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Neighbours Episode 3711 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3711
Australian airdate: 26/02/01
UK airdate: 23/03/01
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Richard Sarell
Guests: Cluny Webb : Cecelia Specht
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Dione tells Lou he still have an active life with Louise. Joe tells Lyn she has to make a decision - her family or her career.
The Park
Joe tells Lyn she has to quit some work, but Lyn tells him he should do the same; she's making more money from her second job than he is, so why should she resign? Joe says that Beauty Tree isn't a reliable income, and cabbing is. Chelle tells them to stop arguing - it's meant to be a family day out.
Joe wants Lyn to ring and say she can't go to work right now as her boss wants - because he and the kids are staying where they are. Lyn says she'll ring for a taxi.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou is doing some physio with the....physio person. He has to do some exercises on the hour every hour. The physio tells him he should be pain free in not too much time, and Lou's very much looking forward to it. Dione comes in and asks after Lou - he says he's making great progress!
The Coffee Shop
Lance comes into TCS and tells Joel that one of his gardening clients has thrown out some good furniture, so Lance will do them up in a science-fiction theme and sell them. Joel says that he doesn't like the way that Joe is treating him and Flick; Lance thinks that Joel only likes Flick because Joe's so against them - he doesn't think they'll last.
Joel comments on Allana - but Lance says that he and Al have loads in common; Joel and Flick have naaaathing in common.
The Park
Joe wants to play Frisbee, but Flick doesn't. Chelle wants to play, but Flick feels that it's a wash-out because her mum and Steph aren't there.
Morose, they all set off home.
Erinsborough Hospital
Dione is talking Lou through his pain medication and how much he can take if he needs it. Lou doesn't think he has any visitors today, and he doesn't want Lolly to see him in pain like this, either. Dione agrees - he should wait to see Louise until he can sit up a bit, and it won't be for long, now. He'll be better, soon. Lou is feeling old and a very bad father to his daughter. Dee says that Lolly knows she's loved and that Lou's a great father. Aw - that was nice of her to say.
Number 30
Lance and Joel are moving the furniture in, and Joel says that he and Flick do have things in common - SCUBA diving for instance! Shout out to Sayaka!!
Lance says that Flick only got into that because of Joel, but promises he won't bug Joel any more. Joel - very unconvincingly - says that he wishes people would give him and Flick and chance.
Number 26 (and Number 30)
Cut to later on, between Number 26 & Number 30.
The phone rings and it's Flick for Joel - she's pretending she's talking to a mate, and Joel realises that Joe is listening. Flick asks him if he wants to see a film, but he doesn't so she suggests coming to his place. Joel tries to work out the 'code' she's talking in, and Lance makes fun of him being childish.
Joel doesn't seem too keen on seeing her, and Flick says she's going out whilst Joe complains that Lyn isn't home yet.
Joe tells Flick he'll pick her - and her girl friend up at the cinema when the film's finished.
Lance comes to the door asking to borrow some tools to do some furniture restoration; Joe says he can borrow what he needs, and Chelle asks if she can help him out - she enjoys that sort of thing. Lance agrees - she can come round the next morning.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou is on the phone to Lolly, telling her he'll be home soon. He tells her he loves her and gives her a kiss.
Dione comes in...
DEE: Ready to settle down for the night?
LOU: No! I am going to go nightclubbing, so do you want to come raging with me, blonde? What time do you knock off, gorgeous?!
Dee laughs and says she's going home soon and straight to bed. Lou says if he doesn't have a date, he might as well go to sleep. Dee comments that he hasn't used much of the painkillers, and he mustn't be a martyr.
He thanks Dee for what she said earlier about being good father.
Number 30
Flick turns up and Lance welcomes her in. Joel asks her if being here is a good idea, and Lance promises that he won't dob on her. Joel tells Lance to get lost - they want some privacy.
Number 26
Chelle makes Joe a hot drink, and tells him she hates it when her parents fight. Just at that point Lyn comes home, and says she tried to call but it was engaged. Lyn apologises for being so late - she was invited for drinks and she couldn't refused.
Lyn tells Joe that she made loads of money in a few hours - more than she'd make in a week at the salon. She can't believe that Joe's so upset with her, as she's actually making the sort of money that she should be at her age. She suggests giving up the salon, and Joe is very negative about it. Lyn is sick and tired of his attitude towards her, and Chelle is upset that her parents are fighting.
Erinsborough Hospital
Joe creeps into Lou's room at night. Is it me, or does anyone else find that slightly weird?
Lou wakes up and tells Joe to come in - he snuck past reception! Lou is pleased to see him, and he knows that Joe is upset and wants to talk about something. Joe tells him about Lyn's new job, and how it's coming between them. He never sees her, and they always end up arguing whenever they talk.
Number 30
Flick has brought Joel a present and he's delighted with it. Dee is at the door, and Flick hides to avoid being seen there. Dee spots Flick, who says she has to go and get to Anson's Corner. Joel borrows Lance's car to take her there.
Dione asks Lance what's going on, so he explains the whole story. Dee isn't too impressed, and thinks that Flick's just a kid.
Number 26
Lyn asks Chelle how the picnic was, and Chelle tells her they left early as she and Steph weren't there. Lyn tells her daughter that her dad and her will work things out...and she doesn't want Chelle to ever think she hasn't gotten time for her kids. Michelle says she knows that, but Lyn can only be in one place at one time.
Joe returns home with Flick, and Michelle - who so blatantly knows what's going on - starts questioning her about it. Joe apologises to Flick for being suspicious before about where she was going - he says he should have trusted her.
Joe tells Lyn he thought she was sneaking off to see Joel.
Number 30
Joel gets home and Dee's there waiting for him. She tells him she's really surprised, and that going behind Joe's back will not help his cause. Joel thinks that Dee is possessive and jealous over Flick, but she denies it.
Joel thinks that everyone's over-reacting to him; but Dee thinks he's heading for trouble. Joel compares his relationship to hers with Darcy - who's married. Dee strops off.
Number 26
Chelle has cooked breakfast and Flick and Lyn are really pleased - they're looking forward to eating together. Michelle tells her dad that she'll take the tools to Lance's to fix the furniture and she'll bring it all back.
Lyn's mobile rings and she answers it - it's work, and she tells Richie how well it all went. The rest of her family sit down to breakfast without her, and hear that she's agreeing to do another event for her boss again this morning.
Erinsborough Hospital
Lou is in pain in his bed and really struggling.
Garage of Number 26
Michelle is looking for tools in the garage and comes across a gun which she takes out of its holster....
Is it wrong that I'm hoping she looks down the barrel? Rats - we cut to:
End Credits
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