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Neighbours Episode 3612 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3612
Australian airdate: 05/09/00
UK airdate: 26/10/00
UK Gold: 15/08/05
Writer: Lois Booton
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Cheyenne Rivers: Angelique Meunier
Tim Harrison: Tom Budge
- "The Astronaut" by Something For Kate
- "Sea Of Love" by Ashley Reeder
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Flick tells Tess that the students are going to fight to have the Rainbow Alley book reinstated.
Daniel tells Tess that he's fallen for Steph.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess is surprised (she clearly thought Daniel was talking about her). Daniel says he'll tell Steph soon - Tess has inspired him. He asks Tess if she's interested in finding her own relationship. She says she might one day.
The Coffee Shop
Libby comes in and hugs Lolly. Drew looks on at this cute scene. Libby makes smalltalk with Drew. He says he got her letter - Libby said she just wanted to open the lines of communication. She suggest they meet up this afternoon for a chat. Drew clearly thinks this is more than Libby intends because he smiles widely.
Tess and Daniel's
Tess is in a bad mood doing her marking. She tells Daniel that he'll have to be nice to her or she could badmouth her to Steph(!) He decides to ask Steph out today.
The kids are talking about the book Rainbow Alley, led by Flick. Everyone is interested except Cheyenne who is only interested in ogling Paul(!) Tess comes in and helps them out a bit.
The Garage
Steph comes in with some orders for Drew. Drew is in a very good mood, telling Steph that Libby wants to meet him that afternoon. He tells Steph in confidence that he's optimistic that they're on the road back.
Paul and Cheyenne are pashing in the corridor. Cheyenne tells Paul about her dad not donating the computers to the school.
The Coffee Shop
Steph comes in and sees Daniel there. He asks her to have dinner with him tonight. Steph looks surprised and is about to say no when she changes her mind, saying she hasn't had a better offer in months. They agree to meet at 8pm.
Steph hugs Libby who looks interested in Steph and Daniel!
Cheyenne tells Flick how fantastic Paul is and drags him off.
Tad tells Flick he's got something to tell her.
Steph tells Libby that Daniel is "alright". Libby is surprised at her lack of enthusiasm. She teases Steph about all the men in Erinsborough falling for her. Libby doesn't say a lot about her time at Grandpa Tom's. She said she watched the rain and read Jane Austen - mostly because Jane Austen annoys Grandpa Tom. She tells Steph how much she loves Grandpa Tom - he likes people to work things out for themselves.
The Garage
Drew is washing his hands when Daniel comes in. He tells him that he's just off to meet Libby. He's still enthusiastic. Daniel tells Drew that he's asked Steph out. Drew looks surprised and wishes Daniel luck. He tells Daniel not to mess Steph around as she's his mate.
Libby puts an envelope marked "Drew" down on the table. As "If I Had Yewwwww" plays, Drew knocks on the door. Libby answers it nervously.
Flick is sniping at Cheyenne again much to Paul's disgust. She's going on about the new computers for the school. Tess gets mad and says they'll all take it up in Mrs Kennedy's office.
Libby and Drew are making polite conversation. They chat about Steph and Daniel. Libby is curious that Steph hasn't been out with any of the local guys - she's always had a feeling that there was someone else for Steph.
Susan's office
Cheyenne is moaning that it's not her fault about her father and the computers. Flick moans about the book being withdrawn. Susan insists that the matter must end here. Then she adds that they must behave like adults now they're in Year 11 and respect other people's points of view. As Flick leaves she asks Susan pointedly when the computers will arrive. Susan tells her not to push her luck.
When the kids have gone, Susan tells Tess that they're at the tip of the iceberg.
Drew and Libby are chatting and laughing but inbetween subjects things are a little bit strained. Libby gives Drew a present that Grandpa Tom has sent him - it's the envelope marked "Drew". Libby herself doesn't know what it is. Drew opens the envelope and finds a white feather. Libby thinks Grandpa Tom has gone senile, but Drew looks at the feather thoughtfully.
Cheyenne is moaning to Paul about Flick. Then they start pashing again. Tad looks at the pashing with admiration(!)
Tess and Daniel's
Daniel is ironing his shirt for his date with Steph tonight. Tess suggests that he doesn't wear a suit. Tess is a bit distracted though and Daniel looks at her curiously.
Libby and Drew are laughing and getting on well. Drew suddenly says that he's really missed talking to Libby. Things get awkward again. Libby tells Drew that she's treated him really badly and she's sorry. Drew says he should have realised Libby needed time to come to terms with things.
DREW: All that matters to me is that we're back together again.
Libby says she's stuffed things up - she only wants to be friends, that's all.
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