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Neighbours Episode 3868 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3868
Australian airdate: 3/10/01
UK airdate: 20/11/01
UK Gold: 23/3/06
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Tim Collins: Ben Anderson
Archie Whitehead: Jeffrey Booth
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Evan suggesting to Maggie that they may have a problem with Leo - that he may be involved with drugs.
Joe and Lyn debating whether the half-way house is right for Ramsay Street.
Dee telling Toadie that she's pregnant.
No. 30
Toadie asks Dione if she his sure but she confirms that it is 100% certain that she is pregnant and that Darcy is the daddy. He's having trouble getting his head around this news and wonders what she is going to do. Dee replies tearfully that she doesn't know.
No. 26
Lyn brings Joe a cuppa and decides to send Michelle to bed as it is late and she has a busy day ahead tomorrow. Michelle admits that she is really worrying about what sentence she will receive when she goes to court. Joe and Lyn promise to be with her all the way. Michelle heads to her room and they both wonder what sort of sentence Michelle will get.
No. 30
Dione is swithering whether she should stay or go but Toadie reminds her that her problems will be there regardless of where she runs to. He offers to look after her as he jokingly says he has nothing else to do! Dee is contemplating this as they hear Joel arrive home and Dee quickly says that she doesn't want Joel to know about her being pregnant. Joel enters the kitchen and can sense an atmosphere but they play dumb.
No. 32
Leo is on the phone to TC promising to get "something" for him but the earliest is tomorrow. Maggie and Evan hear the conversation from the kitchen doorway. They enter the kitchen after Leo hangs up and Leo doesn't give anything away over the conversation he just had with TC, so Maggie says that she now agrees sadly with Evan's conclusion - that Leo is involved with drugs. Maggie wonders what they do next and Evan replies that they'll confront Leo first thing tomorrow morning.
No. 30 (next day)
Dee is up early not having had much sleep and Toadie offers to phone in on her behalf to say she is ill. Joel hears the tail end of the conversation and wants to know what is going on. Dee says nothing but he demands to be told. Joel isn't letting it drop when Dee says it is personal and leaves feeling miffed. With Joel out of the room, Dee tells Toadie the real reason she doesn't want Joel to know - he is her ex. She then confesses that she wishes (getting pregnant) had never happened.
No. 32
Leo and Matt discuss his latest Elvis gig when Emily enters with only one shoe. Evan subtly asks Matt go help her look for the other one while they have their little chat with Leo.
Evan comes straight to the point - they've noticed a change in him and ask if he's dabbling in drugs. Leo is stunned at this suggestion and to their annoyance laughs it off. Evan then puts forward the case for the prosecution - seeing him with money at school (people returning money he loaned) and that he seems to be flush with money (earnings from his paper round) so finally comes up with that fact that Leo looks tired and Maggie adds that he looks terrible. Leo explains that is due to the amount of homework he's doing, which Evan is a bit surprised at.
No. 30
Toadie asks Dee for her opinion as to which tie will go best for his works dinner but Dee isn't with it. Thankfully someone knocking at the door comes to her rescue and Toadie answers the door to Tim. Tim explains his reason for calling round (to see if he wanted a lift to the dinner) as they make their way into the kitchen. When they get there, Tim is literally speechless when he sees Dee and Toadie does the introductions. Tim invites Dee to the dinner but she informs him that she is going, but with Toadie.
No. 26
The Scully's come back from the court and Michelle is relived that she got off with just a warning. Joe and Lyn suggest that she takes up the judge's suggestion of doing some community work as repayment for what she did. Michelle turns the tables on them by reminding them of their opposition to Harold's half-way house plan.
No. 32
Leo is again on the phone to TC and says not to call again because his parents are getting suss just as they and Emily enter the kitchen after being shopping. Maggie looks at the form Harold is distributing for everyone to sign, agreeing to the half-way house. This leads to a general discussion about the project.
No. 30
Toadie is stunned at how good Dee looks when she enters the kitchen and she likes how he looks in his suit. They both head off and run into Joel; he tells Dee she looks great as they head off.
No. 26
Michelle announces that she's decided to act on what they were talking about later and that she is going to help tidy up Lassiter's lake. Lyn and Joe are impressed at her decision.
Delphium Club
Toadie and Dee arrive to the very posh club and spot Tim. Tim takes him aside to ask how he met a girl like Dee and Toadie informs him that they are housemates. Tim automatically jumps to the conclusion that Dee is available and being subtle, Toadie tries to say Dee is taking a break from men but it looks like Tim is going to ignore that.
One of the partners (Mr Whitehead) arrives and Tim does the introductions before they make small talk about skiing but Toadie gets the wrong end of the stick about the sort of skiing they were chatting about.
No. 26
The Hancock's are round to talk to the Scully's about Harold's plans. Joe and Lyn rave about what a great man Harold is before it comes out that Lyn, Evan and Maggie they have reservations about the plan going ahead in their street. Joe thinks otherwise and sticks up for Harold and tries to point out that all kids need help, and not just their own.
They quickly change subject to comment on how nice it was just chatting and agree to do so again the next day at the pub. Lyn lets slip that Flick likes Matt and is going to ask him out later in the week.
Delphium club
Tim tries to crack onto Dee but she turns him down. He informs her that he doesn't usually take no for an answer and that he usually gets what he wants. "Not this time I'm afraid," replies Dee, so now Tim tells her that he'll take it as a challenge so she tries a 'no means no and I'm not interested' with him to see if that works. Tim thinks she is playing a game with him and Dee gets up and leaves the table.
Toadie again digs another hole for himself during his chat with Tim and the Whiteheads about knowing a place but while they've been there he's only seen it on the TV.
No. 32
Leo tells Matt about Evan and Maggie accusing him of being a drug dealer and Matt sympathises with him as he got a similar accusation thrown at him when he was a kid too.
Maggie and Evan's arrival home stops their chat and they mention to Matt about how things are hotting up between him and Flick. Matt is a bit surprised by this news and is even more so when they tell him Flick is going to ask him out on a date!
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