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Neighbours Episode 4667 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4667: Look Under The Bed
Australian airdate: 01/03/05
UK airdate: 05/05/05
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Paul Robinson: Stefan Dennis
Dylan Timmins: Damien Bodie
Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
Frank Romano: Lliam Amor
Barry Dundis: David Serafin
- "Mr Big Car" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Carly/Matt
Paul tempting Izzy back into bed
Connor falling down the stairs knocking himself out
Number 30 Backyard
Bob comes across the unconscious Connor and barks to let everyone know that Timmy fell down the well. He licks Connor's face waking him up. Fortunately Connor doesn't do a Susan and only seems a little dazed. He rings Carmella on his mobile (0417 308 039 - Ooh, it's like having Paris Hilton's phone book all over again!) asking her to come home because he had a boo-boo down the steps.
Izzy and Paul's Romper Room - aka Izzy's Bedroom
Izzy is almost dressed and tells a half naked Paul that she has to get to work. He, on the other hand, tells her that he loves "that little curve where your neck just meets your shoulder". Izzy plays along and they start kissing, work be damned! Who will give the random extras their coffee, Izzy? Huh? Huh?
Community Hall
Susan has treated Stingray and Dylan to breakfast and they've cottoned on to her motives. The cheekily say they're enjoying their "guilt" pancakes with the "guilt" syrup but Susan says she doesn't know what they're talking about.
Serena walks in having been away at camp for the past week. Stingray jumps up all excited and slobbers kisses all over her cheek. Much like Bob with Connor.
Susan goes to the counter to pay where Karl spots her and has a chat. It turns slightly awkward though, as it always does, when Karl reveals he's back early to surprise Izzy. He also shows Susan the gift he got Izzy to get back in the good books. Nice Karl, why don't you bring Izzy to Susan's house and have a pash in front of her too? Dylan feels the same as me and mocks Karl for rubbing it in Susan's face.
Karl wants to know what Dylan's problem is and offers to have a counselling session with him at school. Susan is grateful for that but feels a bit unnerved when Karl says he'll do it after he checks on Izzy. He notices this though and relents, saying he'll organize it right away. And Susan didn't even order him guilt pancakes!
Izzy and Paul's Romper Room
It's Paul's turn to be dressed for work now and Izzy is the one half naked in bed. She soon solves that though by jumping on him and unbuttoning his shirt. Will no one think of the random extras?
Number 30 Backyard
Carmella and Bob are cuddled up to Connor on the steps while Frank, Carmella's bodyguard, gives him a glass of water. Connor asks Frank if there's been anything suss at work but Frank says he's been keeping an eye on everything, "They won't touch her while I'm around." Connor tells Carmella he'd like to come to her conference with her that afternoon and Frank jokes that Connor doesn't trust him.
FRANK: Come to think of it there was someone who looked at Carmella funny today.
(The CC's look at him in alarm)
FRANK: The tea lady. She didn't like it when you asked for skinny milk!
Connor finds that just as funny as falling down the stairs.
Karl's getting his Dr. Phil on with Dylan, trying to get to the bottom of his problems. He figures out that Dylan wants to please Susan but he still causes trouble regardless. Stingray and Serena wander by and eavesdrop through the open window panels (well we all know how the Doc sometimes is with his doctor patient "confidentiality") Karl wonders if Dylan would feel more at home if Susan hated him, or if that's what it was like with his mum. "Yahtzee!" cries Dylan. He hasn't rolled all the same number; he just knew that the mum card would come up at some point. "Look, I've had a million of these sessions in juvie I know the drill." He angrily tells Karl to back off and storms out of the room. Stinger and Serena look on in concern.
Karl and Izzy's Flat
Karl announces his return home VERY LOUDLY so Izzy has sufficient time to panic. He has interrupted her and Paul's bow chicka bow-wow time you see. She shoves Paul off the bed so he can hide under it and throws some clothes on to greet Karl, claiming she was sleeping off a headache. He leads her into the bedroom asking if she did sleep it off because he wants Izzy to get busy as well. Paul quickly scoops his clothes under the bed with him. Izzy stops the smooching though because the whole situation is really rather bizarre. Karl's missed her though and wants to keep being kissy... and stuff. Paul tickles Izzy's feet when they dangle off the bed with the most hilarious grin on his face. This man has one warped sense of humour!
Lassiter's - Carmella's Conference
Connor and Carmella walk in accompanied by Frank who assures him that everyone in attendance is registered and safe. The CC's sit down in front of some people and Connor gets shirty with a man called Barry because he looked in Carmella's general direction. Barry doesn't like Connor's accusatory tone, "I'm an accountant" he snits before moving away. Connor says he doesn't like Barry but Carmella tells him he just got his back up.
