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Neighbours Episode 3788 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3788
Australian airdate: 13/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 30/7/01
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby suggests that she and Drew take Audrey to work to avoid the landlord's wrath
Dee and Darcy kiss
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew is cleaning up after Audrey again. Lou invites Drew to go to a fishing competition and he agrees. The winner gets a trophy apparently, and Lou wants to put together a team. Drew tells Audrey if she does it again, she'll have to go back to the shelter!
Lou tells Drew that Jack Hastings (a bloke with a Bentley) wants them to do some work for him. Drew isn't keen - Jack Hastings has let them down before.
Darcy and Dee are cooking dinner and kissing. Darcy suggests they get a bottle of wine. Then he realises he's left his wallet at home(!), so Dee gives him some money.
Karl is worried about the medical investigation. Susan is cooking dinner for Maggie and Evan. She suddenly realises that the oven isn't working and the food is still raw! Karl says he'll just have to distract them with one of his many funny stories(!)
Maggie and Evan are about to leave. Matt asks Evan if he would let him off his board money for a week. Matt said maybe he could paint the rest of the house instead. Maggie and Evan agree.
Darcy's phone rings (Darcy is at the pub buying wine). Dee answers it for him. It's Alice.
Maggie, Evan and Susan are getting along well. Evan has got a bad back. Susan tells them about Darcy giving up all his assets to Alice. Maggie says a lot of men have that attitude - to spare themselves pain.
Tess comes round to look for a lost cardigan. Tess is pleased that Dee and Darcy are back together. Dee tells Tess that Alice said some awful things to her about Darcy on the phone. Apparently she warned Dee to stay away from Darcy because he uses people and is bad with money. Tess says people get really angry when their partners leave them. Dee agrees but is a bit nervous. Tess tells her to talk to Darcy about it.
The lamb is still not ready and Evan is starving. Evan asks Susan if they could take the kids to the Little Desert for a weekend. Susan isn't very keen - safety is a real issue with camping. Susan says they can go to the usual place which is safer. Evan bangs on that Little Desert would be unique experience.
Libby and Drew's flat
Tess is fussing over Audrey. Drew agrees to work on Jack Hastings' Bentley. Tess is interested to hear about the fishing team - she used to go fishing with her dad. She wants to be in the team. Lou isn't very keen but Tess is insistent. Lou reluctantly agrees.
Dee is telling Darcy about what Alice said. Darcy says it's jealousy on Alice's part and to ignore her. Darcy says if she wants an excuse to stop seeing him, they can stop before they start. Dee looks unsure.
Jack Hastings' Bentley has arrived. Audrey is sniffing around the car. He tells Lou that she will behave herself and also they could train her to retrieve spanners(!)
No.30, the following morning
Darcy is buttering toast for Dee. Dee wants Darcy to take the day off but he can't. Darcy says he will take a day off in a few weeks and Dee can do whatever she wants with him(!)
Evan and Maggie are leaving for work. Matt is going to paint the house. Maggie can't find her diary. Leo comes out and says he doesn't feel well. He claims he's got a headache. Evan and Maggie say he can stay home. Evan wonders what's happening - he's had a few sick days recently. Maggie says it might be the anniversary of Francesca's death.
Audrey has fouled inside the Bentley. Lou is mortified - the seats in the Bentley are leather and Jack Hastings will be there shortly to pick it up.
The Coffee Shop
Tess congratulates Darcy on being back with Dee. Karl comes in. He has had good news - the medical commission have given them a glowing report. Darcy feels like things are going right for him at last.
Leo is playing video games on the sofa. Matt knows he's not really sick and asks what's up with him. Leo says it's not about Francesca - he just doesn't like school. Matt says he will drive him to school. Leo begs Matt not to make him go - he says he's scared.
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