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Neighbours Episode 3699 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3699
Australian airdate: 8/2/01
UK airdate: 7/3/01
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Const. Ryan Moller: Pieter Siertsema
Burglar: Rob Draper
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Lance tells Toadie that Allana's mother wants him to stay away from Allana.
Tess comes into the house and finds clothes scattered everywhere. She assumes that Dee did it and crossly starts to tidy up.
Someone is prowling around the house with a torch, going through drawers. The burglar hears Libby, Drew, Karl and Susan coming, so he hides.
They come into the house and turn on the lights. They joke around happily with each other, oblivious to the danger. Libby tells Karl that the band sucked. As they talk, the burglar watches them from another room.
Tess and Dee's(No.32)
Toadie creeps in with a cricket bat. Tess and Dee are distraught to see the house in a mess and the rent money stolen. Toadie says that the doors are unlocked. Tess locked them when she left, so she realises the burglar must have been inside when she left. Dee goes into her bedroom and finds it trashed. Tess's family jewels have gone too. Toadie calls the police.
Susan says that Karl's speech is very good and Libby would have loved it. But he throws it away. The burglar is still watching them.
Tess and Dee's
A policeman is telling Tess and Dee that they think the burglar has struck before - he's only after cash and jewels. Tess is scared - the policeman suggests they get a strong person to sleep on the couch until they get the window fixed.
The Pub
Toadie tells Lance that he has to go home because Tess and Dee have been robbed. It turns out that Lou was right about the prowler. Toadie tells Lance that Tess and Dee are coming to stay. Lance asks if he can stay at the pub a few more minutes - he's waiting for Allana because he hasn't seen her in days.
Tess and Dee's
Tess and Dee are very upset and angry about the robbery. They start to clear up. There's a soft knock on the door and they are instantly on their guard. It turns out that it's Libby and Drew! They tell them what's happened with the burglary. Libby and Drew are very sympathetic. Drew goes to look at the job they did on boarding up the laundry window.
Tess and Dee says the police think the guy is doing the whole neighbourhood. Libby says that it would be a good story and then immediately apologises - it was a journalistic reflex.
Susan and Karl are still talking about the wedding speech. The burglar is still watching them. Karl goes out to put the rubbish out and Susan turns and sees the burglar. She's shocked and calls out to Karl. The burglar escapes out of the front door.
Outside the Kennedys
The burgular has got away.
The Pub
Lance is still waiting for Allana. Toadie says the burglar has been casing the joint and he wonders if they could know him, a friend of a friend perhaps. Toadie says that he thinks that Allana has stood Lance up.
The police are interviewing Karl and Susan. Libby and Drew come in - they've seen the police car outside. They relate what happened. Drew suggests he goes out with a couple of the guys and have a look around, but the police say to leave it to them. They'll get the guy sooner or later.
Susan can't believe that the burglar was in the house the whole time.
Tess and Dee are camped on the sofa at No.30. He keeps suggesting horror movies to watch(!) They insist that he puts Notting Hill on, and Toadie is disgusted at the thought of a chick flick.
Lance has heard from Allana - she didn't turn up because her mother was "ill" again. Lance thinks Allana's mother is a "few dilithium crystals short of a warp drive"(!)
Toadie tells Tess and Dee that they might know the burglar - if he knows the place inside out, he might have already been in the house in the past. Toadie wonders if it's a coincidence that Woody gets out on day release and then their house gets burgled.
Garden of the Kennedys, the following morning
Susan is chatting to Libby - she is still thinking about the burglary. He did manage to take a few bits and pieces.
Libby finds Karl's wedding speech crumpled up in the bin. Susan tells her it's her father's wedding speech. Libby says she didn't want speeches as Karl would write one full of cliches, but Susan tells her to "just read it". She asks Susan if Karl is cut up about not being allowed to do a speech. Susan says he handled it very well.
Libby reads the speech aloud to herself and it's really quite beautiful. She looks contrite.
Lance, Dee and Tess are chatting. Toadie is still asleep so they consider shaving his eyebrows off!
Lance says he's not going to be mucked around by Allana any more. At that moment Allana comes around. She asks if Lance hates her guts - he says he doesn't, it's just being stood up is a bit annoying. Allana says her mother was sick, but she's here now. Lance says there's something very important that Allana needs to do.
Libby comes in and tell Karl that his speech is lovely and reads a few lines out to him. Karl is embarrassed. Libby says she thought it was going to be hideous with pun-filled anecdotes. Karl says that was the first draft(!). Libby tells Karl she'd be honoured for him to give the speech at her wedding. Karl protests but she tells him she won't take no for an answer. He agrees and Libby hugs him.
Toadie is rabbiting on about his right to free speech at the radio station. He's on air from 10 till 12 today.
Lance asks Allana why she stood him up - was her mother really that sick. Lance says that Allana's mother suddenly became sick after Allana told her she was going out. Lance says Allana feels protective of her mum - and he feels the same about her. He doesn't like to see her being used, and he doesn't think Allana's mother is as sick as she makes out. Allana says she's always at the doctor. Lance suggests she talks to Dr Kennedy about her mother's diagnosis. He says he's giving her one challenge in return for his seven - to talk to Dr Kennedy.
Allana is talking to Karl. Karl says her mother has high blood pressure and anxiety, but he doesn't think that she's likely to have a heart attack or stroke. Allana says she's been worse since Allana got a boyfriend. Karl says it would help a lot if they were to see someone - to find out what brought it all on in the first place. Allana says it started when her dad died - he did everything for her. Karl says they should both see someone, unless Allana intends to live at home for the rest of her life.
The Coffee Shop
Libby tells Tess and Dee that she's going to run a story on the burglaries. They wonder if it's anyone they know. Dee suggests Woody because Lou heard him making some dodgy phonecalls. Tess says they're just being paranoid - Woody is back in jail. Libby tells them to be careful what they say to Steph about it.
Toadie comes in with a screaming mob chasing him for his shirt. He tells Tess, Dee and Libby that he has to talk about council expenditure on air - boring. Toadie says he read Libby's article about weddings and thought it was very funny. Libby is greatly looking forward to the wedding and organising it has actually been quite a joy.
Libby's phone rings. She talks for a minute and then tells them all to forget what she said - getting married is one long nightmare! She opens the door of the Coffee Shop to go out and the screaming mob flood in looking for Toadie(!)
Libby is on the phone to Gail, a family member - she's pulled out of being bridesmaid because her child needs a small operation. Libby can't think who else she can ask to be bridesmaid at such short notice.
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Burglar in Neighbours Episode 3699

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3699
Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3699
Karl Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3699
Lance Wilkinson

Allana Truman in Neighbours Episode 3699
Allana Truman

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3699
Libby Kennedy

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