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Neighbours Episode 3620 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3620
Australian airdate: 15/09/00
UK airdate: 07/11/00
UK Gold: 19/08/05
Writer: Don Battye
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Roy "Stanno" Stanley: Cameron Douglas
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Psychic Cats" by Automatic
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Michelle tells Lyn that she only got to meet one of Boy4 - Jake the Fake.
A dog runs through the concrete on Joe's building site.
Drew tells Libby it's impossible for them to be friends.
The Garage
Steph rides up with her biker mates. Drew gives her her bke which he's been fixing. Steph says that Drew looks perkier. He tells her that he's spoken to Libby and told her what was what. He feels glad that he did it - he's fed up of being a doormat. He says he told her that he wanted a relationship, not a friendship. He's glad he's got it off his chest at least.
A Good Hair Day
Lyn tells Madge that Joe is very bad at communicating. She can't understand why men won't show any feeling and wishes Joe would talk about his family. She says that Joe seems to let problems wash over him. Madge says maybe he wasn't brought up not to show their feelings. Madge says that sometimes she feels like a widow to the wider community with Harold. She saya a nice long walk helps things!
Building Site
The dog who ran across the cement steals Joe's sandwich and runs off. Joe gives chase.
Michelle is cleaning out the Boy4 pictures from her locker. Tess says she'll soon find another idol. She suggests Michelle read a book that she likes. Michelle writes the title down.
Daniel comes up and invites Tess to the pub after work.
The Coffee Shop
Harold has got some computers in to make the Coffee Shop into an Internet Café(!) Madge is surprised and not pleased. Lou doesn't think the computers are a waste of money - but they might get people coming in just for the computers and not buying food and drink. But Harold thinks it will work out fine. When Lou has gone, Madge tells Harold that she's supposed to be an equal partner in the Coffee Shop. But Harold refuses to send the computer back.
The Pub
Steph and Stanno come in. Drew is at the bar and invites Drew to join them in a game of pool. She tells Stanno that the ride has really cleared her head out.
A Good Hair Day
Michelle is reading the book that Tess recommended. Lyn makes her stop and sweep up. Tess comes in and sees Michelle with the book. She tells her she'll love it.
The Coffee Shop
A customer is using the computer, much to Madge's displeasure. Harold says it's not different to her and Lou starting a website. Harold is clearly making a point about equal partnership. Madge shouts that she's going out for a nice long walk(!)
Building Site
Joe is still trying to catch the dog and falls in a pool(!)
A Good Hair Day
Tess and Lyn chat about the kids growing up quickly. Michelle is still sweeping up. She tells Lyn that she'd like her hair like Tess', so Lyn puts a blonde wig on her head!
Building Site
Joe reverses his ute. Suddenly he hears a dog whimper in pain.
The Pub
Lou says that Harold is clearly trying to make a point about Ozechef. He suggests that she gives Harold a trial period with the computers.
Daniel comes in and Steph apologises to him for being abrupt before. Tess comes up and offers to buy them a drink, but Steph is going home.
A Good Hair Day
Lyn and Michelle are dancing around the salon floor with brooms. Steph looks round the door then comes in and joins in!
The Coffee Shop
Madge comes in with a sour look on her face. Harold shows her the figures for the Internet Café. Harold says that he didn't ask her because she was busy. Madge says Harold is always busy himself. She's not looking forward to him going away next week and leaving her with all that responsibility which now includes the computers too.
Lyn, Steph and Michelle come in to find Joe sitting on the sofa with a dog. He tells them he's a stray that he accidentally ran over. Steph suggests that they take him to the vet's but Lyn is worried that it'll cost money. Michelle and Steph are enamoured with the dog. Joe and Lyn take him off to the vet.
The Coffee Shop
Harold is on the computer and is shocked to come across some "Unsavoury" sites. Madge agrees to give the computers a try. She says the Internet makes her feel her age(!)
Madge opens a letter addressed to Harold - it's the JFK letter. BUt unfortunately, they see that Lolly has drawn a picture on it - that's how it got in the mail.
Lou comes in and they show him the letter. He looks shocked.
Steph is telling Tess that she's feeling a lot better after the bike ride. She says going on the bike makes you lose all your inhibitions. Tess thinks maybe she should take up riding too(!) She tells Steph that she feels guilty because she's taken a fancy to someone and it's not long since Brendan died. Steph asks if it's Drew, but Tess says no, it's Daniel!
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