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Neighbours Episode 3808 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3808
Australian airdate: 11/07/2001
UK airdate: 28/8/2001
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Tess thanking Darcy for a wonderful night and then both of them pashing.
Tess telling Darcy they are both cheating on Dee.
Flick telling Toadie and Dee that she and Joel are getting married.
No. 30 front door
Flick is still on a high at announcing their engagement when Joel shows her what he really bought from the jewellers - a pair of earrings. Flick is disappointed to find out she got the wrong end of the stick and thanks him for the beautiful earrings and they head off to dinner albeit Flick isn't exactly jumping for joy.
Lou's Place
Darcy is trying to persuade Karl to do more renovations to the surgery but given Darcy hasn't stumped up for the new computers Karl is naturally a bit reluctant to commit more money. Karl suggests to Darcy that he can pay him monthly since he is living rent free at Lou's and is in regular employment. Darcy reluctantly agrees to start paying him at the end of the week and Karl is happy with the $1000 promised. Tess arrives at the pub and refuses Karl's offer of joining them saying she is only in to collect some wine. Karl wonders if he's got on the wrong deodorant given the way Tess reacted and Darcy quickly changes the subject.
No. 30
Dione and Toadie discuss Flick and Joel's 'engagement' as he cooks his supper. Lyn arrives and after rescuing Toadie's dinner, warns them about a fox being on the loose. Lyn also wants to say hello to Flick since she's there and is told that Flick and Joel are out at Lanzini's for 'an occasion'. All of them are at cross-wires as to the reason for the meal and even more so when Dee mentions the ring, so Lyn wants to know what kind of a ring it was.
Joel and Flick place their order for food and Joel proposes a toast to a night they won't forget. He gives her the earrings and explains that perhaps in the future there may be an engagement ring as Flick puts on the earrings.
No. 26
Lyn comes home and tells Joe the news about Flick being engaged. He isn't happy and jumps to the conclusion that a baby must be on the way, which Lyn denies and assures him that it will probably be a long engagement and that anything could happen in the meantime. Michelle says she'd do anything to be like Flick just now and Joe tells her not to be getting ideas, so she explains that it is romantic to be proposed to over a candlelight meal. Joe is still angry and wants to lay down the law to Flick and Lyn tries to calm him down by saying that they need to respect the decision or risk being getting cut off. Gradually the penny drops and Joe agrees to follow Lyn's plan even if both of them are annoyed that they had to find out about the engagement second hand.
Flick isn't impressed with Joel's further news that he is off on a field trip for two weeks to aid his final thesis for Uni. Joel tries to explain it to her rationally but Flick throws the rattle out of the pram or in this case takes out the earrings he gave her before walking out from of the restaurant.
Lou's Place
Dione arrives and tells Darcy and Karl about Flick and Joel's 'engagement'. Karl turns down a drink in favour of leaving to tell Susan the latest gossip! Before Karl left, he thanked Darcy for the nice evening and that they've managed to solve a tricky problem (the money he owes Karl) and at the bar, Dione wants to know what Karl was referring to. Darcy would rather not say but she forces him, so he tells her that Karl wants the money repaid starting with $1000 this week but that he doesn't have the money due to it being tied up with Alice. Dione believes this and offers to give him the $1000 she had managed to save up for the deposit to No. 32 before it fell through.
The Coffee Shop
Joe finds Flick sitting alone in TCS and wonders why she is not out celebrating. She explains to him that there wasn't an engagement despite what he'd heard. Joe offers her his ears, so she tells him that she jumped to the wrong conclusion over a pair of earrings. He says that he is sorry and Flick think he doesn't mean it, and Joe reassures her that he is sorry and though it may not seem like it at the moment, one day she'll laugh about it.
No. 30
Joel arrives home and asks Toadie if he's seen Flick. Toadie says no and wonders why they are not at Lanzini's. Joel explains to him about 'the engagement' and hopes that he isn't history because of having to go away on the field trip. Toadie thinks it is hysterical and comments on the relationship they seem to have - no sweetness and like but continually jumping straight from the frying pan into the fire. Joel is just pleased that he managed to stop Flick from broadcasting the news of their 'engagement' further...until Toadie confesses that Flick isn't the only one with a big mouth! Joel wonders what he means, so Toadie tells him about Dione having supper with Darcy and is also likely to mention it to anyone else in the pub. "Great" replies Joel, so Toadie compounds it even more by telling him that Lyn knows too. "Double great" Joel replies this time before realising that Joe will likely know too and that he'll have to face him.
No. 26
Joel calls round looking for Flick and Joe lets him in. The atmosphere is a bit frosty when he sees her and Lyn diffuses tries to diffuse the situation by suggesting she gets them some food but Joel decides to leave instead. Flick runs after him to apologise for taking off and asks her to come home to sort it out.
No. 30
Joel attempts to cook them some food as Flick apologises for throwing the dummy out of the pram earlier and for all the other hassle she has caused the household. Flick then offers to move back home but Joel says that he wants her to stay here because he loves her.
No. 26 (next day)
Lyn praises Joe for the way he reacted to Flick yesterday and he is pleased too. Michelle collects her things before leaving for school but Joe stops her to tell her about his credit card bill and the cost of the MP3 player she ordered over the net. Michelle is aghast to discover it cost $500 and is way more than she bargained for and reassures Joe that she *should* have enough money to pay it. Joe tells Michelle to sit down so they can sort out her finances to see if she can pay the bill.
The Coffee Shop
Dione is trying to tell Tess about Joel and Flick but she is in a world of her own, which Dee interprets as Tess not wanting to be with her. Thankfully Darcy arrives and diffuses the situation and Dione gives him a cheque for the $1000 she has agreed to give him to pay Karl, so Darcy suggests he repays her by shouting her dinner at Lanzini's! Tess looks like she'd rather be elsewhere as she watches them kiss and turns down another night at the ballet with him. Dione noticed the look and wants to know why. Tess doesn't answer that part but wants to know why Dione the nurse is lending Darcy the doctor money, so she replies that his money is tied up and she's giving it to him but wants to know why Tess is suddenly developing a negative attitude towards Darcy all of a sudden. "Nothing," replies Tess but Dione wants Tess to tell her the truth, after all, they are best mates.
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