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Neighbours Episode 3668 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3668
Australian airdate: 22/11/00
UK airdate: 23/1/01
UK Gold: 22/9/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Darcy Tyler: Mark Raffety
Allana Truman: Josephine Clark
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Jack trying to buy the Beetle from Drew.
Joel and Toadie dropping Lance off at Allana's house.
Allana promising Lance a reward for him completing the challenge.
Allana's house
The strong light is eventually switched off and Allana gives him permission to kiss her, well, once they've managed to overcome the height difference between them that is. And boy do they pash each other, it's like tonsil hockey!
No. 26
Steph arrives home and Michelle tells her a hand written letter is waiting for her. Steph recognises the writing and is very coy about it but eventually satisfies her sister's curiosity by saying it was from her old boyfriend, Larry Woodhouse (Woody), who she split up with over two years ago. Lib arrives looking for Flick and Michelle says Flick isn't there before telling her about the letter Woody wrote to Steph. She invites Libby in to wait for Flick as protection against Steph doing anything nasty to her!
No. 24
Harold arrives home from a hard day pleased to smell the aroma of the cooking food. Toadie calls round to check that he isn't stepping on anyone's toes by inviting Tad to stay at Number 30 for longer than was previously talked about. Madge and Harold are quite relived as it may give them a chance to repair the relationship they did have.
Allana's house
The tonsil hockey part six comes to an end and before the seventh reward arrives, Lance jokes that she should have set more challenges given the rewards although Toadie and Joel thought he should have been committed for some of the challenges he did do!
No. 26
The atmosphere is a bit strained as Libby waits for Flick. Lib tells Steph about the letter she received from the compensation board and tells her that she should put in a claim too, but Steph rejects this given the relatively minor injuries she received. Michelle puts her big feet in it by asking Libby if she has found a new bridesmaid yet and puts herself forward if she hasn't. Libby replies that her cousin Gail is going to do it now and decides to give up waiting for Flick, asking that Flick calls her when she does get home.
No. 28
Lib arrives home and tells Drew (who is round for dinner) about the letter from the compensation board and that she may be entitled to compensation once her condition settles. As Karl dishes up the meal, she asks him if he will use the promise of money from the board as collateral to giving her a loan to buy a car! Drew is aghast at this and tries to put her off of buying one, saying she can borrow his and thinking quickly, suggests that she uses the money instead to pay for a honeymoon for them. Lib likes this idea but Darcy throws a spanner in the work by saying the way the board have been paying out recently, she should get enough money to buy both!
No. 26
Toadie calls round to enquire how Steph is going looking for a new job, it's not, so he suggests she improves her CV by doctoring it slightly. Michelle announces that Steph is getting married because she received the letter from Woody, which Steph dismisses because he let her down. Changing the subject slightly, Toadie mentions that Lance has been dropped off at 'The Mother Ship' (aka Allana's house) to receive his reward for completing the challenges.
Allana's house (aka The Mother Ship)
Now they've stopped kissing, Lance is quite impressed with Allana's house. The living room looks like it is the control room of a spaceship with silver material coming down from the walls, blow up plastic seats and tables, what little furniture there is, is all in silver too, with "space" type ornaments too. Allana mentions for him to call first before coming round because her flatmates don't like unexpected visitors, which he agrees to before they go off to explore the private quarters with Lance taking her there in his arms ala carrying someone over the threshold.
Ramsay Street (next morning)
Harold reverses the car out of the drive and Madge spots Lance arriving home (The dirty stop out!) and describing him as Flash Gordon with what he is wearing! Naturally he is still in a very good mood and tells Steph he is feeling great (and had a great night) as she retrieves the paper.
No. 30
Toadie answers the door to Lance who tells him he had the best night of his life! Toadie comments that he was worried about him since Lance doesn't normally stay out all night and Lance replies that he was having such a great time he lost track of time. He starts gushing to Toadie about his night, so Toadie asks him to spill on the gory details.
The Coffee Shop
Lib is looking at cars in the paper and Drew is trying to distract her with ideas for a honeymoon, to no avail though because Libby has her heart set on a car. He now tries to put her off of a car she has seen instead but Libby wants her brand new shiny car. Drew asks her to take her time until Libby points out the special offer ends soon.
Darcy and Karl come in, with Darcy trying to persuade Karl to computerise the surgery's computers and the advantages of it. Karl isn't adverse to his ideas, just scared of finding where to start.
No. 26
Steph gives up looking at the job pages and looks at Woody's letter instead. She goes to dial a number but quickly stops when Michelle comes in, and lies saying it was a wrong number when Michelle queries her.
Drew starts up the engine of the Beetle, puzzled by Libby wanting a new car when this one is running brilliantly.
No. 30
Toadie is impressed with the gory details Lance has told and he is still gushing. Toadie says he is envious of Lance (for getting a girl and finishing his studies) before asking if she has a sister. Would you know it she has, and she has just finished studying law! Lance dials Allana's number to ask for another date since the last one was so successful and they agree on 4pm.
Lassiters Park
Michelle is walking Harvey and spots a scooter lying on the ground. She shouts if it belongs to anyone and when nobody answers, she picks it up and takes it with her.
Drew is working on the Beetle when Libby calls by. She asks about the car and describes it as a bomb, even if it is shiny. Drew is giving her the positives of the car but she isn't impressed as she has her heart set on getting a brand new car, which leaves Drew feeling crestfallen.
No. 30
Lance is catching up on obviously much needed sleep and doesn't budge when someone knocks on the door. Reluctantly Toadie answers the door to Allana, and when he mentions her name, Lance suddenly wakes up. She comes in and explains she wanted to come and see him - aww. Toadie tries to ask about her sister but she only has eyes for Lance.
Drew is still trying to persuade Libby of the benefits of having a Beetle but she still isn't interested.
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