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Neighbours Episode 3611 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3611
Australian airdate: 04/09/00
UK airdate: 25/10/00
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Doula Tsobanopoulos: Katherine Halliday
Ari Tsobanopoulos: Campbell Smith
Mark Low: Russel McGilton
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Flick presenting a petition from the student body not to remove Rainbow Alley from the reading list. Doula telling Tad not to threaten her - or his DJ career is over.
The Coffee Shop
Tad tells Harold he was just shafted and runs after Doula. He tells her he doesn't like to be threatened - he will go through with it, and she's ripping him off. Harold comes out and lays into Doula, telling her that her behaviour is against the law. Doula storms off in a badly acted sort of a way.
Lou's Place
Drew and Daniel are chanting a football chant - kind of. They make very uninteresting football talk whilst playing pool, and Drew asks Daniel who he has his eye on. Daniel says it's someone he knows - everyone knows her...but he won't say who.
The Bishops'
Tad is reading the back of an LP cover, and Harold notes how exciting Tad seems to find DJing. Tad agrees - he loves getting the room going, and making the energy in the room happen. Harold still can't believe Doula's behaviour, and Tad didn't realise she could be so ruthless. He doesn't want to let her win, and Harold thinks that victory could be closer to home that Tad realises.
Number 32
Flick comes to see Tess, and says it's about Rainbow Alley, asking her to put the pressure on Susan to reinstate the book. Tess wants to know what Cheyenne's dad has on Mrs K, and if it's about the school PCs. Tess won't tell Flick - she tells her to talk to Susan if she has a problem. Flick leaves.
The Kennedys'
Huurah! Karl and Susan! Karl is stroppy because he doesn't want to watch this show, and Susan's cross because she wants him to be quiet so she can watch it in peace. Either way it doesn't really matter because there's a knock at the door and it's Drew. Susan quickly forgets the TV show and offers Drew a coffee, but no, thanks, he just popped round to see when Libby was getting home. He's had a letter from her, and Susan is thrilled at this, and is sure that Lib will call him as SOON as she gets home!
Karl reprimands Susan for getting Drew's hopes up about Libby's return, and tells her not to jump the gun. She tells Karl that he doesn't seem to care whether they get back together or not, but he says he's just not getting anyone's hopes up.
SUSAN: Sometimes I think you don't care whether they get back together or not.
KARL: Oh, no, wait - that's not fair. I just don't want to see them getting their hopes up. I don't want to see Drew getting his hopes up and I don't want to see you getting your hopes up.
SUSAN: Fine. We'll just sit back and watch Libby destroy her life and Drew's.
KARL: What Libby is doing is stupid, alright, I know that, but you've got to think about it from her position. She's angry with the world, she feels powerless... And if we try and control her feelings...
SUSAN: I am not trying to control anything! I just want things to work out for the best. Nave, I know, but there you have it! Shoot me!
Number 32
Tess tells Daniel that Flick was spot on with her accusations, and that Susan is being blackmailed by Cheyenne's father. Daniel can't believe it, and thinks it's bad - resources are stretched right now, so Susan is doing the right thing.
He also tells Tess to get ready for dinner - he needs to talk to her later.
The Bishops's
Paul agrees with Harold that Tad should take the problem to the management at Hemisphere, but Tad isn't too sure. Paul thinks that it's the best thing to do - Hemisphere are also being ripped off, so this is definitely the right thing.
The phone goes, and it's Flick, and Paul's running off...just as he does there's someone at the door for Tad. He looks not very nice, and tells "Mr Bishop" that it won't take long - there's just a few things he needs to sort out with Tad.
The Coffee Shop
Doula's brother is threatening Tad with the way he's treating Doula, but Tad sticks up for himself. Doula's brother doesn't like it, and Harold asks him to leave; Harold ends up being threatened, too. What a horrible family.
TAD: I'll tell you, if he wants a fight, he's got one.
The Kennedys'
The Ks are eating dinner.
KARL: Mmm, that was very good.
SUSAN: It was very leftovers.
She seems a bit down. Karl asks if they can move on from the Libby / Drew business, and Susan gets annoyed, saying she didn't say a word! Karl acknowledges this, but knows she's sitting there and thinking about it! Susan says that she just thinks there's a real possibility that they'll get back together, that's all. Mothers have a sixth sense about these things, but...
Libby's home! Karl hugs her and takes her suitcase, then Susan hugs her. The hug is very sweet - more Kym and Jackie than Libby and Susan - they look really pleased to see each other! Lib apologises for leaving so abruptly, claiming that she needed some space; Karl doesn't understand how she can get on with Tom so well. Libby says that they appreciate each others' unique qualities.
The Scullys'
Flick is asking Paul to spy on his girlfriend's dad because she needs to know if it is him who is blackmailing Susan about the school computers.
The Bishops'
Tad and Harold are getting in the car to go to the club, and Harold is reminding Tad to be strong. He offers to go in with Tad if need be, but Tad politely declines, saying that Harold's not really dressed for it.
The Hemisphere club
Doula is talking to someone in the club...just as Tad enters the club, asking to speak to Mark, the manager. Doula looks furious. Tad tells him there's things he needs to talk to him about the clib, and they go off somewhere private to talk.
The Kennedys'
Lib tells her parents of the food that she was eating at Tom's and how Tom's doing and what he's up to. She says that she's gained a better perspective on life now, she knows what's important. Susan goes to say something and Karl deliberately interrupts her so she can't start talking about Drew. Lib tells her mum how good it is to be home and gives her a hug.
Karl tells Lib to unpack - he'll bring her coffee in later.
He sticks his head out of the bedroom door to say to Susan:
KARL: Hey, you! Stop it!
Susan just looks pleased with herself.
The Hemisphere club
Tad has finished telling Mark what Doula's been up to, and says he never usually does this, but he's not prepared to be ripped off. He also tells Mark about Doula trying to threaten him with never working again.
Mark tells Tad to leave it all with him, and walks away.
Number 32
Daniel and Tess have just finished dinner, and Tess can't manage it all, so she has to stop. As if we care. Tess asks him what he wanted to talk to her about, but the door goes, and it's Drew...
The Bishops'
Paul tells Tad that he did the right thing, but Tad realises that now he's a DJ with no job at all. Harold also says that he's proud of him...and then Flick's at the door. She apologises to Paul about asking about Cheyenne's father, and she hates that she keeps fighting with Paul.
Paul says that he thinks most of the problems are coming from her, but Flick thinks Paul's partly to blame. But we don't hear the end of that because now the phone's going and it's the club manager Mark for Tad. He says that he's made some calls and has terminated Doula's contract - and he'll have a cheque by the end of the week. He also says that Tad can play at the club again. Tad is thrilled and thanks him for everything. He tells Harold what happened, and everyone's really pleased with the outcome.
Number 32
Drew leaves and looks over at number 28 mournfully, and they play that Drew music that they've played since he and Lib split up. Altogether now..."if I had you.....I would have everything..."
Cut back to the inside of number 32, Tess and Daniel sit on the sofa to have their "talk." Tess says she's happy to listen, so Daniel tells her - there's this woman he really, really likes, but can't tell her. Tess looks thrilled and totally understands that he's finding it hard. She wants to know who it is, as she thinks she's already guessed.
DANIEL: You'll be surprised.
TESS: I don't' think so
DANIEL: Okay. It's Steph.
Cue Tess looking surprised.
End Credits
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