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Neighbours Episode 4743 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4743: Left On The Scrapheap
Australian airdate: 15/6/05
UK airdate: 6/9/05
Writer: Chris Hollow
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Paul Robinson Stefan Dennis
Bree Timmins Sianoa Smit-McPhee
Penny Weignberg Sally Kingsford
Kayla Thomas Virginia Ryan
Summary/Images by: Linda/Jeremai
- David telling Liljana some home truths
- Paul finding out Liljana has gone away (and Susan slamming the door in his face)
- Steph suggesting to Max that Kayla live with them
Steph tries to make Max see that helping out Kayla ultimately means helping their baby - and Summer agrees before disappearing into her room. Max completely understands too, but it is against the adoption rules and believes Steph is becoming too emotionally involved. How long will Kayla stay with them? What will happen once she has the baby? She becomes quiet...but knows they can't turn their backs on her.
The General Store
Serena looks quite down and Harold asks if she has heard anything from David and Lil yet? She has not. Though, she is more concerned about her dad as Lil will be fine with Paul...or whatever. The door of the store opens and who should walk in but...David! And he looks pretty awful. Serena gleefully jumps into her father's arms and promises to go make him some great food. Harry mentions how bad it is for Serena to be alone at a time like this...but he is glad to see David again.
Pretty shot of the forest and birds chirping. Lil uses her mobile to call...
The General Store/Cabin
Serena is less than pleased to hear from her mother but all Lil wants is some time with her. Serena does not exactly wants to spend time with her and Paul...but her mother makes it quite clear she is here alone, also giving her the address of the Inglewood cabin. Serena quickly hangs up when David comes into the kitchen but he already heard. She lets him know Lil is alone and he sees this as good news. Serena half heartedly agrees...but why can't she do that here? Ahh, but David believes it means without Paul to manipulate her, she can make a clear decision.
Bree's laptop is toast and Penny gives it one last hit to verify this.
BREE: Great! Now what am I suppose to do, write out my science experiment by hand?
STEPH: Well that's what we used to do in the olden days.
Summer grins that she just can't speak to her boyfriend, "Space Cowboy" (the girls do the "OOHHHHHHH" complete with kissy faces) on the Big Brother chatroom! Bree rolls her eyes, his name is Shay and he goes to an alternative school and he lives in a cool house where his mum makes art installations. Besides, Summer is just jealous "Cyberpunk" dumped her but that is like, so not true! She dumped him! The girls' noise level gets slightly louder and Steph asks them to quieten down. She gets a squiz at the computer and asks what is wrong. Motherboard had a meltdown apparently but Penny can fix this! (she's a genius, yo) They can get a good, free, legitimate, computer quite easily as long as they don't mind getting a little dirty.
Lil grabs her mobile to ring...
Scarlet Bar/Cabin
Paul is so glad to hear from Lil, but why has she not called before? Is she with David? He is glad to hear she's alone, he had been thinking about numerous and frightening scenarios. He's adamant to see her or he will get more crazy but she is firm about needing some time alone though she lets in on her location. By now, Paul has become more agitated and sarcastically asks if he's being dropped over the phone. Lil quietly answers she needed the sound of his voice. She sighs, she's gotta go and firmly hangs up.
Lil? LIL!? Max comes around to see about the commotion but unfortunately he has just gotten caught in Paul's wrath. Don't forget whose money it was that built this place...Max shares a look with silent Martin.
Outside Lassiters
David snidely asks Paul where he's going - Lil wants to be left alone, didn't ya know? He throws another verbal zinger - is he afraid Lil will be able to think for herself now? Paul calmly replies Lil has made up her mind and she wants to be with Paul and it's over between the two of them. David leaves for his car without another word. Paul is about to leave, but cannot find his keys. The next sequence of events are as follow:
David gets into his car.
Serena comes out of The General Store with a plate of food.
David starts up his car.
Paul finds his keys in the ground and crouches to grab them.
David gets an evil glint, and eyes him down. He begins driving towards Paul.
Paul and Serena look up - she shouts and stands in front of the incoming car.
Paul quickly grabs Serena and they both roll out of the way of David.
The General Store
Harold and Serena help a shell-shocked David into the store, he cannot comprehend what happened. Paul angrily tries to take a shot at David as he has gone too far now mister! Serena takes David into the kitchen and Harold asks Paul not to call the police. However Paul is halfway there, wanting to report an attempted murder but Harry pleads - do it for Serena?
Affirmacon Dumpster
This is Dumpster Diving for the intellectual - Penny is managing the collection of computer parts for Bree's new computer while Steph nervously looks on. It's all fine, afterall big companies always upgrade and discard these. Taking from the rich and giving to the poor essentially! They hear someone approaching, so Steph has no choice but to dive into the dumpster. Hehe.
Scarlet Bar
Max is on the phone to a food supplier when he spots Kayla come in who begins eating at a customer's leftovers. He approaches and she's surprised to see him here until she realises he owns the place. Max asks if he can clear the dishes...then gently admits to seeing her come in and eating the leftovers. Kayla begins to freak out, but he is not going to call the police but just wants to know why she is eating here, what about the shelter? Bah, shelter food, no thanks. He understands and goes to get her some real food - she protests but he insists.
