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Neighbours Episode 3619 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3619
Australian airdate: 14/09/00
UK airdate: 06/11/00
UK Gold: 18/8/05
Writer: Michael O’Rourke
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
- "Teenager Of The Year" by Lo-Tel
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Steph thanking Daniel for their date and telling him she'll go out with him again.
Cheyenne giving Paul an ultimatum - her or Flick.
No. 24
Cheyenne wants her answer but Paul tries to dodge giving an answer in favour of going for a coffee. After reminding Paul that they've got work to do, Flick and Cheyenne start trading insults to each other and Cheyenne decides she's had enough and goes to leave. Paul wants her to stay but again Flick reminds him about their group assignment before deciding to leave!
The Coffee Shop
Drew comes in for his order and Steph asks for a favour - she needs her bike looked at...today! Tess and Daniel enter as Drew gives in to look at the bike. Daniel invites Steph out but she turns him down in favour of going out with her biker mates, which surprises him a bit. He also mentions to Drew that they have a talent scout coming to their next game too before they both leave.
No. 28
Susan tells Libby that Flick getting the money for the PC's reminds her a lot of Libby. Lib tells her that her new regime is doing wonders for her and is looking forward to seeing the new specialist tomorrow and also that she is going back to work too...and doing battle with Geri again.
The Coffee Shop
Tess tells a surprised Steph that Daniel is just being protective of Steph for her wanting to go out with bikers and it is just his way of protecting her. After replying that she doesn't need protecting from Stanno and Knuckles, Tess asks if they had a good time on their date. Steph admits she was distracted and Tess suggests that they go on another date...which Steph would if she were after a relationship.
No. 26
Tad lets himself in as Flick turns down a date with Jake from Boy4. They start talking about Paul and Cheyenne and Flick thinks Paul is a lost cause but Tad tells her not to give up on him just yet.
No. 24
She might if she saw that Cheyenne was trying to swallow Paul while pashing! Paul turns down a date because of footy training and she takes this personally. Again, she gives him an ultimatum - the footy team or her.
The Coffee Shop
Flick is still moaning to Tad about Cheyenne when they run into Libby getting supplies. Libby comments to Tad that she thought he'd be out DJ-ing, so Flick explains about Doula ripping Tad off. Lib is interested in this and wants to do an article about it for the paper.
No. 24
Cheyenne continues to pash Paul when Daniel calls round to see why Paul wasn't at training. Cheyenne says Paul was ill but Daniel isn't blind and tells Paul he is surprised by what he has done because missing training means no game on Saturday, just as a talent scout is coming to watch too. He also adds that he let both himself and the team down.
No. 28
Susan gushes to Libby about watching Harrison Ford in the movie they've just seen. Lib tells Susan that she prefers her man to be down to earth and a bit rough round the edge. Susan says she's seen that man - Drew!
No. 24
Paul is sulking about blowing his footy career for a night of pashing with Cheyenne. She suggests getting her dad to have a word in the right ear just as Tad arrives home and tells Cheyenne her dad has arrived, surprised to see her and her dad in Ramsay Street. When Cheyenne leaves, Tad asks Paul if he is planning on letting her dad do his dirty work for him. Paul replies that he doesn't know what to do.
No. 26
Drew calls round to give Steph an update on her bike and he'll finish it off first thing when she is disappointed it isn't sorted already. He leaves just as Daniel comes round to invite her to the pub for a drink. She turns him down again and asks if he has a problem with her going out with Stanno and Knuckles. Daniel replies no, and invites her out when she gets back instead but Steph is non-committal.
Lou's Place
Daniel is drowning his sorrows annoyed at what Paul did and Barney disappearing too. Drew asks what else is up and he tells Drew about Steph turning down his invitations and thinks she is putting barriers up around him.
No. 28
Lib wakes Susan up by making some carrot juice for her breakfast and asks Susan if Karl was a perfect 10 but Susan only rated him a 5 the first time but she liked his body! Susan adds that she knew early on that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.
The Coffee Shop
Drew catches Paul in TCS and asks Drew not to have a go at him. He then asks Drew if he ever had a girlfriend his mates hated. Drew tells him about going out with Geri but tells Paul to trust his instincts.
Cheyenne comments to Paul as they walk down the corridor that he hangs out with the weirdest people (Flick and Tad are right behind them). He asks if she's spoken to her dad yet, she hasn't, and he asks her to hold off for the moment.
No. 26
Steph gets Tess round to collect Barney who she found. Steph asks Tess not to mention Daniel because he's been coming on strong to her. Tess goes on about how good a guy he is, so Steph suggests that she goes out with him, to enable Steph to get on with her own life.
Susan tells the class to settle down so those who are going to see King Leah can go to the bus that has just arrived. Tad wonders why parents would object to their children going and they all leave bar Cheyenne but she does a mini-ultimatum this time and Paul stays back with her.
Lib watches Drew repair Steph's bike and plucks up the courage to go and speak to him. She tells him she is going back to work and about her story about Tad. Drew replies he is glad to see the old Libby back in action again. Lib asks how he is, which surprises him, so she explains that friends make conversation with each other. Drew suggests to her that she wasn't walking past just by accident, despite what Libby tries to say, but is annoyed with himself when she leaves without really explaining why she called by.
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