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Neighbours Episode 4668 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4668: It’s Just Hormones
Australian airdate: 2/3/05
UK airdate: 06/05/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Paul Robinson – Stefan Dennis
Gino Esposito – Shane McNamara
Krystal – Estelle Andrewartha
Lisa Jeffries – Rhiannon Fish
Troy Funkel – Nicho Falcone
Josh Munter – Tom Doyle
- "Does She Kiss Like You" by Automatic
- "Put Em Up" by 1200 Techniques
- "Sublime" by Shakaya
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Linda/Matt
Gino and Lou telling Harold about their fun filled weekend ahead
Karl finding Paul's watch...then Izzy giving Karl the watch
Sky making Boyd promise she will know the next time he loses control
Sky and Serena talk about Boyd - Serena is worried that Boyd has an eating disorder but Sky simply brushes it away. She believes him, however Serena is convinced that it's just his denial. Harold overhears the end of their conversation, but Sky fobs it off, simply stating they were having a heated debate about reconciliation...
Harold's phone rings and it's the party animal, aka Lou. He's just called to check in and even though he doesn't really mean to rub it in Harold's face about what a great time he's having with Gino...well, he manages to rub it in Harold's face. He gets distracted when Gino comes gallivanting over with two women in tow and casually mentions to Harold he and Gino have come up with some wonderful, fabulous ideas for the decorating of the new shop. Conversation ending with Harold yelling to Lou he won't let him do that.
The girls of course, overhear the end of HIS conversation, but Harold simply flusters his words about (as he's not upset at all!) and gets some fresh air. Serena once again digs into Sky about Boyd, but is reassured by Sky that Boyd won't make a habit of this.
Izzy sneaks into a seat across from Paul and sadly tells of how his $20 000 watch now belongs to Karl, as she had no other choice but to dupe him. Paul says it's alright, afterall "he gets to play with my watch and I get to play with you" and he's used to his relationships costing him dearly when they end anyway. Though he does not want it to end...and suggests they immediately grab a hotel room this very moment! Paul has all the essentials that Izzy requires afterall...
Community Hall
Sky and Serena bemoan about Paul's bossiness and old-fashioned, conservative greed! Boyd simply says he's glad he's not in school and leaves for work...but not before heading to the bathroom. Serena whispers they should follow him, but Sky just looks blankly at her and says again that Boyd has it under control.
Gino and Lou ("We're back and we're bad!"), the two merry-men stagger in and demand coffee to help with their hangovers...well at least Gino does. Lou is quite cheerful. Lou spills the beans on the absolute gorgeous furniture they've put a down payment on and before Harold can get worked up - they have pictures to show him. Fortunately, the pictures that Gino looks up on his digital camera, aren't of the furniture...but of the shenanigans the two and their lady friends got up to. They giggle like schoolchildren and make their way over to the table, poor Harry looking so left out.
Max gets off the phone to Wez - who is in hospital with a broken leg and other nasty injuries. Apparently he is a rough neck on the oil rigs and a burst pipe caught him and he went eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Well, that's what it sounded like Max said, but in English it just means 'he was in the wrong place at the wrong time'... Summer, who isn't actually very sunny looking today, sighs and says she told Lisa where she could stick her party. Though she's now regretting it. Not that she wanted to go to the stupid party with the smoking and the kissing...however Max cares and is glad she's not going!
Erinsborough Gym
Boyd is checking himself out in the mirror, well more flexing and checking his biceps. Frustrated with his appearance, he throws down his towel, mumbling there's just no point. Krystal (dressed in a lovely fluro pink top and purple pants) overhears and looks over the chart to which Boyd had made markings about the zero change in his muscle tone. She simply says he must be doing something wrong.
Erinsborough High
Paul does the run down about a society, when left to its own devices can run much like a beneficent corporation - where it's its best interest for everyone to be happy. Sky buts in, with the argument that the disadvantaged can't be looked after - but Paul buts back in and says that of course, they'd have enough funds to help the disadvantaged... bad move, this leads Sky to get into a heated argument about the welfare and wellbeing of humans beings and the government - which doesn't go down well with Paul at all.
PAUL: You know I can see a lot of your mother in you, yeah she was a feisty little Greenie too for all the good it did her.
SKY: You know um Paul, if you are such a nice wonderful person, then how come your kids can't stand to be within a hundred miles of you?
PAUL: Get out of my class now.
SKY: You can't kick me outPAUL: GET OUT!!!!!!!!!
Community Hall
Gino wants Harold to join the table with his lady friends at the dinner, but Harry won't have any bar of it! He's paid for his own table afterall! The men plead their case to Paul who agrees with Harold that they're representing their own businesses and need their own table. Lou glumly leaves to get his suit.
Paul has his word to Harold about Sky in school..."they had words" which led to Sky making a personal attack about his relationship with his kids! He loves a heated discussion and people challenging his professional opinion, but not that. He says she reminds him of Kerry and lets Harold know to let her know he has no hard feelings.
Sky has her gripe about Paul to Boyd - she's now suspicious about how he bought 3 places on Anderston Street. She is convinced he is the Anti Christ! ... and that Boy is not listening to her.
BOYD: Paul Robinson is the Anti-Christ. Along with George Bush, the battery hen industry and Nicole Richie right?
Sky picks up his chart of markings and he goes about his gripe about how he isn't gaining any muscle at all. She tease he's losing perspective here, with the world issues, versus his body and he takes offence.
They walk out of the kitchen and Max, Steph and Summer walk in with the groceries (again, the members of Ramsay Street use the friendly green shopping carriers). Max notes that they can wait for payment until next week... Summer now wants to go Lisa's party. They've made up apparently. Max refuses to let her go, not after what sort of "things" go on at Lisa's parties. When they're alone, Summer tells Steph (who does look quite tanned against her green top) it's important for her to go...because she doesn't want to look like a complete loser. Steph sees if she can wrangle a compromise with Max...maybe she could go for a little while.
