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Neighbours Episode 3807 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3807
Australian airdate: 10/7/01
UK airdate: 24/8/02
Writer: Martin McKenna
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Barry Burke: David Whiteley
Freddy Valentine: Paul Tiewes
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Flick wishing her and Joel could get their own place.
Steph hiding in the bush from whoever was chasing her.
The chaser being annoyed at finding Steph's bike but not her.
Steph is running away from the man with him in close pursuit of her.
No. 30
Joel catches Flick doing a quiz about marriage and they debate one of the questions and Joel comments that a questionnaire in a magazine doesn't prove if you are ready to get married or not. Eventually they discuss their dinner date and he tells her it will be Lanzini's but first off they've got to go to round to Drew & Libby's as Drew is going to help Joel repair the Ute. Flick comments that it will be nice to spend time with a married couple!
No. 26
Lyn comes back in from the chicken hunt still concerned that Steph hasn't called. To take her mind off things, Lyn begins to make Flick a casserole despite Joe saying she shouldn't so she can stand on her own two feet. Michelle comes in having failed to find 'Joel' and suggests phoning around just as the phone rings. However it isn't the call they're expecting, it is Woody trying to find out where Steph is.
Steph is still running from her pursuer and falls down an embankment right into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Luckily it stops before hitting her. The driver comes out of his Ute and checks Steph over and as the pursuer comes to take over wanting to take over Steph's "care". She screams at him to get away and he does.
Drew & Libby's Place
Libby is showing off her wedding photo's to Flick and talking about marriage in general and what happened at Libby's wedding. The men come in briefly and spot Flick looking through the wedding album. Libby asks what sort of wedding Flick would like and Flick tells her.
No. 26
Joe asks if Lyn cooking is helping her, it is, but and as they are both still worried they wonder if they should phone the police even if it may mean landing Steph in it. Michelle comes in to get the wire to protect the other chickens and just about gets her head bitten off and as she leaves the phone rings. Lyn answers and is relived to hear it is Steph. Lyn hangs up and tells Joe that she's at the police station in the city because she was followed.
Drew & Libby's Place
Flick now compliments Libby on having their own place. Libby says it wasn't easy and the house isn't ideal but it will do for now, noisy neighbours et al. Flick goes on about marriage in preference to living together and Libby asks her how it is going with Joel. She tells Libby about their night out at Lanzini's as the men come back in having repaired the car.
No. 26
Steph is safely back home after her ordeal, grateful that the police haven't charged her. Michelle is surprised she risked it given what happened before. Joe asks what is next and Steph tells them she isn't sure as the police have told her she'll be charged if she breaks witness protection rules again. Lyn says she'll have to tell Woody and Steph comments that she isn't looking forward to doing that. Joe says that in a couple of years they could get together but Steph says that won't happen and that it is over between them.
Drew & Libby's Place
Not content with the wedding photos, they've now been watching the wedding video too before Joel and Flick get up to leave for their dinner at Lanzini's. Once they've left Libby and Drew talk about how Flick and Joel are both obsessed with each other and Flick's talk about getting married. Libby puts two and two together and tells Drew that she thinks Joel is going to propose tonight and they then both wonder how Lyn and Joe would take the news!
No. 26
A tearful Steph is on the phone to Woody calling things off.
In the kitchen, Lyn hears a noise in the backyard and stops Michelle from following Joe to check on the chickens. Steph comes through and gets a hug from Lyn.
Drew & Libby's Place
Libby gets a call from a work colleague offering them a cot but they have to take it now or the Salvo's get it. Drew is a bit wary about tempting fate and wondering where they will put it given the flat isn't big and isn't impressed when Libby says they'll have to move anyway when the baby is born. The colleague phones back with exciting news about Dame Margaret and where she may live...if you can spot her rose garden!
No. 30
Flick comes into the kitchen dressed to kill as Joel irons his shirt. They talk about Drew and Libby and what they went through to get married.
No. 26
Joe comes back in and suggests the noise was due to a fox and Lyn turns down Michelle's suggestion of letting them stay inside in favour of Joe's suggestion of the garage. Steph heads off for an early night and Michelle asks if Steph will be all right.
No. 30
Just before they leave, Joel hands Flick a small jewellery box and urges her to open it.
FLICK: I don't need to open it. I don't care what kind of a ring it is the answer is yes!
Joel is now highly bemused and she tells him that she found the receipt lying around and knew he was going to propose. Joel again urges Flick to open the box before she goes any further just as Toadie and Dione arrive home. Joel says they're off to Lanzini's and she says that they haven't seen her ring yet. Toadie asks what ring and Dione wonders what they've interrupted. Joel says they'll tell them later but Toadie wants details. Flick announces that she and Joel are getting engaged. Dione and Toadie offer their congratulations as they head off. Once they've left, Toadie and Dione are surprised by the news and notice that Joel seemed surprised too.
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