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Neighbours Episode 3830 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3830
Australian airdate: 10/08/01
UK airdate: 27/09/01
Writer: Hugh Stuckey
Director: Robert Meillon
Guests: Martin West: Greg Pandelidis
Malcolm Pike: Bill Scetrine
Peter Roundtree: David McLean
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Libby tells Susan and Drew that she's being offered a job at The Chronicle and she's going to accept. Tad tells Paul that he and Larissa are out of his life, and leaves number 24.
Number 24
Harold is unhappy and Lou is trying to comfort him - he's upset about the boys who have fallen out, and that he can't get the boys together to sort things out. Lou tells Paul that he should try and make it up with Tad, just as Tad walks in, and Lou quickly disappears to get back to the babysitter.
Harold tells Tad and Paul that the nonsense has gone on long enough and they need to sort their friendship out - they've fallen out over a girl, but true friends are hard to find. He tells them to stay up and talk it through whilst he goes to bed.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew tells Libby that he doesn't approve of her taking the job, being stressed all the time, but Libby calls it stimulation. He's not happy about her running around, pregnant, and trying to do uni all at the same time. She implies that she doesn't need uni, now - the job is so great, and it's always what she wanted. Drew tells her that he would encourage her if the pregnancy was normal, but it's not.
Number 24
Paul and Tad are trying to talk things through, and they agree for Harold's sake to do their best. Tad says that he thinks that Larissa is his girlfriend, and Paul refuses to believe it. They discuss who she was with each night, and who she called...it turns out that Larissa has been playing them both for fools, and lying about who she was with and when. They realise they've been blaming each other, when really they should be blaming Larissa herself...
Number 32
Evan is chasing and catching Emily who's running round in her PJs. Maggie is doing some legal work in the lounge, and Evan goes to prepare breakfast. He doesn't know how she's coping with all the work, and she tells him that it will get far busier than this when she's working for real! She promises to take one evening off this week.
Erinsborough High
Susan is giving exam marks and papers back to the class. She gives them a spiel about learning from their weaknesses to improve for next time, whilst Paul and Tad notice that Larissa isn't at school today - and neither of them know why. Susan hands the papers out, and Tad gets a B - he's really pleased. Paul looks surprised at his mark, and Susan asks him to stay behind to talk to her.
Susan asks Paul if there's a reason why he slipped so far in his studies, but he says it's a waste of time - he doesn't want to go to uni. He would like to be a footballer, though, as it's good money. Susan suggests that he try the Outdoor Recreation course that he was interested in earlier in the year, and that would give him a much longer career than footie would. Paul doesn't think he's good enough, though, not even with a good average grade. She offers extra tutoring, but Paul tells her she would be wasting her time.
Susan's concerned about his negativity, and tries to talk about his home situation but he's not interested and leaves.
Libby meets Martin West from The Chronicle and they sit down to chat. He comments that her work is very mature, and her portfolio is impressive. He likes her tenacity and approach, and asks how she'd feel about working for The Chronicle as their Youth Reporter. She says that she wants to stir them up about the environment, politics, and make them understand the issues that they will be confronted with later in life. Martin looks impressed with her attitude.
The Coffee Shop
Evan and Leo are eating lunch, and he's freaking out about winning the Chess contest later. Evan tells him not to worry, and Susan walks in with some brochures that Evan wanted.
Susan goes to talk to Harold about Paul, and comments that his test results were very poor; his attitude isn't a problem, but he has a complete lack of self-confidence. She says that he doesn't seem to think he has any options for the future except football. Lou comes in and meets Harold in the kitchen, commenting that it's very cheeky, Evan having gotten a discount at the garage, yet is looking at brochures for holidays in the UK!
Harold isn't paying too much interest, and Lou whinges that he won't be Md Nice Guy much longer.
Libby is still sharing ideas with Martin - youth exchanges across countries, articling their experiences. He tells her that the job is hers if she wants it, and she says a very enthusiastic yes. He tells her he'll draw the contract up today, just as Drew comes along, and Lib introduces her new boss.
Martin says he's also married, and Drew asks if Lib will be moving round a lot, and she's very excited because she will. Martin comments that she should put off having kids for a while because it makes it easier. Drew tells him it's too late - they're expecting their first already. Martin seems too pleased for them, and has to rush off to catch a plane...
Erinsborough High
Tad and Paul are chatting in the corridor and Tad tells Paul that he's been conned into arranging the end of year party, and raising the funds for it. Paul suggests that he have the party at Hemisphere and be the DJ - that way he'd actually make money. Tad isn't impressed that Paul thinks he'd do that to his friends.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew comes home with food, and Libby is upset. She called The Chronicle to find out her start dates, and Martin's PA was rude to her, fobbed her off and wasn't friendly. Drew reassures her.

