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Neighbours Episode 3785 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3785
Australian airdate: 8/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 25/7/01
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: None
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Joe is looking forward to the tennis match - he says Karl will be easy to beat.
Tad says that Paul should pursue things with Larissa.
Paul says that Larissa likes Tad really because he wrote the emails. Tad says when he meets her, things will be different.
Karl wants to practise tennis on the way home. Susan warns him not to get competitive with Joe Scully - it's supposed to be a friendly neighbourhood match, not a testosterone competition(!)
Evan is worried about the "friendly" tennis competition - he's just found out that Karl and Joe are very competitive with each other(!).
Emily is moaning that Leo has taken her doll, but he says he hasn't. Maggie has bought Emily another doll. She likes the doll but still misses the lost one. Maggie assures Evan that the new doll is superior with seven lifelike functions. Evan says that's more than him(!).
Michelle is trying to work out what to spend her winnings on. She asks Lyn what she wants for her birthday. Joe says she should put the money in the bank while she thinks about it.
Steph goes out to get her bike checked for the trip. Joe moans that she won't tell them where she's going. Steph says that she hasn't decided yet. Joe goes off to practise tennis(!)
The Coffee Shop
Harold is still upset about the old friend who was asking after Madge. He decides to keep busy though. He serves Evan, Joe and Karl who are vying about their tennis prowess.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew is drawing up a poster to find a home for Audrey. Libby comes up and spills a glass of water on it by "accident". Then she spills a cup of coffee on it to finish the job! They agree, though, that their contract says "no pets" so they have to do something. Libby is feeling sick.
Tennis Court
Joe and Karl are playing tennis and arguing over a line call while Susan and Lyn watch.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby suggests that they take Audrey to work every day! Drew reluctantly agrees to risk it! Libby is very pleased.
The Coffee Shop
Paul asks Steph in confidence what the first thing she notices in a guy is. She jokes that it's his motorbike! She then says that she likes a guy to be himself and not put on a front. Harold comes up and says he is going home a bit early today. Paul looks concerned.
Tennis Court
Joe and Karl are playing tennis. Libby, Michelle and Audrey have arrived to join the spectators. Joe wins the game in straight sets. Evan suggest that he take both Joe and Karl on for a laugh. Susan is hoping they will all get sun-stroke(!).
Evan serves and it's clear that he is a very good player indeed. Joe falls down with a twisted ankle.
Harold comes in. Tad asks where Paul is - he says he's still sulking about the email. Harold looks very depressed and tells Tad what happened with his old friend asking after Madge. Tad tries to console Harold. They agree that Madge would just tell Harold to get over the incident(!). When Tad has gone, Harold polishes his tuba sadly.
Tennis Court
Lyn is taking Joe home. The girls try not to laugh.
The Coffee Shop
Paul is buying a drink when Tad comes in. He tells Paul they should just forget the email business. Tad says that it's no fun anymore. Paul says he's been thinking and he'd like to continue with it! He asks Tad to continue writing emails on his behalf. Tad agrees to help.
Evan is hosting a finger buffet. Karl and Joe bicker a bit about the tennis match. Susan says Evan is really good at tennis, but he says that's only compared to who he was playing against(!). Evan apologises that he and Susan haven't always seen eye-to-eye. They agree to be just neighbours when they're out of school.
Drew is trying to find a home for Audrey and singing her praises(!). Libby says she feels a bit under the weather, so they get up to go. As they do, they hear Harold playing his tuba. Lou says it's the sound of Harold's heart mending.
Harold is playing "Morning is Broken". Tad, Paul and Lou listen outside the front door.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew is looking for a video. Libby comes out and says she's off to bed. Drew says she should get herself checked out with the doctor because she's been feeling off-colour. She goes off to bed.
Libby and Drew's bedroom
Libby looks through her diary and looks thoughtful and a bit worried.
Lyn is opening her birthday presents. Michelle has given her a foot spa. Lou comes in with a bouquet of flowers for her and Lyn is chuffed. Lou asks what Joe has bought Lyn and Lyn says that he got her a card. It seems that Joe was the only one who took Lyn at her word when she said she didn't want birthday presents. He does not look pleased.
Tad is coaching Paul on how to write lyrically to Larissa. Harold gets a phone call - it's Larissa on the phone and she wants to know if she can come around! Tad and Paul look terrified!
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