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Neighbours Episode 3686 from 2001 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3686
Australian airdate: 22/01/2001
UK airdate: 16/02/2001
UK Gold: 05/10/2005
Writer: Louise Le Nay
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Darcy Tyler - Mark Raffety
Alice Jamison - Pip Sallabank
Tina Nguyen - Kim Nguyen
Baby Joseph Nguyen - Joshua Ten
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Is It Love?" by Lisa Maxwell
Summary/Images by: Shona
Joe is asked to be baby Joe's godfather
Tess likes Andre
Alice arrives, to Karl and Susan's surprise
The Erinsborough Medical Ball
Dee and Darcy arrive and find it's a lot more elaborate than they expected. They have champagne to fit in with the theme. Darcy compliments Dee on her dress and she admits it was borrowed. Dee thinks it's a shame that Alice is missing out but Darcy believes she wouldn't enjoy this kind of thing.
Number 28
Alice thought that Darcy sounded really annoyed in his answer phone messages. Meanwhile she's fretting over her hair and knows Darcy will notice she's having a bad hair day. Nonetheless she can't wait to see him! Karl and Susan confess to her that Darcy isn't at the dance alone. Alice is glad he took someone - he's always taking pity on nurses and patients wanting attention. But she'll be jealous as hell if her hair is better than hers!
The Erinsborough Medical Ball
Darcy wants to dance and eventually persuades Dee to join him.
Number 26
Lyn is very happy - she had a successful night selling Beauty Tree stuff. She followed advice and identified her market! To celebrate she and Joe going to the pub for dinner. Despite the perks of BT Joe is still unhappy about seeing so little of her. She reminds him that this is all for them. It'll only be like this until her monthly target is met and she has a week of holidays coming up to spend time with them.
The Erinsborough Medical Ball
Darcy and Dee finish one dance and Dee shrieks with laughter. The next song comes on and Darcy compliments her on her 'lovely eyes'. Dee thinks he has nice 'nasal hair'! They're getting very close when who should arrive but Alice! Cue fake smiles to cover obvious shock.
Lou's Place
Libby and Tess talk about Andre. Tess is unsure what to do - she thinks maybe he isn't her type.
Joe and Lyn have dinner and Lyn is still banging on about BT. At the rate she's going she might be put into the draw for a car - yippee! Joe doesn't sound that interested at all.
Back to the girls and Lyn catches their conversation about hen's nights, which they never had in Lyn's day. Libby wants to have one. But Lyn's 'Beauty Tree' shower idea falls flat.
The Erinsborough Medical Ball
Darcy, Alice, Karl, Susan and Dee sit at the table; Dee lets Alice sit in her seat as there isn't a setting for her. They talk about the menu and Alice calls Dione 'Diane', asking where she works. Karl covers up the air of discomfort by commenting on the yummy profiteroles.
Number 32
Libby wants to have a non conservative hen's night to balance the conservative wedding. Tess moans about the mess in the living room but Libby tells her to chill, wanting to know whether she should get a male stripper. Or maybe a male dancer! Tess thinks Andre might do and whispers that he 'has a hot body'. But she won't admit she has the hots for him.
The Erinsborough Medical Ball
Dee and Darcy laugh about a doctor's weird hairpiece while Alice looks uncomfortably between them. Karl and Susan watch Dee leave to talk to someone she knows. Alice remarks that Dee's nice and Karl admits that he used to think she was a bit ditzy! And, Karl adds (while being given a 'stop-right-this-minute-or-you're-dead' type stare from Susan), she lives with one of Susan's teachers, a few doors down! They go to dance and Darcy returns to see Alice. She asks if she was wanted in the end, remarking on how comfortable Dee seems. Darcy thinks that he's made her jealous but she says she's curious, not jealous.
Number 26
Joe and Lyn listen to an answer phone message from Tina where she mentions the Christening. Lyn notices that Joe has really taken Harold's words about being godfather to heart, and isn't sure if he's cut out - Sister Winifred at primary school said he was hopeless at Religious Instruction! Even his brothers passed! Lyn points out that it's the only thing Mick did pass and Dennis (later Tom) is a priest! "Nothing ventured, nothing gained," says Lynnie.
Number 28
Alice and Karl both think it was too loud at the ball and Karl thinks they should have a separate room for talking. Susan thinks he might have a hearing problem. Dee decides to go home and Alice apologises for mucking up the arrangements.
Number 32
Dee comes in and says it was absolutely excruciating. When she sees Libby she quickly says she was referring to her feet. She tells them about Alice turning up and Libby decides to go home to see her. Tess asks Dee how bad it really was. Dee says think of a number then times it by a bazillion.
Number 26
Joe is going to meet Tina. Lyn gets a phone call - she's been invited to Surfers' for the six monthly sales conference and it's next week! Joe's a bit dismayed - he thought she was taking time off to spend with them! But when would Lyn get a chance like this? Joe won't stop her, but he hopes this stuff won't take over their lives.
Number 28
Alice won't stay longer, but she'll come back in about a month for a weekend - they'll stay at a little B&B somewhere. Karl and Susan leave and Darcy asks her again to stay longer. She thinks it's too complicated and he won't admit that it is.
Number 32
Dee slept really badly so she's doing a headstand, which will make her feel better. Dee felt bad seeing Darcy and Alice together yesterday, all coupley - it would be wrong of her to muscle in on them. She knows when she's beaten.
The Coffee Shop
Karl wants to know what secret weapon Joe has for the Barbie. He doesn't find out as Tina arrives with little Joe. Joe finds out, to his interest, that Tina's husband cooks barbecue - Vietnamese style.
Outside Number 28
Darcy tells Alice that he misses her and she wonders if that's all - is he wondering about the whole relationship? He admits he is and they should talk. But Alice can't yet - she's not sure what she feels. Darcy is going in when Alice spots Dee fetching the paper from the nature strip. She walks over to Dee and rather condescendingly tells her that she knows how she feels about Darcy but he's in a relationship and Dee should respect that.
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