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Neighbours Episode 3755 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3755
Australian airdate: 27/4/01
UK airdate: 30/5/01
Writer: David Allen
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Veronica Anderson: Monika Karwan
Nigel Armstrong: Andy Poulter
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
- Toadie thinks that Lou is lying about having a headache because he never gets them. Matt says he saw Lou taking a couple of painkillers.
- Ronnie tries to get Drew to have a drink with her.
Drew and Libby's flat
Darcy tells Drew that he's had a hard day - it's always difficult starting a new practice. Drew is cooking for his noisy neighbour in the hope that he'll mend his noisy ways. He asks Darcy to stay for dinner.
Drew says that he's missing Libby while she's away. He asks how things are going with Dione and Darcy, but Darcy wants to wait until things are sorted with Alice before he lets things develop.
Drew answers the door to the noisy neighbour, Nigel Armstrong. He introduces Darcy.
Tad and Jess are messing about on the sofa, much to Dione's displeasure. She stalks off to the pub.
Libby and Drew's flat
The atmosphere is awkward with Nigel the neighbour. He starts looking around the flat and examining Drew and Libby's stuff. The neighbours tells Drew that things have been quieter since Libby has been away - he says their racket is driving him up the wall(!)
The Pub
Dee comes in and tells Toadie that she's sick of "love's young dream" at No.30! Tess and Ronnie ask Dee if she wants to go clubbing, but she says she really needs an early night.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew and Nigel are arguing about who makes the most noise. Nigel insists that he only plays music to drown out Drew and Libby's noise. He storms out.
The Pub
Darcy and Drew are recounting the story of Nigel and the noise to Toadie and Dee. While Drew and Dee go off to play pool, Toadie asks Darcy about the symptoms of addiction to painkillers. Darcy asks him what kind of painkillers. Just then Dee comes back though and makes smalltalk with Darcy. He's clearly quite interested in her.
Tad and Jess have been watching a film and Tad suggests they go home - it's a school night. Jess can't understand his attitude, but he says he wants to do well at school. Jess asks if everything is OK between them and Tad says that it is. Jess says she's got a surprise for Tad and gives him two tickets for the International DJ playoffs in Sydney. Tad is surprised - the tickets must have cost a fortune - but he's chuffed to bits.
Outside the Garage
Drew tries to talk to Lou but he's rushing off somewhere. Just then Ronnie comes up to collect her car.
Tad is already up studying when Dione gets up. Dione teases him that he likes school now because he gets to sit next to Jess(!)
Dione answers the door to Lou who's come to collect the rent. Tad says that Toadie has taken the money with him to the library, and he'll give it to Lou at the pub later. Lou is wearing sunglasses. When Dione queries this, he says he has a bit of a headache. She looks a bit suspicious.
Tess has come in for a checkup and a flu jab. She chats rather inanely and Darcy asks if she's OK. Tess asks Darcy how he feels about Dee, but he is evasive.
The Garage
Drew is telling Ronnie that her car cost a bit more than he was expecting - around $1,300. Drew says she can pay in installments if she wants, as long as she doesn't tell Lou. Ronnie says it'll be their little secret.
Tess is telling the class about the history of special effects in films. Tad is interested and tells Jess not to distract him.
Back room of the pub
Toadie gives Lou the rent money. He says that Lolly's school called to find out why he's not at the father and daughter day today. Lou has completely forgotten. Toadie says maybe the pills have something to do with it, and wants to know what Lou is playing at.
Lou insists that he's only taking the odd painkiller and everything is under control. Toadie says he thinks Lou has got a problem and he needs to do something about it. Lou won't hear of this though and walks off.
Libby and Drew's flat
Toadie is telling Drew about the situation with Lou. He asks Drew if he'll tackle him.
The Coffee Shop
Ronnie is gushing to Tess about Drew's skills as a mechanic. She says it's a pity Drew is spoken for(!) She suggests that she and Tess adopt Drew while Libby is away(!)
Lou answers the door to Drew. Lou is in a bad mood but offers Drew a drink. Drew says that Lou isn't looking too well and asks how his back is. Lou is short with him. Drew says that Toadie is worried about the painkillers but Lou pooh-poohs this. He is very touchy on the subject and insists he is fine.
Toadie says that Tad would be better staying away from Jess. Tess tells Toadie that she stuck her nose in with Darcy where it wasn't wanted - she's worried that Dee is setting herself up to get hurt. But she's going to stay out of the situation from now on.
Libby and Drew's flat
Drew is fed up with Nigel's music. He sits on the sofa, but just then there's a knock on the door and it's Ronnie. She invites herself in - she's brought him a basket containing dinner. Drew looks a bit uncomfortable.
The Coffee Shop
Dee and Darcy bump into each other at the Coffee Shop. He admits he's been avoiding her a bit and Dione says things doesn't have to be so awkward between them. She says it's time to face things - they're both attracted to each other and they should do something about it.
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