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Neighbours Episode 3831 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3831
Australian airdate: 13/08/01
UK airdate: 28/09/01
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Marcus Teague : David Gould
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Tad and Paul agree that they are having problems with their friendship, and that maybe things will never be the same again. Martin West offers Libby a job with The Chronicle and she accepts.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby puts the phone down to Martin West's PA and tells Drew that Martin has given the Youth Affairs job to someone else.
Number 28
Darcy is recounting an amusing family story to Susan who is laughing, who asks if Darcy would like dinner. He can't stay, but asks when Karl will be home because he wants to check that Karl's okay with all the arrangements re the surgery. Susan reassures him that Karl has no regrets about the partnership, and that she's sure they'll complement each other.
Someone's at the door, and it's Tad! I love Tad and Susan. Darcy leaves, and Tad tells Susie he has a huge favour to ask.
Lib and Drew's flat
Libby is upset and doesn't know why Martin has turned her down - but either way it's completely unfair. Drew agrees, and Lib thinks she must have said something to him that he didn't like, but can't think what it can be. Drew suggests that it's nothing to do with her ideas, but maybe that it's because she's pregnant. She suddenly realises that that must be what it is.
Lou's Pub
Darcy enters the pub to meet Marcus Teague and both seem to want to talk to each other. Marcus is impressed that Darcy is a doctor keen to embrace change and they decide to sit down for a meal.
Lib and Drew's flat
Libby is ranting about how unfair this whole thing is, and she refuses to eat because she's too angry. She talks - well, yells - about anti-discrimination laws and is annoyed that Drew said anything in the first place. She comments that at least one of them got what they wanted - after all, Drew never wanted her to have the job. He's upset at that and goes to take the dog for a walk. Libby tries to apologise but he's gone.
Number 32
Drew turns up whilst Maggie is catching up on some study. Drew tells her about Libby's situation and he wants some legal advice for her; Maggie says she'll gladly help if she can - and usefully gets a pad and pen.
Number 28
Susan tells Tad that she didn't realise how serious things were between Tad and Paul, and thinks they should try and talk it through more. Tad tells her that it won't ever work out, and he doesn't want to go to number thirty because they're not keen on teenagers at the moment. He wants to be here because it's quieter for study, and he'd have an English tutor on hand, too...
Susan says she'll talk to Karl, and that Tad needs to talk to Harold because it won't happen without his approval. He thanks Susie for thinking about it, and leaves...just as her pan boils over on the stove...
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew returns with Maggie in tow and Libby says she thought he was angry before apologising to him again. They hug and make up. Maggie tells Lib that she should fight this and sue The Chronicle - it's blatant discrimination. Lib can't believe that Drew is with her on this, and although he didn't want her to take the job, they've still acted illegally.
Number 28
Harold is round at Susan's and tells her that Tad and Paul are being so childish, but he is really worried for Paul. Susan says that she knows Paul is having problems at the footie club, so no wonder his marks are so down. She suggests that Tad should stay with her, to give Paul a bit of a break - and it would be the least disruptive option for everyone. Harold reluctantly agrees, and Susan assures him that Karl won't have a problem with it - just as he walks in the door.
Harold is leaving and Susan tells Karl that Tad will be moving in; Karl graciously doesn't argue the point. Harold says he'll send over ear plugs for the techno music that Tad plays. Karl didn't want to know that.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby is thinking long-term - she's not sure she should sue them. Drew can't believe she doesn't want justice. Libby explains the repercussions to her career - will she be labelled a trouble-maker. Drew is really keen that they pursue this, but she reminds him they needs her wage, too, and she needs to be employable.
Lou's Pub
Marcus and Darcy are still chatting, and Marcus has a problem with something - will Karl Kennedy, partner, agree the way forward? Not everyone agrees that medicine is a business - will Karl think they're trying to desecrate the sacred Doctor-Patient relationship? Darcy reassures Marcus that Karl is onside and that he can meet their serious deadlines. Marcus will start the paperwork off, and tells Darcy to bring Karl next time.
Number 28
Karl is telling Susan that the conference was good, and he enjoyed some sessions, but others - like corporate medicine - were dreadful. He enjoys the practice of medicine and being a doctor. Susan tells Karl that the practice has been fine whilst he's been away - in fact, Darcy's looked after it very well indeed. She also informs Karl that the partnership documents have arrived.
Karl asks after Libby, and Susan tells him about the job offer at The Chronicle. Karl assumes that Libby has taken it, and hopes that she will be sensible enough to see reason soon.
Number 24
Harold is sitting on the sofa, alone, late at night, and Paul emerges from his bedroom. Harry says he must have dozed off. Paul sits with him and bets he wishes Madge were here, because Paul does, too.
Libby and Drew's flat
Lib and Drew are in bed, and Libby asks him if he's awake, and pokes him until he wakes up and pays attention. She tells him she needs to talk to him. She's been thinking - maybe they should sue The Chronicle, and she shouldn't be a coward about it. She doesn't want to give in - she'll stand up and not let them get away with it! Crusading Libby is back! Drew can't believe that he's been the one to set her off on a hair-brained crusade! He's worried it might affect her job prospects, but she doesn't mind that right now. She can always work at a pub!
They agree they'll manage if the worst comes to the worst.
LIBBY: Let's do it, let's kick butt!
DREW: I love it when you talk dirty!
Somewhere - I've no idea where
Darcy and Tess are snuggled on a sofa, and Darcy asks Tess a hypothetical question...if someone is doing something really really selfish, is that a bad thing? No, says Tess, as long as it's not illegal.
Number 24
Harold is checking that Tad has everything he needs, and he drags his bags to the door. He says his goodbyes, and Harry checks that this isn't a permanent arrangement - he really wants Paul and Tad to resolve their differences. Harold reminds Tad that he's always here for him at any time, and Paul helps him with the door as he leaves. Harold is upset - he can't believe that this is a squabble over a girl, but Paul tells him it's a lot more than that.
Number 28
Susan is very indignant at the way that Libby has been treated and Lib tells her she'll fight - she's already spoken to Maggie. Karl doesn't want her to sue them, but Susan wants her to fight. Karl thinks someone else should fight - someone with money!
Tad arrives and Susan and Karl tell him to go into Billy's room - Susie put the Star Wars quilt on the bed for him! Tad doesn't really know what to say.
Karl tells Lib she can't sue The Chronicle with a student lawyer, and can't believe that Drew talked her into this. Darcy arrives and Karl hands over the contracts for him to sign. Darcy checks one more time that Karl's okay with all of this - and he is, especially as it will make Susan happy.
Don't do it, Karl!
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Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3831
Libby Kennedy

Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3831
Drew Kirk

Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3831
Darcy Tyler

Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3831
Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

Darcy Tyler, Marcus Teague in Neighbours Episode 3831
Darcy Tyler, Marcus Teague

Drew Kirk, Audrey, Maggie Hancock in Neighbours Episode 3831
Drew Kirk, Audrey, Maggie Hancock

Tad Reeves, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3831
Tad Reeves, Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3831
Susan Kennedy, Harold Bishop, Karl Kennedy

Marcus Teague, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3831
Marcus Teague, Darcy Tyler

Marcus Teague in Neighbours Episode 3831
Marcus Teague

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3831
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3831
Drew Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3831
Darcy Tyler, Tess Bell

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3831
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Tad Reeves

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler in Neighbours Episode 3831
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Darcy Tyler

 in Neighbours Episode 3831

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