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Neighbours Episode 3758 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3758
Australian airdate: 02/05/01
UK airdate: 04/06/01
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Aleks Rama: Dean Ali
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Matt tells Evan and Maggie that his mother Genevieve offered to pay for him to go to college in Switzerland.
Jack tells Joe and Lyn that he wants to come back and live in Australia.
Flick hugs Jack and says it's great news. Jack still has to get his release from the Barnsford team though.
Lyn tells Flick and Michelle that they have to talk and takes them off to the lounge, leaving Joe and Jack to talk.
Joe isn't pleased that Jack wants to leave Barnsford - they could be in the Premier League next year. And what about Jack's dreams? Jack says dreams come and go all the time. Jack says he'll ring the Barnsford manager to tell him and Joe looks a bit worried that Jack is making the wrong decision.
Matt is on the phone to Genevieve saying that he hasn't made up his mind yet. The kids are drawing up a list of things they want to do during the holiday, but Evan send them off to do something free!
Matt tells Genevieve that he'll have an answer for them tomorrow.
Ramsay Street
Leo and his mate are playing football. They see Jack leaving the house and go over to nag him to show them some football tips. They ask if he's coming back to Australia and why he wants to leave Barnsford. Jack says he's busy right now and walks off.
Toadie can't find a single precedent for his case - he doesn't think there is one. He only got the evidence brief today. Maggie is shocked - he should have had it a couple of weeks ago. She suggests Toadie asks for an adjournment, but Toadie says he'll be alright.
Matt is looking at a brochure about the college in Switzerland - it looks fantastic. Evan says it's an elite college and Matt would be "playing with the big guns". Evan asks if Matt will help the "little guns" with the painting.
Flick and Michelle are talking about Steph losing Woody and feeling sympathetic. Michelle raves on about her chickens - she's given them names! and says one called Jake is a bit arrogant(!), Michael is named after a member of Human Nature and the cute chicken is called Joel(!) Flick tells Michelle off - she doesn't want her boyfriend's name used for domestic fowl. Michelle says they've split up - Joel hasn't been in touch with her at all. Flick doesn't think it's a bit deal - he's probably a just busy, but Michelle looks doubtful about this.
Flick comes round to ask Toadie if he's heard from Joel, but he hasn't.
When she's gone, Maggie and Toadie go on preparing their case. Then Maggie discovers that the Dean of the Law Faculty is going to be called as a witness for the prosecution. Toadie is surprised and disappointed - he wanted to call him himself as a character witness. He says his own Uni want him to go down!
Evan and Matt are talking about the Swiss college - Matt still can't make up his mind.
Maggie comes in to pick up a book and Evan asks her to come home for lunch. Maggie says she can't - she and Toadie are busy with the case. But she does suggest that they work at No.32 instead and goes to call Toadie.
The Coffee Shop
Joe asks Lyn how Gino has been recently, and Lyn says he's been much better recently and complimenting her.
Jack comes in and tells them that he's had a good meeting and he hit it off with the coach really well. Lyn rushes off back to work leaving Jack with Joe. Jack asks Joe if he can have a chat - he's had a call from Barnsford's lawyers.
Barnsford are threatening to sue Jack over breaking his contract. Joe sits him down and tells him that Barnsford have invested a lot of time and money in Jack and he has a chance to be a world-class player - he won't have another chance. Joe wants to know what Jack is scared of. Jack admits he's not sure what he wants to do.
Maggie tells Toadie that he needs a good angle. Leo and his mate come in saying they're hiding from Emily. They say she's driving them crazy. Toadie tells Evan that Maggie is going to be a great lawyer one day.
Jack tells Joe that he's right - he is running away. He says the pressure is too much for him. Joe thinks that Jack is afraid of failure, but there's nothing to be ashamed of in that. Joe says he used to be a good cricketer but he didn't put the effort in - he was scared that he wouldn't be able to cut it, so he never tried out for state selection. Now he'll never know. Jack looks thoughtful.
The Pub
Jack is sitting thinking at a table, and gets talking to Matt Hancock. Matt says he's still thinking about whether to go to Geneva to study or not. The two get on quite well.
Lyn thinks that Flick is worried about Joel. Flick admits she is - he hasn't been in touch, and when she was at Toadie's she saw a photo of him with his hands draped around some other girl.
Flick asks Lyn about the salon and she says it's going well. Joe comes in and says Jack has gone off to do a bit of thinking.
Matt tells Evan that they should have a celebratory drink - he's decided to go to Geneva.
The Park
Jack is practising some soccer skills while Leo and his mate look on, impressed.
Evan tells Matt that he's been thinking about the Geneva thing - he doesn't know if he's doing the right thing. Matt says that Genevieve is going to pay for it all anyway but Evan says that he shouldn't seek revenge on Genevieve. Matt can't understand his change in attitude, but Evan says he shouldn't be trying to score points against his mum. Life's too short to be doing something your heart's not really in.
Jack comes in just as Lyn and Joe are serving up dinner. He says he's come to a decision - he's going to go back to Barnsford. Joe, Flick and Michelle hug him while Lyn looks upset. Then she hugs him too but looks very sad to be losing him again.
Toadie is stressed out that he's going to lose the case. Maggie says to get back to the bare bones of the case. Toadie rants that the whole thing is over a stupid joke gone wrong. Then he says he has thought of one angle for the case - what would Australia be like without it's larrikin spirit. He's going to argue that it would be a sad day that a man could be sued for having a laugh. Maggie thinks it's a good angle to take.
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