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Neighbours Episode 3837 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3837
Australian airdate: 21/08/2001
UK airdate: 08/10/2001
UK Gold: 01/02/2006
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Sheena Wilson - Zoe Stark
Tyrone Davis - Glen Meldrum
Summary/Images by: Shona/Jamie
Toadie meets Sheena's mother; him and Sheena are having dinner with her soon.
Darcy asks Tess to marry him.
Tess' Place
Tess thinks Darcy believes he can talk himself out of anything. He says he just loves her. She doesn't believe a word he says and goes inside. Darcy tells her to think about it.
The Coffee Shop
Harold, Lou and Susan talk about Tess, who they think must be lonely - Susan is going to catch up with her later. Lou admits to Harold that he wishes Darcy would move out of number 22 and Harold thinks no one would blame him for "asking him to make other arrangements". Lou doesn't want to get offside with Kusan though...
Susan catches Tad and asks what his plans for dinner are but he doesn't know as yet. Susan goes and Tad goes to pay for his drink. Paul is mega annoyed as Tad doesn't have anything smaller with which to pay for it and suggests he counts his change as he had to give him so much back.
Number 30
Dinner at Sheena's mum's place is off because of some disaster or something. Sheena's maw wants to move in with her but that's so not happening so she was wondering if there was any room for her at number 30. Toadie starts stumbling over excuses, only for Sheena to say her mum was joking. Toadie is thinking he's got away with not having dinner with her but Sheena says she invited her to number 30 for dinner - tomorrow night. Toadie thinks it might be better for Dee if they eat out but Sheena promised some home cooked food. Get out your cookbooks, Toad-boy!
Tess' Place
Susan is over. Tess has been keeping busy but it can't take her mind off things. She says that people are giving her such dirty looks, and Susan tells her to ignore them. She shows Susan the ring Darcy gave her and asks her to look out for transfers - the further away, the better. Susan asks if she's sure that's how she feels.
Lou's Place (the pub)
Meanwhile, Karl and Darcy are talking about the very same thing: Darcy is adamant the proposal was no knee jerk reaction. Karl thinks that simply loving her might not be enough and suggests he tread carefully. Karl remembers about the call from Total Cover Health that Darcy missed and Darcy says they never give up: they see him as a weak link, being the new guy. Karl thinks that next time Marcus calls he should tell him where to get off.
Toadie and Sheena come in and Sheena remarks she didn't think Darcy would have the nerve to come in here. Darcy thinks she has a point and answers his ringing phone while Karl goes to the bar. Darcy tells the person on the other end that he and Karl are interested in theory but they want more money.
Karl was trying to get Sheena and Toadie to lay off Darcy but they're not as forgiving as he is. Toadie and Sheena go out, Sheena calling Darcy scum - not one to keep her feelings to herself. Karl gives Darcy a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.
Number 28
Karl comes home to find Tad has graced him and Suse with his company but he really doesn't understand anything about the BMX stuff he's looking for. Karl fills Susan in on his chat to Darcy. Susan promises to talk later on about Tess, when Tad's not present. Karl wonders why Tad isn't making a load of noise like teenagers are meant to: it's because his gear is at Harry's and he ain't going over there. Tad is shocked to find that Paul's selling his bike.
Number 24
We nicely link up with Harry telling Paul he wished he had told him about selling it. He wants to know why he's really doing it and doesn't believe it when he says he's grown out of it. Paul thinks he has more important things to do now. Harold says it's important to him - he loved it - and it was a love he shared with Tad.
PAUL: Yeah, well maybe I've shared one too many loves with Tad.
Harry heaves a sigh.
Ramsay Street
Paul is showing off the bike to a prospective customer. Loads of jargon is spouted. The kid wants Paul to show him what it can do.
Number 30
Lou invites Toadie over at the weekend to watch the game and Sheena's coming too. But Toadie is worried about whether Darcy's going to be there and won't go even if Darcy's just passing through (boy, he really hates that guy!). Lou wonders how long all this is going to last.
Ramsay Street
Paul tries to jump over a wheelie bin but he's a bit rubbish and ends up falling off. Luckily Darcy is on hand to do his George Clooney impression. As he checks him over Lou joins the party. Darcy has to call an ambulance - just a precautionary measure as Paul's hurt his back. Lou thinks it's more a case of bruised ego.
KID: So, is there a good reason why I should buy this bike?
Paul grimaces as 'One Good Reason' comes on. Everyone is ROFL.
The Coffee Shop