The General Store Kitchen
David tries to make sense of what happened, he swear he did not see Serena there. Rather in that moment...he really did lose control. Harold wants David to seek professional help because he obviously cannot deal with this himself. Serena also agrees with the idea. David is still reluctant but Harold asks what would have happened if they weren't there? Would he have really run Paul down? He's silent for a second but then finally agrees to see somebody.
The lounge room is filled with computer parts which would be enough to give Lyn a heart attack! Summer promises Steph that they'll have it cleaned up but in the meantime Penny is working her magic and building a computer which promises to be a hundred times better. Yeah and then Bree can talk to her boyfriend which results in more "OOOHHH's".
Lil hears a car drive up and low and behold, it's a red sporty number belonging to a Mr Paul Robinson. Did he do the wrong thing? Sure, but this doesn't stop Lil from grabbing and kissing him.
Scarlet Bar
Kayla has finished her meal and thoroughly enjoyed it! Max smiles and hands over the next course, a fancy risotto but it is really chicken and rice. She gets a little anxious and wants to leave, but Max insists she stay and eat, there is no need to be embarrassed. No, he does not believe she is scum. Steph sees this and overhears Kayla say she doesn't want her child to turn out like her and wants it to have a chance, a proper family. Max promises they will do their best.
Miss Penny has worked her magic to produce a super duper computer! A 264 bit processor with 2.5 GH and 8 GB of RAM! It's enough to literally make her drool. The girls are impressed yes, but does Bree's email work? Summer starts poking fun at Bree and Mr Space Cowboy again, but Bree needs to see if there's a letter and reply...or else it'd be rude see. Bree does have email with an attached picture and asks for a bit of privacy so she can have a perve...er...look first. Soon, it's clear he is not what she expected AT all. The girls laugh when they realise it's a little year 6 boy. Bree is deeply mortified, he sounded so mature and...she suggested they meet in their last email. She hangs her head, but Penny comes up with the idea that he could have older brothers and they go off to write a reply.
Scarlet Bar
Max and Steph talk at the bar about Kayla while watching her eat. Max can't believe how well she has turned out, considering all the odds have been stacked against her. He knows this will change everything...and Steph squeals with happiness, upon realising he has changed his mind about her moving in.
They approach Kayla and let her know the good news. She stares at them in shock, but not good shock. Are they crazy, it's against all the rules - as it was she should never have called. They tell her the rules could be changed as it was before. Kayla is firm, if she moves in they will give her child to another couple. It's against the rules.
Paul brings Lil a hot drink and they talk about him coming, when she clearly told him not. He is merely confused at the mixed messages - she rings up but does not want to talk. He comes and she kisses him hello but now she's distant. Lil sighs, she needs time to know her feelings...there have been a lot of accusations.
PAUL: Don't let gossip come between us.
Lil looks at Paul in the eye and asks about undermining her marriage all this time. He denies, of course. He fell in love with Lil the moment he saw her and yes, he wanted to her to work to be close. But, he liked David - he even helped him out with all that council business. And her...? Well, Paul never believed she would love him back - but she does! Paul smiles and promises he will never let her go. He demonstrates this by grabbing her nose affectionately.
The General Store
Serena airs her worry about David's state of mind to her grandfather - though she can see why he did it. Paul is evil, evil! David soon bounces into the shop, all excited. The therapist was great! He kept asking all these good questions and David soon realised the path of action he needs to bring Paul dead in the water - figuratively speaking of course! The Wetlands report - it was all fake and that's all he needs to bring Paul down. Mwaha.
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Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4743
Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully

Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
Harold Bishop, Serena Bishop

Serena Bishop, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
Serena Bishop, David Bishop

Liljana Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
Liljana Bishop

Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully, Bree Timmins, Penny Weinberg in Neighbours Episode 4743
Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully, Bree Timmins, Penny Weinberg

Paul Robinson, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4743
Paul Robinson, Max Hoyland

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4743
Paul Robinson

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
David Bishop

Paul Robinson, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
Paul Robinson, Serena Bishop

David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
David Bishop

David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4743
David Bishop, Serena Bishop, Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4743
Steph Scully

Steph Scully, Bree Timmins, Summer Hoyland, Penny Weinberg in Neighbours Episode 4743
Steph Scully, Bree Timmins, Summer Hoyland, Penny Weinberg

Kayla Thomas, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4743
Kayla Thomas, Max Hoyland

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