Izzy and Karl's Bedroom of Awkwardness
Izzy has managed to escape Karl's frivolous clutches and he wants to know what's wrong. Follow the camera that's panning down to Paul under the bed, Karl. Look! Or better yet just read the episode title! She tells him that he smells like cattle since he's been on the farm. Nice one, Pinocchio. Karl laughingly says he can't smell anything but he'll have a shower anyway.
When he's safely in the bathroom, Izzy urgently gets boyfriend #2 out of the line of fire. Karl calls out that he wants her to join him in the shower so she has to be quick. Paul and Izzy kiss and smooch and pash all the way to the front door while Karl sings obliviously in the bathroom. Izzy shoves Paul out the front door; he's holding all his clothes except for his boxers that he has on. She breathes a sigh of relief before dashing off to be with boyfriend #1.
Carmella's Conference
Carmella complains to Connor that she feels like a prisoner because she's been confined to the office to hold all her meetings lately. Barry interrupts and says he needs to talk with Carmella about finances... privately. Connor doesn't agree with this and says they can all chat together. Barry gets cranky and Frank comes over to see what's wrong. "You don't belong here. You'll get in the way!" cries Bazza to his Irish non-mate, which makes Connor even more suspicious. Bazza sulks away.
Connor wants to know what Barry's problem is and Carmella cautiously says Barry may be jealous because he asked her out a while ago and she knocked him back. Connor goes loco and Carmella says that's exactly why she didn't want him to know. "I know Barry okay? Stalking is not his style." Frank thinks it's something he should look into though.
Classroom - Paul's Philanthropist Posse
Paul is reading out resumes the students have written to him. Serena's is the first on the chopping block and Paul rips it up for being too "woeful". Serena is not a happy camper. Stingray's is next and Paul doesn't even read it because it's far too long (15 pages). Stingray looks like he wants to hit Paul over the head with it to show just how big the spiggin thing is.
Paul feels all is lost until he reads the next one - from Dylan. "Dear Mr Robinson. My name is Dylan Timmins. You should hire me because one day I'll make more money than Bill Gates." And that's all there is to it. Dylan waits for the harshness but it doesn't come; Paul thinks it's great. "You're hired." He asks where Dylan got his determination from and likes that he answers honestly and says, "juvie". Paul says that one day Dylan will be hiring everyone in that room. The D man looks pleased as punch and Susan, who has been observing in the background, is very proud of him.
Carmella's Conference Corrupted by Criminals
The police (no Joanna or Steiger, aw) lead an upset Barry away to be interviewed. He protests that he's done nothing and that he would never hurt Carmella. Connor is hugging his distressed looking girlfriend; she can't believe that Barry would do such a thing. It turns out that he had the other half of the necklace in his briefcase and some pictures of her. Frank says it's always the quiet ones, "he's one of life's losers that's for sure." Connor reassures Carmella that it's over and she doesn't need to be afraid anymore. My spidey senses are telling me it's not though... it's a soap opera for heaven's sake!
Community Hall
Karl and Izzy have stopped by for a drink.
KARL: You know what? I think our relationship has never been better.
(This summary has been paused momentarily while the summariser stops laughing uproariously)
Ahh, that's better. You were saying Karl?
"I think it's a whole new... something between us. Can you feel it?" Yes, it's called 'a mountain of lies'. Izzy just replies that she thinks she can (and her nose grows longer).
Dylan, Stingray and Serena are celebrating Dylan's triumph in class that day. He's been invited out to dinner by Paul to discuss business options that evening too. Susan walks over and congratulates Dylan on his win before but the mood soon turns tense when Dylan asks for his car keys back and is rejected. He doesn't understand, she's proud of him but she won't let him have his ride back.
SUSAN: I'm pleased you're doing well in Paul's class but your behaviour is anything but responsible.
DYLAN: It's not fair!
SUSAN: (stern look) I'm sorry Dylan but that's my decision.
DYLAN: It's my car, if I want it I can take it keys or not.
SUSAN: It's absolutely your choice as long as you understand the consequences of defying me on this.
Dylan barges out and Stingray tries to make excuses for his brother. He says she's the best thing that's happened to him but Susan replies that he better settle down because she won't tolerate that level of disrespect.
