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Neighbours Episode 3640 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3640
Australian airdate: 13/10/00
UK airdate: 5/12/00
UK Gold: 2/9/05
Writer: Jon Stephens
Director: Amanda Brotchie
Guests: None.
- "Hard" by Stella One Eleven
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Lou giving Patsy the go-ahead to move in once Drew moves out.
Lance telling Flick to kiss Joel (her pretend husband in his film) and her kissing him passionately.
No. 30
Toadie and Joel sit watching Lance's film whilst eating breakfast as Lance comes in from deliver leaflets to join in viewing but just as it comes to the bit where Joel and Flick kiss the tape goes all fuzzy and you can't see the scene. Lance starts to panic because that scene was meant to be symbolic of his relationship with Allana. Toad suggests shooting the scene again but Joel isn't too happy as Lance heads over to see if Flick can do a re-enactment.
No. 26
Lyn finally gets to use her exercise bike and comments how some of the settings seem to have changed overnight and that maybe she will have to join a gym afterall when Joe suggests she isn't as fit as she thought she was. Paul calls round for Flick to invite her to go with him to pick a suit after school. Joe comments that it is like Burke Street when Lance knocks on the door to ask Flick to re-enact the kissing scene and can they do it at lunchtime and Flick readily agrees.
As Lance departs, he runs into Michelle who takes the opportunity to moan at him about all the leaflets she is delivering for Toadie with no sign of payment. Lance tells her to speak to Toadie.
No. 30
Lance returns home as Toadie is moaning to the parent of a deliver who has let him down because their child was ill! Taking Lance's advice, Michelle comes round wanting her money and refusing to do any more deliveries until she gets paid. Toadie suggests that Michelle sub-contracts the work out to other kids, which she accepts as long as he doesn't rat on her.
No. 22
Lou has popped back home to check the mail as he is expecting a letter from the bank - it's a new PIN number and after memorising it, he rips it up and goes to put it in the bin. Patsy watches him very carefully, even suggesting she put the rubbish out (the bag was full) but he takes the rubbish out instead.
No. 26
Joe is back on the bike having a workout and notices a flier from a company and phones to order a set of bench presses.
No. 22
Patsy has gone and taken the rubbish bag out of the bin and carefully retrieves the ripped up PIN number when Michelle just about scares the living daylights out of her when she calls round. Naturally, Michelle wonders what she is up to and Patsy replies that she has lost something.
After the carefully placed ad break, Michelle tells Patsy that vegetable peelers are cheap to replace (what she told Michelle to cover up why she was looking in the rubbish). Naturally, there is no sign of the peeler and Michelle finally gets round to saying why she was over in the first place - to offer her services as a babysitter, and Patsy says she'll keep her offer in mind before virtually pushing Michelle out of the door.
No. 30
Lance is going for re-enactment and Flick just about jumps on Joel as Paul and Toadie laugh in the background. After reminding them that they are not shooting a porn film, Lance asks Flick to come back after school since they've run out of time. Flick agrees to this until Paul reminds her they are supposed to be getting him a suit but he caves in after a bit of pleading from Lance to go the following day.
The Coffee Shop
Over a coffee, Lyn comments that Susan looks tired and asks if she still wants to come round for a piano lesson tonight. Susan replies that she forgot how tiring looking after young children was but she is looking forward to Lyn coming round. Susan comments on how good Lyn looks and Lyn tells her about the fitness regime she is observing and how good her relationship with Joe is since they've come back from their holiday, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.
No. 30
It is back to the film but not the kissing scene but the death scene, which they get on the second take. Toadie comes home still annoyed following a meeting with the parents of his workers who have been accusing him of exploiting their kids, which of course Toadie has denied.
No. 28
Susan shows Lyn how to do some notes on the piano. During a break, Lyn asks how things are going with Libby and Drew and Susan replies that they are letting them sort things out in their own time. It's Susan's turn for the questions now as she asks how come Steph doesn't have a man in her life since she is such a pretty girl. Lyn replies that Steph is too fussy before Susan jokingly confesses to Lyn that she thought Steph fancied Drew! Lyn laughs this off but Susan looks like she knows something was wrong before they resume the lesson.
No. 30
Toadie is giving Flick a tutorial for maths when Joel announces he's off out for a jog.
No. 26
Lyn arrives home surprised to see a bench press in her living room. Joe tries to say they need it but Lyn wants to know how they can afford it but he palms her off. After sending Joe off to have a shower, Lyn unsuccessfully tries to use the equipment.
Lou's Place
Over supper, Joe asks Lyn how her lesson with Susan went and she replies fine. Joe goes to the bar so Lyn can chat to the very quiet Michelle. Michelle tells her about her visit to Patsy earlier that day, suggesting that she was really odd and is unlikely to give her any babysitting work either. Lou who has been clearing table's butts into their conversation and Michelle tells him about her fears. Lou shoots her down telling Michelle he is a very good judge of character but as he takes the glasses he has collected back to the bar, his face tells a different story.
No. 22
Lou arrives home from work and mentions to Patsy what Michelle said (about the babysitting) but Patsy decides to get her side of the story in first - Michelle caught her at a bad moment as she was looking through the rubbish for the "lost" veggie peeler. Lou decides to go and check on Lolly and when he leaves, Patsy rifles through his wallet and looks at his bankcard.
No. 30
A knackered and hot Joel comes home form his jog and comments about Flick still being there as he removes his vest. Flick is now looking at his body and Toadie gives up on the maths tutorial. She asks him a favour - partnering her for the deb ball!
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