Lassiters outside The Coffee Shop
Susan and Harold are chatting, and Susan asks if Harold's been able to talk to Paul yet, which he hasn't. He doesn't know how to encourage him in his studies, so Susie suggests finding him a professional footballer who might be able to give him a real story about life as a footballer, especially one who has injuries. Paul overhears them chatting - and in particular looks up when Susan comments that Paul has the ability in his academic work, if only he'd believe in himself.

Erinsborough High
Leo is in the Chess competition and introduced to his partner. Susan and Evan are watching on. Chess things happen that I don't understand, but there's an annoying music track in the background.
The Coffee Shop
Maggie and Emily come in and find Drew and Lou eating together. Maggie is really grateful, and Drew says she only owes $200, but she offers $300 instead. He also tells her she can pay it in instalments. Lou is sitting there looking furious at what's going on in front of him. He tells Drew that she has completely ripped them off whilst they are taking a really nice overseas holiday.
Number 24
Paul asks Harold if he can talk to him, and they sit down at the dinner table. He tells Harry that he overheard him and Susan talking, and he says that he knows he's a disappointment to Harold academically. Harold denies it, and Paul continues to say that he knows he's not good enough, even when he tries. He sounds very unhappy, and says that the pressure is stressing him out, and Madge would never have put this pressure on him.
Harold apologises and promises not to mention study again. Paul says he doesn't want to upset Harry, but he won't end up robbing banks - he'll get some sort of job, football or otherwise. He also comments that he doesn't need a role-model in football - Harold has always been his role model: "you just being here makes the world a better place." Harold is very touched.
Erinsborough High
Maggie and Evan are watching Leo's game of chess which is making me yawn on all counts. Leo apparently wins, as everyone's clapping and he's smiling.
Number 24
Paul suggests a fun run to raise money for the dance, but Tad thinks that 16 and 17 year olds won't do it - not after 12 years of compulsory sport at school! Tad has an idea that they could make their own CD - get DJs to support it and do music from their time at school. Paul thinks it would be really expensive, but says that it's Tad's baby, so he can do what he wants.
Paul feels like Tad has ignored his ideas, and is upset that Tad always has to be the star. Tad comments that things have seemingly changed between them - it's like they're pretending to be fine with each other, but deep down they're not. Paul says that maybe they're not the great friends they thought they were...
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Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3830
Tad Reeves, Harold Bishop

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3830
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Tad Reeves, Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3830
Tad Reeves, Paul McClain

Evan Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3830
Evan Hancock

Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3830
Maggie Hancock

Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3830
Paul McClain

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3830
Susan Kennedy

Martin West, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3830
Martin West, Libby Kennedy

Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3830
Libby Kennedy, Drew Kirk

Paul McClain, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3830
Paul McClain, Tad Reeves

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3830
Drew Kirk

Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3830
Maggie Hancock, Evan Hancock, Leo Hancock

Leo Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3830
Leo Hancock

Paul McClain in Neighbours Episode 3830
Paul McClain

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3830
Tad Reeves

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