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Neighbours Episode 3784 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3784
Australian airdate: 7/6/01
UK airdate: BBC: 24/7/01
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mike Aitken: Ray Chubb
Lucy Seedsman: Bridgette Burton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bob doing tricks for Leo
Paul sees a piece of paper Tad printed out with the name 'Larissa' on it. He asks Tad for an explanation.
Tad has been using Paul's email to send Larissa emails pretending to be from Paul. Paul is not pleased and tells Tad he's dead. In the middle of it, Lou comes in with Lolly.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby is defending the name Audrey. She asks Drew what name he's chose for a baby. He chooses an outlandish name and Libby is surprised. Audrey keeps fouling on the floor! While Drew is cleaning it up, Libby sees a note has been pushed under their door.
Harold is berating Tad for what he did. Lou says his poetry is quite good(!). Harold says that "carnal" is spelt with a "c" not a "k"(!).
Libby and Drew's flat
Someone has dobbed Libby and Drew in about the dog. Steph comes in and fusses over Audrey. Libby says she won't give her up without a fight. She asks if Steph could take her, but she says she can't with Harvey and the chickens at home. Drew asks if Harvey and the chickens was a band in the 70s, and if they weren't, they should have been(!). Drew says they will sort something out for Audrey.
Joe and Lyn are cooking dinner. Joe is looking forward to the tennis match.
Toadie is looking through the fridge which is sadly empty. Matt asks where Joel is. Toadie tells him that he is moping over Flick.
Tad tells Paul to write to Larissa and tell her. He is a little bit reluctant though(!)
Lou asks Harold why he hasn't been playing his tuba. Harold says he hasn't had time, but then admits that he hears Madge complaining when he plays the tuba and he misses her even more. He says the grief he feels is bottomless.
Paul says he can't word the email correctly and asks Tad to write it for him.
Lou tells Harold that after Cheryl died he was lost, and he still is sometimes. He tells Harold he shouldn't give up the things he loves because one day he'll realise he's given up everything and life has passed him by.
Matt asks Toadie why he's keeping his girlfriend secret. Leo is training Bob. Toadie mentions that Lolly is better. Leo asks what's the matter with her, so Matt lies and tells him that she just bumped her head.
Tad has written the email to Larissa. He gives Paul a last chance not to send it. Paul says he will think about it, but Harold says there's nothing to think about.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew has rung everyone they've ever known(!) and noone will take Audrey. Libby doesn't want to give her away really, she wants to keep her. Libby mentions that she is feeling a bit average and goes to lie down.
Lyn insists to Joe that she doesn't want a present for her birthday - she only wants the whole family having dinner all together for once. When Joe has gone, Lyn says Joe knows that "no present" means "not much of a present" - she just wants to bring the price range down.
Dog Show
All the dogs are being prepared for the competition, including Bob. We see Leo getting Bob to do various tricks. The crowd clap. Surprisingly, Michelle enters Harvey in the competition!
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby is telling Steph that she must leave Woody alone, but Steph says that she loves him. Steph wants to make contact, but Libby insists that she can't. Steph asks what she would do if it were Drew and Libby eventually says that she has some contacts.
Dog Show
Michelle is getting Harvey to do tricks. Michelle and Harvey win the competition! Toadie, Matt and Leo look fed up.
Lyn is crying when Steph comes in. She tells Steph that she's just taking stock of things and thinking about Madge a bit. She tells Steph that she has her family and she's lucky. She misses Jack a lot though.
Steph tells Lyn that she's going to go away for a while to clear her head. She won't go until after Lyn's birthday though.
Tennis Court
Joe is practising with a ball machine.
An email has come in from Larissa - apparently she is coming back to Australia. Paul isn't pleased but Tad says to see it as a challenge(!) Tad says Paul has nothing to lose.
The Coffee Shop
Leo is moaning that Bob lost the competition. Michelle buys them all a drink to commiserate with them. Toadie asks Matt why he said that Lolly hit her head. Matt says it's Hancock family history. Michelle asks Harold if she can start a tab at the Coffee Shop!
An old friend of Harold's came in and asks him how Madge is. Harold has to tell him that Madge has died. Harold is very upset.
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