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Neighbours Episode 3667 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3667
Australian airdate: 21/11/00
UK airdate: 22/01/01
UK Gold: 21/09/05
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Darcy Tyler - Mark Raffety
Allana Truman - Josephine Clark
Jack Hastings - Doug Dew (although all guest stars are not credited)
Special Appearance by Michael Tierney of 'Human Nature'
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Shona
Darcy talks to Tess and Dee about Dee's injured ankle
Joel needs to talk to Flick
Number 30
Flick is relieved to find out that Joel still wants to be her date. Joel says he's looking forward to the Deb, despite Joe's interference, but....Lance comes in on cue and shows Flick an article in the paper about Human Nature doing an incognito gig in Eden Hills before their concert. Lance takes Joel's hints and leaves. Flick says there's still so much to organise!
Number 32
Dee steps on her ankle and falls over. Tess reminds her about not putting any weight on her ankle - she should do what she's told.
Number 30
Flick doesn't know where the after party is, but it'll be pretty huge. Joel agrees that he'll go to the after-party too. He admits he's had fun organising things but she has to realise they're only going as friends and nothing can ever happen. Flick knows this and decides she has to go.
Drew is fixing up Libby's car and is happy when Lou comes in with a part for it. He's also got some more work coming in.
Number 28
Darcy comes in and Karl shouts from the hallway "That wouldn't be the dreadful Dr Darcy, would it?" He hugs him hello - it's been such a long time, but Darcy still calls him 'Uncle Karl'. Darcy spots his guitar, thinking that Karl would've grown out of rock 'n' roll by now but if Mick Jagger can still have a career, why not Karl? He strums some chords and Karl does his best Mick impression. What a larf.
The Coffee Shop
Toadie talks about the two way street attraction between Flcik and Joel. And Lance thought his love life was complicated. He's meeting Allana tonight, as he's completed all his tasks. Toadie warns him that she's not really an intergalactic goddess and not to come crying to him when he finds she's human. But nothing will spoil this for Lance.
Lassiters' Lake
Lance spots Flick sitting by the lake. She tells him she feels like a total idiot and mentions the conversation she had with Joel. She asks if Joel's ever said anything about her but he says no. She asks him to ask Joel about how he feels but Lance doesn't think he should. She has to forget it, but death-by-chocolate cake at the coffee shop may help.
The Coffee Shop
So it's off to the Coffee Shop they go. Lance is tucking into a nice bit of choccy cake, telling Flick that in a few years the age difference won't matter. Flick is a little distracted by someone who's just walked in - it's Michael from Human Nature, who's looking for something for a sore throat. Flick does the whole - "Hello, are you Michael from Human Nature?" thing. He says he gets it all the time and she apologises. But then she's so convinced that it is him that she tries again and he admits it. She introduces herself and he says that they're doing a show in Eden Hills. But he's got a really sore throat and the surgery's closed. Lucky, then, that they're neighbours with the doctor - and he's probably a Human Nature fan anyway. They dash off to Ramsay Street.
Lou thinks that getting the contract for Jack's fleet could double their business. Jack arrives and likes the work Drew is doing on the VW bug. He's wanted one for his 17 year old but can't track one down. He would be a very happy man if he heard it was for sale.
Number 28
Doctors Tyler and Kennedy look over Michael. Tyler prescribes aspirin, fluids and rest while Kennedy thinks an antibiotic might be needed. Tyler doesn't think that they have time to test him for the right one. Lance asks who Michael listens too and Kennedy says both of them. Michael is worried as they have a warm-up gig tonight, but Karl says he can't do it. Flick suggests they arrange another warm up gig.
Number 30
Toadie wishes Joel would cut out the angst about Flick. Joel paces around while James Hetfield snarls over his shoulder, musing that if only she was a bit older. He'll do the right thing though. Toadie is glad to hear it.
Number 28
Michael gives Flick his number, saying it should be cool with the other guys too. He tries to pay for his treatment but Karl won't have any of it. He tells him to take the antibiotics - "or not", as Darcy says. Michael leaves. Flick is so glad she has his number.
After Lance and Flick have gone, Karl says to Darcy that antibiotics have their place - there was a time when he used to listen to him. They have a little jam session with their guitars.
Number 30
Lance is counting down the hours until his big meeting. He wonders what to wear. Toadie suggest costume, but Joel's unsure. When he mentions he saw Flick Joel wants to know if she was okay and he tells him about the phone number incident with Michael. Joel looks a bit annoyed but tells Toadie that he's over it.
Lou's Place
Drew wonders if he could look around for another VW but there's only 3 days until Jack's daughter's birthday. Lou isn't putting any pressure on him but selling Jack the car would get a lot of business coming their way. Drew was thinking about Libby's face when she saw the car but selling it might be better for Lib in the long run.
Darcy and Karl come in, still talking about guitar chords and the like. Drew and Darcy are introduced again - Karl says he taught everything about music and medicine to Darcy. Darcy thinks that there are more competent teachers.
Number 30
Joel gets the door - it's Flick telling Joel that they probably don't need any dance lessons tonight. Lance comes in a long leotard type thing with a lightning bolt on it and boots (like the dreaded wrestling outfits). Flick leaves. Toadie and Joel will drive Lance, just in case his car breaks down and he's left looking like that.
Number 28
Darcy's cooking dinner. Libby comes home and opens a letter from the accident compensation board, telling her she's eligible for compensation. She has to wait six months, even though she could do with the money now. Darcy mentions their celebrity patient. Libby thinks it would make a good story.
Outside Allana's House
Lance is suddenly feeling very overdressed outside Allana's normal looking house. Just when the Toadmobile is going to race back to Ramsay Street for him to get changed lights shine from the house and Lance gets out and knocks on the door. He's let in to a hallway covered in silver paper. Someone shines a torch in his face, welcoming this "courageous quester". Lance is going a bit blind with the light as she tells him his success has surpassed everything and his reward with befit what he's endured. Lance would have endured more. We see Allana and she tells Lance that she knows - and it pleases her greatly.
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