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Neighbours Episode 3639 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3639
Australian airdate: 12/10/00
UK airdate: 04/12/00
Writer: Clare Mendes
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Patsy Edis: Anne Maloney
Leo Hancock & Emily Hancock: uncredited
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam & Sayaka
Patsy telling Lou she'd like to help as much as she can - so why, as Drew's leaving, doesn't she just move in? Drew offering to look after Leo whilst Lib takes Emily out for a drive.
The Kennedys'
Leo is throwing things round the house and Drew tries to distract him with a book, but he throws it and apparently wins a gold medal. He wants to be a shot putter. So Drew takes him into the garden to find things to throw.
The Coffee Shop
Lib carries Emily in - they've obviously had a nice drive. She runs into her mum and orders some food from Madge. Susan and Lib sit down, and Lib explains that she left Leo with Drew as Karl had to go out. Suse offers to take Emily from Lib for a while, but Libby is enjoying it, and seems quite happy! So Suse goes off for shopping - just as Karl comes in. He whispers to Susan that he was worried about Lib so he rushed back from his housecall, but Susan reassures him that she seems to be having a good time with the kids.
No 22
Lou is getting ready to leave for work and Patsy thought he was leaving later? Lou has to go in as someone's cancelled their shift at the pub. Patsy suggests again that if someone were living in it would make it easier for Lou...which he agrees with and he promises to think about it.
Patsy smirks.
The Kennedys'
Drew tells Leo that he's a good shot putter and helps him with his stance when shot putt...ing? Leo sulks at the table - he's missing his parents and his dad's really sick. Okay, now I feel bad for saying he's sulking. But not that bad.
Drew says his parents also live far away, so he knows what it's like to miss your parents. Aw. Leo asks him if he's Lib's boyfriend - Drew says he's not - he's just a friend of the family.
Lou's Place
Susan and Karl come in and Suse thinks they've done really well on the shopping front - although it seems that Susan did significantly better in the 'buying things for herself' stakes than Karl - he only got a pair of socks.
Tight as a drum, doctor Karl.
They order lattes, much to Lou's disgust, but he tells them he's got some Wigs for Kids money - which he can't find - he seems to be missing a $50 note. Watch the storyline develop.
Susan comments that Patsy seems to be brilliant with kids, loving Lolly, and the perfect person to live with. Susan comments to Karl that Lib was really good with Emily earlier - it made her feel quite sad to watch her.
The Kennedys'
Lib returns with Emily, and Drew and Leo are watching television. They laugh at Libby's hair (Emily has tied ribbons randomly in it). Lib comments that she and Drew are good at this kids' stuff, and Drew - awkwardly - thinks it comes from having younger siblings.
Cut to later when Lib and Drew are still with the kids, and Drew says he has to go.
LIB: It's funny, it seems like only yesterday you rocked into town.
DREW: Two years, two months, one week.
LIB: Really.
DREW: Yeah.
Leo hugs Drew goodbye and wants him to play Olympics again, so Drew suggests he asks Lib instead. Drew leaves.
No 22
Patsy is cutting chocolate cake and Drew comments on the fact that Lou wouldn't like that. Patsy gives it to Lolly anyway.
Patsy asks Drew to put a good word in to Lou for her about moving into the house. He walks off to pack, but looks back at Patsy. Patsy then tells Lolly to tell her father "I want Patsy to live with us."
Oooh - I hate manipulation. She's creepier than Tess.
The Kennedys'
Lib and the kids are drawing - Leo has drawn Dahl and Em's drawing a tree.
Susan and Karl return home and Lib comments how great Drew was with Leo. Karl asks the kids to help him feed Cassie outside - Leo doesn't believe that sheep actually eat biscuits.
Lib picks up a picture the kids have drawn- it's of Drew.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in and tells Madge and Harold that the letter they found with JFK's signature on it isn't worth as much as they thought - only $80, not $2000 as they'd hoped.
Apparently the signature is a printed one, not a handwritten one, and Harold is gutted!!
No 22
Patsy brings Drew coffee, and he confesses that he doesn't know whether to really sell the garage or not - it wasn't until he got to this point that he's really thought about what he's doing. Patsy encourages him to sell - but she has ulterior motives.
As Lou returns, she tells Lolly to tell Lou she wants Patsy to live with them - which Lolly does. Lou again says he'll think about it.
Lou and Drew talk about the figures at the garage briefly before he leaves.
The Kennedys'
Lib tells Susan that the kids are occupied somewhere. Susan tells Karl about the JFK letter and that it's apparently really valuable; Lib thinks she'll do a piece for the paper.
There's a knock at the door and it's Harold. All the Kennedys gush over him and his kindness with the JFK letter and consequent donation, so Harold fesses up. Karl and Susan tell him not to worry, but he's distraught, so he says he'll make it up by selling wigs at TCS.
Lou's Place
Drew and Lou talk about the sale of the garage, and Lou thinks he should accept the offer he's been given, although he could hang on a little longer. Drew comments that he finds Patsy a bit strange - not perhaps who she pretends to be. Lou says he gets no sense of that - he's going to ask her to move in if Drew insists on moving out.
Lib comes in and says that she needs to pick up some sherry for her dad's cooking, and that she needs time out from the kids. Drew says that's not true - she enjoyed the kids. He says that's what he doesn't understand. They're good together, they have fun, and with or without kids they could have a fantastic life together. He walks away; Libby says nothing.
The Kennedys'
Lib sits up late thinking about Drew. Susan comments that she shouldn't stay up too late.
Cut to the next morning Susan is looking for her briefcase and diary, and Lib is getting things ready to take the kids to the zoo with Karl. Lib is gushing about the children - apparently Emily thinks that elephants go "collump, collump" which is also apparently cute.
Karl's beeper goes off. He has a bad feeling about this...
Patsy is making up Lolly's lunch. Lou says she's spoiling them both. Drew comes in and tells Lou that the solicitor will have the contracts for the garage drawn up by next week.
When Drew has gone, Lou tells Patsy that Lolly will miss Drew when he's gone. Then he says he's been thinking - he'd like Patsy to move in when Drew moves out. They shake hands on the deal.
The Kennedys'
Karl is just off to the hospital while Emily and Leo are tormenting Darl(!) Libby gets playful with them, pretending to be a grizzly bear and they all run shrieking round the room.
Drew knocks on the door. Leo is very pleased to see him and hugs him. He observes Libby and Emily still playing at grizzly bears and suggests that Libby takes something for her throat(!)
Leo is still banging on about the Olympics and winning medals. So Drew takes out an old medal he found while cleaning out his room and gives it to Leo.
Drew tells Libby that he's got a buyer for the garage, a bloke called Doug Thorpe. He wishes them a nice time at the zoo. Leo wants Drew to come to the zoo too, but Drew heads off. Leo wants to know why.
LEO: Why can't Drew come with us?
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