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Neighbours Episode 3870 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3870
Australian airdate: 05/10/01
UK airdate: 22/11/01
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: John Allen: Adrian Mulraney
Sandy Allen: Catherine Hill
Pat Miller: Matt Norman
Summary/Images by: Emily/Jamie
Libby tells Drew of her plans to start her own magazine, and expose The Chronicle.
John asks Lou if Sandy would be able to meet Louise.
Lassiter's Park
Lou tells John that perhaps it would be better for Lolly to meet Sandy some other time. Lolly overhears and asks if Sandy is her other mum, but Lou decides on telling her that Sandy is just a friend, for now. Lolly asks if she'd be able to meet Sandy, but John understands Lou's feelings and suggests maybe they meet some other time.
Lou's Place
Libby tells Drew she'd rather put the money into the magazine, and then after a few years they'll have enough money to saved to buy a better house. Drew isn't impressed and tells her that the money was a sign for her to slow down and prepare for the baby. He refuses to let her put the money elsewhere, but a house. Libby tells him that it was 'her money'; it was her name on the cheque, so she can do what she wants with it. Drew can't believe what he is hearing and gets up and leaves.
Number 28
Karl is refusing to sign Harold's petition for a half way house in the street, but through some gentle persuasion and insisting from Susan's behalf, he eventually signs it as a way of showing Harold their friendship and support. Karl informs Susan of the tension that is present between him and Darcy at the surgery, and that the patients are aware of it. Susan mentions that he ought to be careful as they may start to loose patients. The phone rings, it's Pat for Karl. After a brief conversation Karl hangs up, informs Susan he's the bearer of good news and heads out the door, before she has a chance to ask him what it's about.
Number 26
Flick is playing with Steph's hair, trying out different hairstyles to go on a date with Tad. Flick denies that it is not a date, just simply a friend taking another friend out for their eighteenth birthday. Steph doesn't believe her with the number of hairstyles she's tried out. Flick claims that she's bored, but Steph can tell she's nervous.
Number 24
Tad is 'topping up' his abs, by doing a series of sit ups to try and impress Flick Paul teases him about it, but Harold tells them there are different ways to impress a lady. Karl pops over with the signed petitions for Harold, much to Harold's pleasure. He warns Harold not to get to disappointed if it all falls through, but Harold doesn't see how it can. Karl goes to talk to Paul.
KARL: Do you want the good news or the bad news?
TAD: Take the good, I don't know why people always go for the bad news!
PAUL: Bad news.
Karl informs him that Nathan has once again tested positive for drugs, but this time a very expensive drug, showing how desperate he was. Karl mentions that he won't be able to get away with it this time, and so Paul has been picked for the team. Paul isn't so sure, claiming he's a team player. Tad points out that it's going to be a prelim final, with talent scouts watching. Karl tells him if he plays the game he's capable of, he's got a good a chance as anyone.
Lou's Place
Realising that Lou is nervous, waiting for Sandy to arrive, John suggests that he rings her and arranges it to be for another time. Lou tells him not to worry as Louise isn't nervous. At that moment, Sandy arrives, but Louise goes all shy and doesn't want to say hello, until Sandy discovers a squeaky frog in her pocket from the nursery. It seems to cheer Lolly up, and John mentions that she's forever coming back with gifts from the nursery, including paint in her hair, as he spots it and tries to remove it for her. Lou feels a bit outnumbered.
Number 28
Susan and Karl agree that Libby's plans for the magazine are good and she's got the enthusiasm for it, but the timing is not quite right. She tries to tell them that she won't push herself too hard, but Karl tells her that with an ambition like that, she can't not push herself. She mentions that Drew walked out on her when she tried explaining her side of it, and explains that it's her own money and that she can do what she wants with it. Karl and Susan ask if she told Drew that, and point out that it's probably the reason he left. Libby doesn't seem to understand.
Lou's Place
Sandy and Lolly play with the toys, as Lou offers to get in another round of drinks. He watches from the bar as Lolly happily plays with Sandy.
Number 24
Tad is pretending to be a sports commentator, post Paul's victory for the team in the prelim finals, complete with rolled up newspaper as a microphone. He interviews Paul about what it was like to score the winning goal of the match, before going on to interview Flick. Flick isn't impressed, but is saved by a knock at the door, it's Lou come over to see Harold. Flick asks Tad why he's so hyper and he claims it's because it's his birthday the following day, when he becomes a man and gets loads of presents and a fabulous night out. Flick makes an exit, wishing Paul luck for the match the next day.
Lou tells Harold how Sandy and John seemed so nice, which makes it so much harder for him to see her with them. They looked like a real family. Harold tells him it's not that bad, and by opening his family to them he will be giving Lolly a chance of an extended family. Lou mutters an agreement.
The Garage
Steph is helping out by doing some work on a sidecar at the garage. Drew tells her she's almost there, with the part she's mending, and encourages her to keep going. Seeing Libby walk towards the garage he rushes back inside. He tells her he's not talking to her, but it seems to break the ice. He tells her he was disappointed that she didn't come home the previous night, but she makes an excuse about staying with her parents. He tells her it's not the point, and that if she hasn't decided to put the money into a house, then he doesn't want to hear it. She asks him to listen to her point of view, but he refuses, so she walks off.
