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Neighbours Episode 3725 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3725
Australian airdate: 16/03/01
UK airdate: 12/04/01
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Glen Goldman: Gerard Cogley
Eric Butler: Ron Kofler
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Toadie tells Lance that the money is as good as his. Toadie says they'd probably better not tell Allana that Lance has been checking out Kosmosis questions though and Lance agrees.
Harold says he'll stay at the hospital overnight with Madge. She is grateful - she doesn't want to be alone right now. Harold looks very worried about her.
Lou is trying to pick up some of Lolly's crayons but failing. The phone rings and he answers it bent over double. He chats to Harold about Madge and tells him that his own health is fine(!)
Toadie and Allana are testing Lance on some sample science fiction quiz questions. Lance isn't doing very well and asks Joel to take over. Joel says that, fun as it sounds, he'd rather stick needles in his eyeballs(!) He can't anyway - he has to go to Flick's and sort out clothes for the fashion show.
Allana continues to quiz Lance - he gets the Kosmosis questions right. She asks him if he's been reading up on Kosmosis.
Joel and Flick are kissing. They tell each other it's all in aid of the Salvation Army(!). Flick says she has homework to do and Joel tells her not to remind him that he's going out with a girl that does homework(!) Joel tells her it's line from a Woody Allen film. Flick says she doesn't know who Woody Allen is and Joel looks appalled! She admits she was only joking!
Madge, Harold and Lou are still waiting for Madge to have the CT scan. Madge tells Lou that he looks like he should be in hospital as well. She asks him how his back is, but he tells her to concentrate on herself. He gives her a drawing that Lolly did from her. They reminisce about the time Lolly ran away from home - she went round to Madge's with her bag packed. As Madge looks at the picture, Harold and Lou exchange worried looks.
Allana is still quizzing Lance. He is doing really well. They hear a trailer on the radio for Lance and the quiz show. Lance feels very nervous. Then he says he can't do it - they're expecting him to be witty and entertaining as well! They tell him to relax and be himself - he's done fine before. Toadie says he's a radio expert and will help Lance. But as he tries to think of something, it dawns on Toadie that he doesn't know anything at all(!)
Harold and Madge are still waiting. Karl comes in, but the results still haven't come through. Madge tells Harold that he'd better go to the Coffee Shop. He isn't keen, but Madge is insistent. When he's gone, Karl asks if he can get anything for Madge, but she's nil by mouth. Then she jokes that a cure would be good. Madge tells Karl that if the news is bad, she wants to know how bad. She makes Karl promises that he'll tell her. Madge says that life is so strange.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is working distractedly. Toadie and Lou commiserate about Madge. Joel and Flick come in and ask why Harold didn't go to the rehearsal for the parade. Harold is horrified - he was too distracted with Madge. Joel says he'll take it off him. Harold protests - it's a huge job, but Joel is adamant.
Joel and Flick are preparing for the fashion show. Flick says it's such a shame they'll have to spend so much time together to get all the work done(!)
Radio Station
Lance is telling the listeners more about the Labours of Love. He says that the hardest task was making people aware of alien visitors from space(!). The host starts a phone-in.
The Coffee Shop
Joel is discussing the fashion show with Harold. The phone rings and it's Madge. He tells her he's on his way - the CT scanner has been fixed. He rushes out.
Radio Station
Lance is telling the host that Kosmosis is his favourite show. The host starts the quiz - Kosmosis will be the featured show of this quiz. Allana is outside the glass and looks very annoyed that the quiz is being rigged in any way.
Madge is dressing and getting ready to go for her scan. She asks Karl if he'll be around for the results and he says he'll make a point of it. She goes off for her scan.
Radio Station
The quiz host asks Lance the jackpot question - "What was the original name for Kosmosis". Lance gets the answer right and wins $4000! He is very pleased.
When they cut to an advert break, the host asks him if he'd like to come back next week and play for $8000. Lance says he doesn't want to risk it, but the host says it's in the bag. He passes Lance an envelope and calls it a "litle bit of confidence"
Allana can't understand why Lance would risk $4000 - if he loses, they won't be able to go to America at all. She asks him if it's the gambling thing, but he says it isn't
Allana goes off to get a coffee. Lance asks Toadie if he should do it - he's not sure if it would be legal. Then he says it'd be $8000 and says Allana would never need to know. Allana comes in, snatches the paper out of Lance's hand and demands to know if it's what she thinks it is.
Madge and Harold are waiting for the CT scan results.
Allana says it's cheating. Lance says he'd have know the answer anyway. Allana doesn't care - it's immoral. She also berates Toadie for looking up whether it's illegal or not(!) Toadie retreats to the pub.
Lance tells Allana he can't back out - he's already told the station that he'll play on. Also he wants to do it for them, for their trip. Allana says not to bring her into it. Lance says he's sick of playing by the rules - nice guys finish last. He says maybe this is his turn for a break. Allana says it's still cheating and he knows it. She says he can go to America on his own and storms out.
The Coffee Shop
Joel and Flick are organising the fashion show but they are more into each other(!). Toadie comes in. He asks if there's any news on Madge, but they haven't heard anything. Toadie says that Lance won $4000 on the quiz. Also, he is playing on - they like him so much, they want him back to play for $8000. Flick thinks it's a risk, but Toadie says it's not a risk really: Lance is so popular the station will pay to keep him on. Flick and Joel can't believe it. Toadie tells them to keep it to themselves. Joel says Lance wouldn't do that unless it was for love - Lance would do anything for love(!) Toadie says it isn't - next week's quiz is "the money or the girl"
Karl asks the specialist if he can break the news to Madge. Karl looks gutted. He goes into the room to find Harold and Madge laughing about something. They can see by Karl's face that he has bad news. Madge tells him to remember his promise. Karl tells them that Madge's cancer is not confined to her pancreas - it's spread to her liver too. Harold asks how soon they can operate, but Karl says that there is no operation. The tumour in the liver is very advanced. Karl tells Madge that he's so sorry. Harold is in shock.
<<3724 - 3726>>
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