Susan thinks Karl wants the turntables over so he can have a go himself - something Tad hadn't thought about. Harold dashes over to them and tells them Paul's been taken to hospital. Tad fills in for him: the apron is passed over as a symbol of this transfer of trust. He looks at Susan, a bit dazed.
Lassiters' Complex
The two docs talk about Paul. He has a sprained wrist and a cracked spinal something but should be okay in a week or two with wheelchair and rest. Dr Lou thought Darcy was overreacting...
KARL: Oh that would be Dr Louis Carpenter, our local spinal specialist...
All the banter comes to a stop when they spot Tess marching towards them. Karl makes himself scarce.
TESS: We have to put an end to this craziness right now.
DARCY: Tess, wait -
TESS: Would you just shut up and listen? (pause) I will marry you!
Lou's Place (the pub)
That evening. Lou watches over Tess and Darcy like a crow. Tess asks Darcy if he still wants to go through with it. Darcy says they have a waiting period of a month and a day from when they lodge the forms to when they can marry. So if they do it tomorrow, it's a month and two days. Tess can hold out if he can.
Lou asks about Paul. Darcy asks for some champagne and breaks the engagement/marriage news. Lou is shocked but then congratulates him.
Number 28
Harry's over for a cuppa and chat. He's going to have his hands full with Paul but he'll muddle through...
Tad, who's been listening, pipes up, saying he gives in: he'll give Harold a hand. But he's doing it for Harry as Paul wouldn't even want him there and it doesn't mean their friendship's back on track either. Harold thanks him. Karl arrives.
KARL: I have news...
SUSAN: Oh, he loves a dramatic entrance.
KARL: Darcy and Tess are getting married.
All assembled can't believe it but Harold says that, as long as they're happy, that's the main thing. Susan agrees. A select group are going along to the pub for a celebration. Tad wonders how Dee's going to feel about it all.
Lou's Place (the pub)
Kusan drink to the happy couple. Darcy and Tess are both very grateful for their support and drink to Susan and Karl! And they have something to ask: would Karl and Susan be witnesses at their wedding? Although takenaback they agree.
Karl goes to get a drink and he and Lou muse over another Ramsay Street wedding.
Number 30
Bob is annoying Toadie, who's cooking. Where there is food there is Bob. Sheena puts a whole lot of curry powder in Toadie's curry as her mum likes it hot. Sheena thinks her mum will be nuts about Toadie: he starts to say something but then Sheena has to get the phone. There's an emergency at the hospital and she has to go. Sheena has to call her mum with the bad news.
Number 24
Lou and Harold don't know what to think about Darcy and Lou isn't sure what Tess is thinking. They both feel sorry for Dee. But at least Lou won't have to kick Darcy out as he'll be moving out anyway. Tad thinks Darcy's a scumbag and when Paul brings up Darcy helping him out earlier on Tad takes this as him thinking it was ok for Darcy to cheat on Dee. They have a little argument and Tad thinks Paul's always good at justifying betrayal.
Number 30
Sheena is telling her mum the bad news and, despite Toadie's protests, her mother invites herself round anyway.
Lou's Place (the pub)
Dee and Joel sit down as Dee's feet are killing her. Joel's very quiet. He didn't want to be the one to tell her this but she's going to find out sooner or later...
JOEL: Darcy has asked Tess to marry him. They're going to get married.
Dee isn't upset - after all it's their lives and they can do what they like - it isn't her problem anymore. Joel tries to coax her into talking but she doesn't want to. In fact she wants to leave.
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Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3837
Paul McClain

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3837
Tad Reeves

Sheena Wilson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3837
Sheena Wilson, Toadie Rebecchi

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3837
Tess Bell

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3837
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3837
Karl Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Karl Kennedy, Sheena Wilson, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 3837
Karl Kennedy, Sheena Wilson, Toadie Rebecchi

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3837
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3837
Paul McClain

Darcy Tyler, Paul McClain, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 3837
Darcy Tyler, Paul McClain, Lou Carpenter

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3837
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3837
Tad Reeves

Susan Kennedy, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3837
Susan Kennedy, Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop

Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3837
Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Toadie Rebecchi, Sheena Wilson in Neighbours Episode 3837
Toadie Rebecchi, Sheena Wilson

Joel Samuels, Dee Bliss in Neighbours Episode 3837
Joel Samuels, Dee Bliss

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