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Neighbours Episode 3789 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3789
Australian airdate: 14/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 31/7/01
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Jack Hastings: Doug Dew
Frances Nagle: Judith Roberts
Dean Hearn: Jason Buckley
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt tells Leo that he's taking him to school. Leo begs Matt not to make him go - he says he's scared.
Audrey fouls on the seats of a Bentley at the garage. Lou is very worried.
The Garage
Drew tries to clean the seats. It really smells. Jack Hastings draws up, so Lou goes to stall him. Lou says he'll shout Jack a coffee over at Grease Monkeys while Drew is finishing his car.
Leo tells Matt that he's having a few problems at school. He says the PE teacher constantly picks on him in front of the class. He doesn't know what to do other than skive off.
The Coffee Shop
Frances from the library comes in to see Harold. He is very surprised to see her, but pleased. Frances has heard about Madge and gives Harold a very nice hand-made card. She sympathises with Harold as she lost her husband a few years ago. Frances asks how the choir is going since she left. Harold says that the sopranos are off-key! One in particular drags everyone else off key. Harold offers Frances a coffee, but she has to get back to the library. Harold asks Frances if she can look up a book for him. She says she'll be glad to. Harold is pleased.
Matt says that Leo should discuss the problem with Evan, but Leo doesn't want to. He swears Matt to secrecy. He says he can skive off on sports days - the teacher in question is only a relief teacher.
Libby comes by. Drew is still trying to clean the car. Libby laughs but Drew is very worried about the car.
Lou and Jack Hastings come out of Grease Monkeys. Drew begs Libby to give him some perfume which he sprays in the car.
Jack gets into the car and asks what the smell is. Drew says that it's a new car deodorant(!) Jack says he'll just leave the car windows open all night. Jack spies Audrey and says dogs are great because they lessen stress(!).
When Jack drives off, Lou says that from now on, the garage is a pet-free zone.
The temporary PE teacher asks Evan if Leo is feeling alright - he's missed another sports lesson. He tells Evan to say hello to Leo for him. Susan is impressed with the relief teacher.
Maggie comes home. Matt tells her quietly that he doesn't think that Leo needs a doctor. Matt says Leo will be right as rain tomorrow, but Maggie knows that he's hiding something.
The Coffee Shop
Drew says that every time Jack comes round, something goes wrong. Libby is cross that Drew used her expensive perfume in the car(!).
Libby suddenly can't stand the smell of coffee for some reason. She also tells them that she's been nominated for a journalism award.
Harold shows them the hand-made card that Frances gave him. Lou says there are a lot of people who care for Harold.
Leo is cross with Matt for telling Maggie what happened. Matt says that he had to and it was in Leo's best interests. Matt said he had a history teacher that gave him a hard time and he gave up history, even though it was his favourite subject. Leo is not impressed.
The Coffee Shop
Evan is still banging on to Susan about going to Little Desert for the school camp. Maggie comes in to meet Evan. She tells him that Leo is having a problem with the PE teacher, Mr.Hearn.
Evan tackles Mr.Hearn about Leo's absenteeism. He says Leo isn't happy with how Mr.Hearn treats him. Mr.Hearn says that Leo is a bit of a smart alec. Evan says that Leo thinks that Mr.Hearn puts him down in front of the other students. Evan says it was probably unconscious on Mr.Hearn's part. Mr.Hearn says he will take it on board. There is a bit of a nasty atmosphere though.
Maggie is revising for her law course. Evan comes home and says he's spoken to Mr.Hearn and that he was taking it on board. Maggie is surprised that Mr.Hearn didn't admit he was in the wrong. Leo comes in. He says that Evan is stupid if he thinks that his talk with Mr.Hearn will help.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby isn't feeling very well. Drew opens some bills. One of them says that they're having an inspection of the flat at 5pm. They look horrified - Audrey is not supposed to be there.
The Coffee Shop
Frances is back with the book that Harold asked her about. Harold is delighted. She also tells him that the author of the book is coming to the library to give a talk. Harold is very interested in attending.
When Frances has gone, Lou says it's good to see Harold smiling again.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew are frantically clearing away dog stuff like basket, food etc. Libby goes to take Audrey over to Toadie's, but before she can there's a knock at the door. Libby goes to hide Audrey in the bedroom. She tells Drew to tell the inspector that she's sick.
The inspector says he's had a report that there's a dog on the premises. Drew spies a toy ball and quickly hides it in his pocket. Libby is hiding Audrey under the bed covers.
<<3788 - 3790>>
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