Football Field
The football game is well under way and Paul is participating. Susan walks into the crowd and wishes Tad a happy birthday, which prompts Flick to give him a birthday kiss. Susan wanders over to see Harold, who thanks her for signing the petition. She tells him not to get his hopes up, but Harold doesn't understand why everyone is telling him that, when he has so many signatures. On the bench, Karl gets excited as something exciting happens. Well, I don't know about Aussie Rules!!!
Coffee Shop
Libby has lost her appetite, but Steph reminds her she's eating for two. She complains that she's heard that phrase too many times, and was willing to compromise with Drew, but then he blew it. Steph tells her that they are both too stubborn and each of them needs to forgive. She tells Libby that she'd give anything to have what she's got, and not to take it for granted. Steph heads off to the garage, but agrees to send Drew, Lib's way.
Football Field
The crowd are all excited as the game draws to a close. The ball flies into the air and Paul catches it just as the final whistle goes. He has the chance to kick the ball to goal, 50 meters out on the game time, just as he had predicted the previous evening. Tad recons he's get it, but Flick isn't so sure. As Karl shouts out words of encouragement, Paul takes the kick. Unfortunately it comes off the post, but is still a good effort.
Coffee Shop
Drew arrives and Libby jumps up to hug him, informing him that she loves him.
DREW: You just figured this out?
LIBBY: No, It's just taken me a while to realise what it means,... and it means trusting somebody to bring out the best in you, and you do.
She tells him she was going to propose a deal earlier, before he went all husbandly on her. He apologises, and allows her to explain, that she does want a house too, so maybe they could put $5,000 of 'their' money into the magazine and the rest towards a house. She'll let the other's contribute to the magazine fund, and make it a joint project. They agree, and make up with a kiss.
Football Field
Tad and Flick congratulate Paul on his effort at the goal, but he isn't convinced that he's done enough to get through to the next round. Coach Pat tells Paul that it was a hard kick that only Nathan would've achieved. Paul gets annoyed and tells Pat he has no right to call himself a coach before heading to the changing rooms. Karl backs up Paul's point informing Pat that he will be handing in his notice, for as long as Pat is the coach of The Dingoes, he won't be a part of it. He tells Pat he will write a full statement, recording the blind eye to drug use and lack of motivation.
Number 24
Harold congratulates Paul on the goals that he did score, but Paul isn't so convinced that his team mates are his friends. Tad appears topless................................ sorry, just had to admire him for a moment! Anyway, he's got too much hair gel in, so Paul advises him to go wash it out. Harold asks if he's managed to iron his shirt, but Tad thought Harold was going to do it. Panicking, Harold tells him that he did, if he doesn't mind a few creases. Harold, stop teasing Tad, it's his birthday, and it's cruel! Paul gets a call from the Dingo boys and heads out to meet them for a wake; it appears they do want to be friends with him. Tad reappears still topless........................ok, so he's got soap in his eyes; Harold turns him around and directs him back towards the bedroom.
Number 26
Steph is running around madly, under Flick's orders trying to find hairspray and lipstick which she's left in the living room. Giving the stuff to Flick, there's a knock at the door, it's a very gorgeous looking Tad. Steph congratulates him with a happy birthday just as Flick arrives. They stand and gaze at one another.
STEPH: Hello Felicity, you look lovely.
TAD: Ah, yes!
STEPH: So do you Tad, bye Steph.
FLICK: Yeah, bye.
Tad and Flick head off, but not before Flick has worked out exactly what they are doing.
TAD: We're going to go see Stevie Ricks for my birthday.
FLICK: Is it just that, or is it something else?
TAD: Something else?
FLICK: Is this our first date?
Judging by the time and effort it took for each of them to get ready I'd say it was!
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Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3870
Lou Carpenter

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3870
Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3870
Drew Kirk

Steph Scully, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3870
Steph Scully, Felicity Scully

Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3870
Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop

Sandy Allen in Neighbours Episode 3870
Sandy Allen

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3870
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul McClain, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3870
Paul McClain, Tad Reeves

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3870
Lou Carpenter

Felicity Scully, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3870
Felicity Scully, Tad Reeves

Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3870
Steph Scully, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3870
Libby Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3870
Karl Kennedy

Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3870
Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves, Paul McClain

Tad Reeves, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3870
Tad Reeves, Felicity Scully

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