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Neighbours Episode 3700 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3700
Australian airdate: 9/2/01
UK airdate: 8/3/01
Writer: Margaret Wilson
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Dr. Michael Shirley: Ian Rooney
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Flick tells Joe that she's capable of having an adult relationship.
Joe tells her to let it go.
Lance is telling Allana about a sci-fi convention that they could go to. She says it sounds great, but she'll have to see what her mum is like. Lance is cross - Allana has just been talking about letting mum stand on her own defeat. Allana says that she didn't think they'd be leaving immediately. Lance says they're going for one night in Albury and is rather cross. Allana says she supposes one night won't hurt. Lance says it'll be good practice for when they go to America. Allana says to let her talk her mother into Albury first before she gets on to international travel! Lance jokes that she'd better come to Albury as he doesn't want to have to kidnap her. Allana asks if he could arrange an alien abduction. Lance says it'd be simple - he'd just call Toadie(!)
Joel comes in. Lance tells him excitedly about the sci-fi convention. Joel says dejectedly that he's glad someone's love life is going well(!)
The Surgery
Flick is telling Karl that she's been feeling tired and has headaches and a bit of a sore throat. Karl says her glands are fine and she's not running a temperature. He asks if there's anything else on her mind. Flick says she just wishes that Lyn was back.
Lance asks Joel if he knows of anywhere to stay in Albury. He then apologises - he can see things with Flick aren't going well. Joel is annoyed that Toadie told Lance about the situation - he told Toadie in confidence. Lance says he thinks that Joel was brave in telling Joe about Flick. Joel says Joe is underestimating both of them.
The Surgery
Flick is tearfully telling Karl what happened between Joe and Joel. Flick says there's no point talking to her father - he never listens. She wants to make her own decisions and lead her own life. Karl looks concerned when she mentions that some people would move out of home over such issues. Flick says she hasn't got anywhere to go though.
Harold is singing arpeggios and Drew compliments him sincerely on his voice. Harold gets Drew to sing a scale along with him. Drew says he hasn't ever sung before, even at school. He is hopeless but Harold says he's better than the last time(!)
Madge comes out of the bedroom. Drew says he's had enough for one day - he's probably scaring the burglars away(!) Madge says she's a bit on edge about it. She says the whole thing seems a bit coincidental with Woody having been out on day release - he could have passed information about the neighbourhood on to criminal friends. Harold says that they have to trust that Steph is a good judge of character.
When Drew has gone, Madge asks how his singing was. Harold says that miracles do still happen(!)
The Surgery
Karl is telling Flick that he had his fair share of problems with his own parents and his children as well. He asks what she thinks Joe is worried about. She says just because she's got a boyfriend, it doesn't mean she doesn't want a career. She can't forget Joel because she has such strong feelings for him. She asks Karl what to do. He says he can't answer that, but she has to look after herself physically. He gives her some leaflets on coping with stress. Flick thanks Karl for not treating her like an idiot.
Joel is still brooding about Flick. Lance says the whole thing must be pretty serious. He asks if Joel is on the rebound from Dione. Joel is very annoyed with him as Lance continues to put his foot in his mouth. Joel says he's in love with Flick and he won't give up on their relationship.
The Park
Flick is sitting on a swing when Joel comes up on his bike. Flick is sitting there avoiding going home. She says the most annoying thing is if they hadn't told the truth they'd still be able to see each other. Joel says if he was the guy Joe thinks he is, he'd be saying, "To hell with him, let's carry on anyway." Flick says she wishes he would say that. Joel says that Joe's her dad and must be respected. Flick says it's stupid that everyone is telling her to wait until she's eighteen - she won't wake up on her eighteenth birthday a changed person. Flick says if Joe can trust her then, he can trust her now.
Karl and Susan are cooking dinner. Libby and Drew come in. Susan is still jumpy at every noise. She asks Libby if she's found a replacement bridesmaid, but Libby is putting it off. Libby hears Drew humming in the background and looks at him strangely.
Lance comes round to see Drew - he wants him to have a look at his ute.
Harold is reading from the agony aunt column and disapproving of the advice within it. Madge says that Harold is over-reacting. They argue over the subject of white lies in a good cause.
Lance is on the phone to Allana - the trip to Albury is on. Drew asks Lance if he's ever sung and he says he's pretty good - he was in the school choir. He sings Greensleeves absolutely terribly. Drew laughs but then realises Lance is serious and tells him it was very good(!)
Drew comes in. He tells Harold that he's heard Lance sing and he was terrible - he's afraid that he'll be the same at the wedding. Madge says Harold must tell Drew if he's going to be terrible. Drew agrees. Harold says the people at the wedding will be there to share his joy, not to criticise and anyway, there is plenty of time before the wedding to practice.
When Drew has gone, Madge berates him for telling Drew a white lie(!)
Flick is looking at a photo of Joel. Joel is doing the same with a photo of Flick at No.30. They both look harrassed.
Joel and Lance apologise to each other for getting on each other's nerves. Lance says that if they wait until Flick is eighteen, Joe won't be able to say anything. Joel asks Lance if he had to wait a year for Allana, could he do it? Lance admits that he couldn't.
Allana comes in. She says that her mother was surprisingly cool about her going to Albury. She hugs Lance. Joel looks peeved to see someone else's relationship going so well.
The Surgery
Karl is being interviewed for the post of team doctor. He says it's the best of both worlds for him - he loves doctoring and he loves sport. Karl says he hasn't worked too much in sports development but he's willing to learn and he'd dearly love to be involved. The interviewer says that sports is pretty good business these days and sometimes the doctor will do whatever it takes to get the player on to the field again. He asks Karl what he thinks about that. Karl says he would never risk a player's health and if that's what they want him to do, he won't have any part in it.
The Coffee Shop
Libby suggests asking Tad to DJ at the reception but Drew doesn't think it's a good idea. He also tells Libby he's worried about the Kirk Family Tradition and doesn't want to go through with it. Libby says that he can't pull out now - it's been going on for generations. She says there's no point having a wedding if you're not into ritual or tradition. Drew says that Libby was all set to break with tradition, but she says she was wrong - some traditions are good. She tells Drew that Karl is going to give a speech and he can't let his parents down either.
The Surgery
The interviewer is just leaving. Susan comes into the consultation room and asks him how it went. Karl says he doesn't know - he tells her about the "doing whatever it takes to get an injured player back on the field". Karl isn't sure whether the interviewer agrees with it or not.
Ramsay Street
Lance and Allana are just off to the convention. Joel waves them off. He looks over at the Scully house thoughtfully.
Joel knocks on the door and Flick answers.
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Drew Kirk in Neighbours Episode 3700
Drew Kirk

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3700
Karl Kennedy

Dr Michael Shirley in Neighbours Episode 3700
Dr Michael Shirley

Drew Kirk, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3700
Drew Kirk, Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3700
Harold Bishop, Madge Bishop

Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 3700
Madge Bishop, Harold Bishop

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