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Neighbours Episode 3757 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3757
Australian airdate: 01/05/01
UK airdate: 01/06/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Larry Woodhouse: Andrew Curry
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou washing the painkillers down the drain.
Woody asking Steph to go with him into the witness protection programme.
No. 26
Steph is stunned at Woody's request. She ask him how he will make contact with friends and family in the future if he goes into the programme, and Woody tells her there can be no more contact as he has to give up everything and everyone he knows. Steph asks will it apply to her too if she goes with him and he says yes. Steph wonders if there is another way, but Woody tells her the police say no or at least not for a few years. Woody tells Steph he loves her and doesn't want to leave her and asks her to think about it. Steph says she needs time to do so but Woody says they haven't got time as he leaves tomorrow morning.
The Coffee Shop
Jack, Flick and Michelle run into Joe and Lyn and ask how it went in court, and if the police are away from the house. They tell them about the threat made in court, so the police are still there.
No. 22
Once Lou occupies Lolly he apologises to Drew for his behaviour lately because of his addiction. Drew agrees to go to Narcotics Anonymous with him since he is a bit reluctant to go.
No. 26
Steph has told the family about Woody into witness protection. Woody briefly tells them what is going to happen and thanks them for what they've had to endure with him being there. Flick, Michelle, Jack and Woody subtly leave so Steph can talk to her parents. Lyn is upset for Steph for her not being able to see Woody again. Steph then drops the bombshell of Woody asking her to go with him and Joe says "that's crazy" and they both hope she's told him no but Steph tells them she's thinking about it.
Ramsay Street
Jack asks Woody if he has asked Steph to go with him, Woody says yes, and Jack wonders if that was the right thing to do. Woody replies "probably not" and Jack tells him that it will kill Lyn if she does go.
No. 30
Lou calls round to apologise to Toadie, but Toadie tells him to forget about it, so Lou says he will pay for a barrister to defend him instead. Toadie says it is too late as he couldn't get anyone to defend him and also there isn't enough time to prepare a case, and besides Lou shouldn't feel guilty. Lou asks Toadie for a favour - babysitting Lolly. Toadie asks him if he's got a hot date and Lou replies "something like that."
No. 26
Lyn and Joe aren't exactly happy with Steph's bombshell and tell her she isn't going. Steph says it is her decision, and that he's the right guy for her. Lyn reminds her what she is giving up and Steph says she will give up more by not going with Woody. Joe tries to tell her that he's used her and them but Steph says she is the one that told him to go to the police and to give evidence, and she loves him and can't let him be by himself. Lyn begs her not to go but Steph says she has to go with him.
Jack and Woody come back in and Jack asks if everything is ok. Joe replies it isn't because Steph is going to leave with Woody. Lyn now has a go at Woody for asking Steph and Joe says if he loves Steph he'd leave right now and Steph tells them all to stop.
No. 30
Toadie is trying to study but Lolly isn't having fun colouring in. Toadie suggests playing a game, and suggests hide and seek. Lolly agrees so he tells her to go and hide whilst he counts to 50.
No. 26
Flick and Michelle now know about Steph leaving and can't believe what she is doing. Steph says she doesn't want to lose them but she loves Woody and he needs her. Michelle storms through to the livingroom and tells Woody she hates him before going to her room. Lyn says there must be an alternative but Woody says he can't spend his life looking over his shoulder. Lyn now tries the heart stings approach by asking how his mother will feel not being able to contact him but he tells her she washed her hands of him when he went to prison. Lyn asks Steph to be certain Woody is the one as it is too big a risk to take on a hope.
Narcotics Anonymous meeting
Lou is telling the meeting how he got addicted to the painkillers and what made him seek help (finding Lolly giving her doll a pill so she will be in a better mood).
No. 22
Toadie helps carry Lolly home and asks Lou how it went at the meeting. Lou says he will tell him tomorrow and goes and hugs Lolly.
No. 26
Flick gives Steph some photos to take with her but Woody says they can't take anything personal with them that will reveal their former identity. It starts to hit home to Steph what witness protection entails.
No. 26 early next morning
Joe and Lyn get up and she tells him that Woody and Steph have gone without saying goodbye. She looks out the window and sees them putting their stuff into a car. The rest of the family are up now and they quickly head out to say goodbye to Steph and Woody.
Ramsay Street
Lyn shouts out "Stephie" and as they're rushing down the steps Steph tells Woody she can't go through with it. She wishes him a good life and Woody tells her he loves her that he'll miss her and that he'll never forget her. They hug kiss before Woody gets in the car and leaves. Lyn goes over to comfort Steph as they watch Woody leave.
No. 22
Drew is round having breakfast like old times with Lou and Lolly. Lou tells him he could have ended up like some of the others at the N.A. meeting, and is lucky he didn't and today is the start of their new lives.
No. 30
Lou and Lolly call round to see how Toadie is feeling with the court case forthcoming. Lou says he should get some sleep and says that they're off to the park and the movies and that he'll call round and check on him later. Toadie just looks at his legal books.
No. 26
Lyn reminds Steph she should be at work, but Steph says she can't face it and can Lyn phone in for her saying that there has been a death in the family, as she's going for a ride on her bike. Jack comes off the phone with the news that a local club wants to sign him if Barnsford will release him. Lyn is happy as long as it is what Jack wants, but Joe isn't sure and asks Jack if it is what he wants. Jack replies it is.
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