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Neighbours Episode 3583 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3583
Australian airdate: 26/07/00
UK airdate: 01/09/00
UK Gold: 25/07/05
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Trevor Thomas: Peter Maver
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Whatever You Want" by Something For Kate
- "Der Freischutz Overture" by Carl Weber
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Susan doesn't know what to do with a photo of Drew.
Joel tells Dione that Max likes Steph - he thinks they'd make a great couple, but Dee doesn't.
Glenda tells Maurie that she wants to pull out of the court case.
outside the Court
Karl and Susan have got cups of coffee while they wait - things are taking ages. Karl says he doesn't want to settle out of court - it's a matter of principle. Karl says Glenda will be brave if she stands up to Maurie - he's a nasty piece of work. The lawyer comes out and says that the case has been withdrawn - Glenda has insisted on it. Karl and Susan hug in relief.
The Coffee Shop
Dee doesn't think that Steph fancies Max and they shouldn't get involved.
The Garage
Depressed Drew is working when Steph comes in. She tells him off for not sleeping but Drew says he can't help it. She suggests that they have a drink after work and tells him to keep smiling.
The Pub
Karl, Susan and Lyn are having a celebratory drink. Lyn is fed up that she hasn't got any models for the hairdressing competition. Karl reluctantly volunteers to show his appreciation for Lyn's help with Glenda(!)
Joel brings in some flowers and Lance reads the card - they're from Sandy Swimmer wishing him luck with his campaign(!) Lance isn't pleased at all.
Joel is still paranoid about Dee and Max. Toadie tells him if he continues on this road, he'll stuff things up with Dione.
Ramsay Street
Drew sees Karl and Susan helping Libby out of the car. He clearly wants to go over but holds himself back. He stands outside Lou's house. Libby sees him and looks down.
Libby's bedroom
Libby is impressed by the improvements Karl and Susan have made to her room. Susan helps her into bed but Libby says only for today - she wants to get on with things tomorrow. She says she's bored stiff with lying around! Susan says she could think up a story about hospitals(!)
When Karl and Susan have gone, Libby lies contemplatively to the strains of "If I Had You". Then she sees the photo of Drew on the shelf. She gets up and picks up the photo. She looks at it sadly then breathes deeply and puts it away in a drawer.
The Pub
Drew and Steph are having a drink. Drew tells her about Libby coming home. Drew doesn't want Steph to be caught in the middle of him and Libby, but she says it's OK. Drew doesn't know how to handle living in the same street as Libby. He doesn't even think that things will get better over time - he can't remember a time he wasn't close to Libby, even before they were together. Drew says maybe he pushed her into crossing the line.
DREW: I don't think I'll cope without her in my life.
Steph takes his hand sympathetically.
Libby's Bedroom
Karl is giving Libby exercise advice. Libby is going to read some lecture notes that Geri has sent her, much to her surprise(!)
Rose (Drew's mother) rings to speak to Libby. Susan takes the phone into Libby's bedroom, but Libby says she doesn't want to talk to her. She doesn't know if Drew has told her or not. She reluctantly takes the phone.
Susan leaves Libby on her own to talk to Rose. Libby is forced to tell her that the wedding is off - she apparently didn't know.
The Pub
Drew is just leaving when Dione comes in. Steph and Dee chat about Max and Dee advises Steph not to go out with Max - he's not reliable. Steph says she was going to avoid him anyway.
Susan is quite worried about Drew not telling his parents about the split. She says he's probably hoping that Libby will change her mind. Then she starts ranting about what a bad decision it is on Libby's part but Karl tells her there's nothing she can do.
The Pub
Lance and Toadie are bickering about cleaning. Then Toadie tells Lance that he heard Dee warning Steph off Max. Toadie thinks it's because Dione wants Max for herself(!) Toadie wants to tell Joel, but Lance doesn't think it's a good idea.
Drew, Lyn and Steph have been watching a movie. Drew thanks Steph for "babysitting" him and thanks her for being a good friend. Drew heads off home.
When Drew has gone, Lyn looks at Steph knowingly and tells her that she should beware of a little something - rebound.
Ramsay Street
Drew looks forlornly at the Kennedy house.
Karl is listening to classical music when Drew comes round. Susan and Karl greet him warmly. Drew says he knows it's late, but he'd like to see Libby. Libby overhears this in her bedroom and quickly shuts the door.
Susan knocks on Libby's door and tells her that Drew's there, but she says she was about to go to sleep. Susan tries to reason with her, but Libby won't have it. She gets into bed. As Susan continues, Libby raises her voice and says, "I don't want to talk to him and I don't want to see him ever again." Drew overhears this and looks gutted. Karl tries to comfort him and Susan tells him that Libby is just tired. Drew says to tell Libby that he hopes she's better soon and leaves quickly. Outside the door, Drew pauses with his poor heart in tatters.
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