SKY: Aww you look filthy grandad!
Of course, that was Sky complimenting Harold on how he looks. She fixes his tie and then they have a talk...about Sky's behaviour in class. She defends herself (even though the statements she said were true), he started it and insulted her mum! Harold just wanted to tell her Paul said there were no hard feelings...
SKY: Like hell!
Lassiter's - Traders and Tradees Dinner
Paul does a little speech, thanking the all for being so patient, even though there have been pesky council restrictions. Lou then goes to have a chat with the ladies, leaving poor Harry alone.
Izzy congratulates Paul on his speech to which he replies: "give the people what they want, that's my motto" while grinning secretly at her.
Meanwhile, Max continues to be worried about Summer. Even though they do trust her...
MAX: Do you know what the most dangerous thing that a human being can do to themselves, in terms of their own health?
STEPH: Ahh, work on an oil rig?
MAX: Smoke a cigarette.
Steph reassures him she'll be home by 10, she will be okay.
Lastly, over at the Pizzy/Kizzy table, Paul compliments Karl on his new watch, citing her good taste. While he talks about the watch's features, Paul also plays footsies with Izzy under the table.
Lisa's Party
The party atmosphere is rather smoky and dark. Summer stands around uncomfortably while a boy stares, leeringly at her. We see Lisa and her guy, Troy, she says they'll move to the other house soon. Summer wanders over (the other fella also following) and Lisa gets annoyed Summer is "hanging around like a bad smell" and suggests she go with Josh who obviously likes her. Summer doesn't want to however, so Lisa thrusts a packet of cigarettes - at least she can look cool.
Boyd helps Sky with the dishes, as it's help keeping his mind off the competition. Sky once again assures him he'll be okay and wanders off into her own world...she wants to do a doco. Not on the competition, but on Paul Robinson! "The Devil You Didn't Know"
BOYD: What is it with you and Paul Robinson?
SKY: Unadulterated loathing.
Boyd says he's not a bad guy, citing all the people he's helped so far. Izzy, Steph, his dad and her grandad. Sky is annoyed he doesn't get it. And he's annoyed she doesn't get it.
Lassiter's - Traders and Tradees Dinner
There's another huge roar of laugher from the Gino table and Harold quietly snarks for them to "act their age". The waiter brings him the non-vegetarian meal but all goes unnoticed. Poor Harry.
Lou makes them all laugh again and Gino insists that Lou be the "entertainment officer" at his after party. Then cracks another joke.
Max, now worried about money was thinking about taking Wez's offer up as there seems to be no other option...Steph doesn't want him to go, but immediately changes her mind when she hears that it's 6 weeks work at 4 grand a week! Max feels bad for leaving the kids again, but Steph says it'll be fine. Karl comes over and asks about Izzy - Max points in a direction, but then shrugs, sorry. Karl looks a bit defeated.
Storage/Refrigerator Room
We've found Izzy! Looks like she and Paul have been getting busy in the cold storage room. They refresh themselves and Paul is about to leave first when he spins her around.
PAUL: This arrangement is working for you isn't it?
IZZY: Pretty much.
PAUL: Good.
Izzy sort of shivers...maybe due to the cold or her guilt?
Lisa's Party
The cigarette has been dropped into the drink as poor Summer doesn't look so healthy and vocalises she feels like throwing up. Lisa isn't very impressed and wants to go to the abandoned house on Anderson Street, but Summer just wants to go home. She calls Summer a loser, before giving her a disgusted look and walking off with Troy.
Erinsborough Gym
Boyd tells Krystal he is quitting - he's kidding himself if he think he can win. She suggests some "certain supplements" which can help. Of course she's not referring to steroids (they're just "plain sad") but rather...21st centaury science, ADH! It's not technically cheating, as afterall he still needs to do the hard work it just allows his body to be its best. He asks about side-effects but of course Boyd shouldn't worry about that either! Unfortunately you can only have it by injection...and isn't too impressed with Boyd's reluctance - doesn't he want to win this competition?!?!
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Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4668
Sky Mangel, Serena Bishop

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4668
Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4668
Harold Bishop

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Serena Bishop, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4668
Serena Bishop, Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Harold Bishop, Gino Esposito, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4668
Harold Bishop, Gino Esposito, Lou Carpenter

Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4668
Max Hoyland, Summer Hoyland, Steph Scully

Krystal, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Krystal, Boyd Hoyland

Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4668
Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4668
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4668
Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4668
Harold Bishop, Paul Robinson

Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Sky Mangel, Boyd Hoyland

Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Summer Hoyland

Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4668
Sky Mangel, Harold Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4668
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Steph Scully

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4668
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours Episode 4668
Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries

Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4668
Boyd Hoyland, Sky Mangel

Gino Esposito, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4668
Gino Esposito, Lou Carpenter

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4668
Steph Scully

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Max Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries in Neighbours Episode 4668
Summer Hoyland, Lisa Jeffries

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4668
Boyd Hoyland

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