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Neighbours Episode 3879 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3879
Australian airdate: 18/10/01
UK airdate: 05/12/01
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Adam Stevens: Nicholas Colla
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Evan tells Susan that if someone is running a cheating scam, they need to make an example of that person - no exceptions
Marcus tells Darcy that the deal to buy the surgery is off.
Darcy is on the phone to the car dealer trying to return the car. They won't let him out of the contract he signed. Darcy hangs up on them.
Emily has got an earache and Evan is tending to her. Maggie comes in and tells Evan that Harold is insisting on going ahead with the shelter - they should be more honest with him about how they feel.
Maggie admires Leo's new top and comments that it must have cost him a bit. Evan asks him how he paid for it and Leo says a mate gave it to him. He reckons that his mate doesn't like it. He goes out to return a CD to a mate.
Maggie asks Matt how he thinks Leo is lately. Matt says he's still a bit upset about the drugs thing and them bursting into his locker. He says that Leo probably feels a bit betrayed but he'll get over it.
Matt goes out. Evan and Maggie both think he's been out a lot at night recently and wonder if he's got a girlfriend.
The Pub
Toadie and Joel are playing pool. Toadie says he's got a bit of a problem - he wants to finish his time as SRC President with a bang. Joel says he'll be remembered anyway for "stuff". Toadie is not impressed. Joel jokes that he could start a "Jarrod Rebecchi Memorial Garden"(!) Joel says that Toadie has done loads of fundraising, but he could do a bit more. Toadie ropes Joel in to help him.
Darcy is ringing his new landlord about the contract for his flat.
The Pub
Toadie is asking Dee if she's had the test for diabetes yet. She says she hasn't, but she will just to be safe. She doesn't think she has it as she has no family history of it. Dee says she doesn't want to tell Karl.
The Coffee Shop
Leo is trying to persuade Harold to give him a job but not having any luck. He's desperate because he's been laid off from his paper round. Joe comes in and says Leo can wash his taxi for $5.
Darcy is cancelling flights and accommodation for his holiday - but he can't get a refund on the accommodation. He is not pleased.
Karl's consultation room
Karl tells Dee that she doesn't have diabetes and she's relieved. He asks her if there's anything else she wants to talk about. She's says there isn't - everything's fine.
She goes out into the main surgery and Darcy asks her if she wants to go and get a cup of coffee. She tells him icily that she'd rather drink pureed liver with the devil(!)
Darcy asks Karl if he can have a word. He isn't keen but reluctantly agrees. Darcy says he thinks Karl will like what he's going to say.
Outside Lassiters
Toadie is raising money for the University library by expounding its virtues through a microphone. Joel is goading him on - he announces that Toadie is willing to take a personal stand. He says that Toadie has agreed not to wash, shower or change his clothes until $1000 has been raised for the library! Toadie is rather taken aback, grabs the microphone and says that Joel has agreed to join him on his quest! He shakes hands with Joel and calls him his "stinky little friend"(!)
Karl is incredulous at what Darcy is telling him - he's been plotting behind his back for months and suddenly he's changed his mind! Darcy says that he's changed his mind because Susan told him that Karl was thinking of dropping out of medicine altogether. Karl refuses to believe that Darcy is backing out of the deal because he's discovered the better part of valour! Darcy says they're family and he's come to realise how important that is(!) - he doesn't want to hurt him, Susan or...Darl(!!). Karl says Darcy doesn't know what having a heart is. He tells Darcy he's got a patient and Darcy leaves.
School Classroom
Leo has raised the price of essays to $15 and is selling them to a boy (Adam) in the corridor. Evan comes up and says he's like to go to a movie with Leo tonight. But Leo says he's visiting friends.
Susan walks past talking to Karl on the mobile. She says, "Darcy did WHAT?!"
Outside Lassiters
Joel and Toadie are still encouraging people to give money.
The Coffee Shop
Harold and Maggie are amused at Joel and Toadie's gimmick. Dee isn't quite so chuffed as she has to live with them! She says she'll have to buy a gasmask!
Maggie sees Matt who is just leaving. She says he looks tired and asks him why. Matt sees straight through her and says he hasn't got a new girlfriend - he's got several(!) Maggie jokes that she will get to the bottom of it why he's so tired all the time!
Darcy comes in and tells Dee he wants to apologise for hurting her and also for being alive(!). He doesn't expect her to forgive him but he regrets what he did. Dee is unimpressed and says, "So you came in here just to tell me that? Bye." Darcy leaves.
The test is going on. Susan is looking closely at the essay submitted by Adam which is remarkably similar to another one she's received. He says he doesn't know anything about it. He finally admits that they have been copied. Susan tells him he must tell her who copied them or he'll be in even more serious trouble.
Outside Lassiters
Toadie and Joel are collecting money and hyping up the gimmick through the mikes. They think it is going well, but then some students arrive and pelt them with tomatoes!
The Pub
Toadie and Joel are covered in tomatoes and other rotten food. Dee is horrified at how bad they smell already - and they've only made $54 so far! Joel says at $50 a day that's another 19 days! Dee says they'll have to abandon it - it's not fair on her having to live with them! As Toadie and Joel continue to discuss it, Dee sits quietly and looks upset. Joel finally notices and asks if she's OK. She tells them about Darcy apologising to her. Toadie asks if he was sincere, but Dee says it's hard to tell with Darcy.
Karl and Susan are talking about Darcy's turnaround. Karl can't understand why he did it - he can't believe that it was due to the talk Susan had with him. Susan says that Karl's back to where he started with the partnership, but Karl says, "Maybe, maybe not."
Leo is looking for money down the back of the sofa. He finds a few coins. Then he raids a drawer and finds some notes. Matt sees him do this, but hides so Leo doesn't know. Leo goes out. Matt puts his shoes on and follows him.
Karl comes in and goes straight to his room. He shouts across at Darcy that he can hardly believe that he and Susan are from the same gene pool. Darcy says if they're going to be working together again as partners they should get over the hostility. Karl says he doesn't want any part of the agreement he made with Darcy any more. Darcy says Karl can't kick him out - he can't afford to. Karl says he's not kicking Darcy out, he's the one who's leaving. He says that Darcy can buy him out.
Emily is still poorly and Evan is tending to her. Susan comes round looking for Leo. She tells Evan that she's found some more essays and Adam told her that Leo sold him and essay. The story has been backed up by another boy too. Susan says Leo is running an essay-selling racket. Evan is appalled. Susan says Leo would have made over $100 this week already. She asks Evan if he knows why Leo would need that kind of money. Evan looks very worried. Apparently Leo's gone to see some new friends, but Evan doesn't know who they are.
Abandoned factory
Leo walks through a dark factory and Matt follows him at a distance. He sees Leo count his money (while in the background intensely grim music plays!) Matt's imagination is running wild at what Leo's up to and he looks very worried.
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