with him. He babbles on about how grateful he is that Karl is upholding their doctor/patient confidentially. I can hear the whooshing of an anvil falling...
ALEX: I know that the Medical Ethics Board takes a grim view of any doctor who betrays that trust.
KARL: Please don't talk to me about trust. Susan has a right to know.
ALEX: Yes of course, but all in good time.
KARL: Alex, with all due respect, time is not something you have a lot of. You can delude yourself all you like; you can delude your children, but not Susan. Threaten me all you like; if you don't tell her I will.
Dum de dum duuuum.
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Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4821
Zeke Kinski, Rachel Kinski

Alex Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4821
Alex Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4821
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4821
Karl Kennedy

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