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Neighbours Episode 3726 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3726
Australian airdate: 19/03/01
UK airdate: 17/04/01
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Jess Fielding: Elisha Gazdowicz
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Jess shouts at Tad for telling the school that she was the bomber - her parents have gone mad and the police have taken her computer to see if there's any bomb recipes on it.
Karl tells Madge that her test brings bad news - the cancer in the pancreas has spread to her liver and there is no operation.
Madge asks Karl firmly how long she has got. Karl says three to six months. Madge says she's been reading about cancer and says there's a good chance that pancreatic cancer can be cured. Karl says it's the spreading to the liver that is the death sentence. Madge is in denial - she can't believe she will be dead in six months.
Libby drives up. She tells Drew that she has ordered some curtains for the flat. They won't be ready for a few days, though. Libby is disappointed though - Susan and Karl are coming around for their first official dinner and she wants to impress them. She hopes the neighbours will behave. When they get home, there's a note on the door asking them not to park by the side of the clothesline because No.4 have parked there for the last 10 years(!) Drew sees that Libby has rearranged all the furniture - she says she was trying to make a bit more space. Drew picks her up in his arms and then they dance in the new space.
Madge thinks that the test must be wrong - she's only been sick for a week. Karl says that this form of cancer doesn't present with symptoms until it is advanced. Madge says she wants another scan and a second opinion. Harold looks shattered.
The Coffee Shop
Tad and Paul are wondering if they should call the hospital. Susan says to give Madge her love. As she goes to leave, Jess marches in and tells Tad she's been cleared of the bombing. Then she says she must have been mad to consider him a friend and storms out.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Tad runs after Jess and says he made a mistake but she has no right to speak to him that way. He asks if she gives up on all her friends after one mistake. Jess says that she does. Tad says that they still have their project to do, and anyway he didn't dob her in - not exactly. Then she storms off.
Karl wants to do a simple procedure to alleviate the pressure on Madge's bile duct. She demands to know when she can have another scan. Karl says he'll be back later. Harold thanks him. When Karl has gone, Madge insists that she's going to be fine - doctors make mistakes. She tells him to tell the boys she's going to be fine. Madge begs Harold to support her - she won't give in, and he isn't to give in either.
Ramsay Street
Karl is home from work. He tells Susan it's the saddest day of his working life. He says he looks at Susan, full of health, and then wonders how Harold is coping. They leave for Libby and Drew's flat. Susan says they must put on happy faces.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew are panicking about laying the table - Libby is being very fussy, she wants everything to be perfect. Drew tries to calm her down. She does a bit, but then there's a knock at the door and Drew goes to answer it.
Susan and Karl come in. Karl has brought an expensive bottle of wine as a house-warming gift. Libby is surprised and panics that she doesn't have a decanter! But Karl has brought his own!
Harold comes home. He tells them that Madge will feel better after she has a small operation to alleviate the pressure on her bile duct. Paul wants to know what the results of the CT scan were, but Harold says Madge will tell them - it's her business. Harold asks Paul and Tad is they will both pray for Madge. He is distracted and obviously upset - he goes out to see Lou. When he's gone, Paul and Tad agree that it doesn't look good.
Garden of Lou's
Lou is doing some pruning when Harold comes round. He doesn't have to say anything, Lou knows what has happened. Lou embraces him and Harold starts to sob.
Libby and Drew's flat
Susan, Karl, Libby and Drew are enjoying dinner. Libby asks if there's any more leads on the school bomber, but Susan hasn't heard anything. Karl serves the wine - Libby isn't sure that the setting is good enough. Karl says that tonight they should live for now, who knows when life will be taken away. Susan says that Karl bought the wine to celebrate Libby's birth. They clink glasses and drink "to life".
Lou has brought Lolly in to see Madge. Paul, Tad and Harold are also there. Madge tells Harold off for not eating properly. Paul shows Madge how he is bulking up. Madge asks about Jess but Tad says she ditched him.
Paul asks Madge if the operation will make her better and she says it will.
Paul tells Tad that Madge and Harold are hiding things from them. Tad tells him off for being pessimistic. Paul says he's got a feeling that something is really wrong - and Madge and Harold are keeping it from them because they think they can't cope.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew are enjoying washing-up(!) and messing about. Susan and Karl get up to leave and thank them for a lovely dinner. When they've gone, Libby sinks on to the sofa and asks Drew if he thought it went OK. Drew says it was perfect. Libby says the flat is starting to feel like home. Libby says she's spoken to the landlord, and he said he'd give them a rent reduction if they painted the place themselves. She says that Drew didn't just marry her for her looks. He says, no, he actually married her for her father's good taste in wine(!) Libby says they should wash up, but they decide that kissing is more interesting(!)
Tad and Paul are wondering if they've found any evidence on who the bomber was. Tad says he wasn't dobbing Jess - he was just telling what he knew. Then they both wonder if Madge has had her operation yet - they both prayed for her last night. They agree to get away at lunchtime to visit Madge.
Jess comes up to Tad and is hostile towards him. Tad says someone could have been killed by the bomb - he had to tell the police what he knew. Tad says he is the only person in the school who has any time for Jess, and if she continues this way, she'll make 100% rejection.
Libby and Drew's flat
Libby and Drew have overslept. They run around the flat getting ready. They still haven't done the dishes and the music in the neighbouring flat has started up, so they decide to have breakfast at the Coffee Shop!
Karl comes in to join Harold and Madge. Madge is sore and sleepy after her operation. It's strictly palliative though. He says Roger Chan, the specialist, will come and discuss the details. Madge starts to cry - she can't see what there is to discuss.
Karl says that Roger Chan doesn't think that another scan will help. Madge says that she knows. She says she's so scared and sobs that she doesn't want to die. Harold sobs with her.
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