Dylan is excitedly sitting down for dinner with Paul. They talk business with Dylan saying that he wants to have everything Paul has, "Chicks, cars, clothes, money, chicks, power, respect... did I say chicks?" Paul wants to let his protégée know though that he has to stop the self-pity party, "Losers aren't born they're made you know." He wants Dylan to prove to him that he really wants the job and Dylan states his case and says he's committed 100%.
Community Hall
Connor, Carmella and Frank are all out for a celebratory drink. Carmella leaves the boys at the bar so she can have a chat with Izzy who is by herself for the moment. She wants to know if Izzy has set things right and Izzy replies that everything has worked out for the best. Sure it has, you've got two boyfriends who... like to cuddle. Yes... cuddle.
Karl and Paul are talking on their way back to Izzy's table, testosterone flying about the place like there's no tomorrow and I'm scared we'll cut to another urinal scene if they're not careful. Paul tells Karl to grab him a scotch (which he surprisingly does for his #1 nemesis) while he whispers in Izzy's ear. "I seem to have lost my watch and I think it might be at your place." Izzy is freaked. She looks left, she looks right, up, down, closes her eyes and shakes her head but no, the awful truth is still there!
Number 28
Serena is over for the dinner that Stingray has cooked for Susan. He's being very over the top in his sucking up because he figures that it may cover for Dylan as well this way. He even eats more vegies, chomping on some broccoli in Suse's face. Say it don't spray it, man. Susan tells him he can stop because she's not mad at him but Stingray says his brother is too stubborn to do it himself.
Just then, Dylan swirls through the door like a rough looking flamenco dancer, rose between the teeth and all. He gives it to Susan and says it's an apology for taking her for granted. He doesn't even get mad when he still can't get his car keys back. "Good! I don't deserve them!" Dylan says a cheery hello to Stingray and Serena and they wonder if by "business dinner" Paul actually meant "lobotomy". He chirps that he can pay Susan board now because Paul offered him a job after school - his studying won't be hampered at all. Everyone is happy for him.
Karl and Izzy's Flat
Karl for some reason has piggybacked Izzy into the flat and wants to have a make out session but Izzy just wants to find the watch of incrimination. Karl doesn't get her mood and thinks a present will make it better. He gives her a necklace with three small opals dropping down from it. Izzy is guilty and says she loves it. She asks Karl to grab the hand mirror for her so she can try it on and frantically searches for the watch. He sees her though and finds out what she's holding. She lies and says it's for him; firstly that she bought it at an auction but then tells the "truth" and says it's a Bali knock-off she got cheaply. Karl loves it; he'll never take it off. What's the bet it's got some inscription on it like, "P. Robinson. Girlfriend stealer extraordinaire", or something slightly less to the point, whatever. Izzy goes on and on about how bad it was Karl thought she was having an affair *cough*potcallingkettleblack*cough* and he apologises. Oh, Karl.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4667
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4667
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop, Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4667
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Carmella Cammeniti, Bob, Connor O
Carmella Cammeniti, Bob, Connor O'Neill

Frank Romano in Neighbours Episode 4667
Frank Romano

Karl Kennedy, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4667
Karl Kennedy, Dylan Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4667
Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4667
Izzy Hoyland, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4667
Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4667
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

Barry Dundis in Neighbours Episode 4667
Barry Dundis

Carmella Cammeniti, Frank Romano, Connor O
Carmella Cammeniti, Frank Romano, Connor O'Neill

Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4667
Paul Robinson, Izzy Hoyland

Paul Robinson, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4667
Paul Robinson, Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins

Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4667
Susan Kennedy, Dylan Timmins

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Carmella Cammeniti

Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4667
Serena Bishop, Stingray Timmins, Susan Kennedy

Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4667
Dylan Timmins, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4667
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy, Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4667
Susan Kennedy, Stingray Timmins, Serena Bishop

Dylan Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4667
Dylan Timmins

Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4667
Izzy Hoyland, Karl Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 4667

Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4667
Karl Kennedy, Izzy Hoyland

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