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Neighbours Episode 3573 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3573
Australian airdate: 12/07/00
UK airdate: 17/08/00
UK Gold: 18/07/05
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Damon Gaffney Richard Morgan
Bianca Nugent Jane Harber
- "4 Your Love" by Chris Pettifer
- "Animal" by Jebediah
Summary/Images by: Pete
Steph asks Drew if she should ride again.
Libby snaps at Drew.
Coffee Shop
Michelle and Bianca arrive discussing school exams. Michelle wonders what Damon's wife was like. She says he must have had one as Harold said he suffered a bereavement. Bianca says she just wants to know all the gory details. She says she wants to discuss boys - like the one who just walked in - as Tad and Paul walk in with Flick. They get drinks and sit down discussing BMX competitions. Paul calls it 'real heart attack material' which alarms Harold when he overhears it.
HAROLD (To Paul): In my opinion there's tough and there's brainless. Let's hope you're not the latter eh?
PAUL: Most of the stunts aren't that scary anyway.
Michelle tells Bianca that's one fish she'll never catch, she's tried every way known to woman. Bianca says she's not looking at Paul, but Tad - she's always liked him, he's the cutest thing alive.
Carpenters Mechanics
Drew rings the hospital to see how Libby is. He tells the hospital not to tell her he called.
The Coffee Shop
Paul, Tad and Flick discuss BMX stunts and the boys compete over who's best at them. Bianca wants to come and watch them doing 'the same stuff over and over' Bianca says that's the best way to learn for when she gets her new bike, which is news to Michelle, who agrees with Flick's view that the whole thing is boring. The boys and Bianca leave together and Michelle persuades Flick to go with her to see Damon. Flick worries they'll get into trouble, but Michelle says they won't.
BMX Track
Paul and Tad prepare to jump as Bianca looks on from a distance and waves. Tad thinks she's there for Paul and calls him a chick magnet. He teases her saying she's not that bad looking, although they keep getting younger and younger. Paul says she's putting him off, but Tad says he loves it. Tad shares a dream of him winning a competition, watched sometimes by his mum and sometimes by Barry and Coral. Paul says he imagines being watched by his dad.
Tad jumps and Bianca claps and says 'that was amazing Tad'. Paul jumps and Bianca claps without saying a word. Tad wonders if he's been practicing, but Paul says it's 'pure natural talent'.
Harold reads a story from the newspaper about a boy who hurt himself at the BMX track and decides he doesn't want Tad and Paul involved in 'extreme sports'. Madge gives him a letter from the solicitor. They've set his court case date for next month. Harold says they have to stop hoping it's a bad dream and prepare themselves for the worst.
Damon's House
Michelle and Flick have let themselves in and Michelle nervously introduces them.
Madge is telling Harold not to worry about the court case. He wonders how she is going to cope and suggests sending the boys back home. Madge says he is acting as if he's guilty already, and says they can't prove anything. They begin rowing. Harold says 'the innocent go to jail and the guilty go free - the system is not infallible' Paul and Tad come in and Harold has a go at them for trailing mud everywhere, and tells them they can't enter the dirt track competition. They begin arguing until Madge shouts and they notice Harold is upset and leave.
Damon's House
Damon and Flick are discussing books and getting on fine. Michelle pulls Flick aside and says she wants Damon to help with her assignment. Flick says they have to go, but Michelle asks Damon and he says he'll see what he can do.
The boys come in having left their shoes outside. Harold takes himself off to bed and they ask Madge what's going on with him. She says he's worried about the competition and the court case, and asks them to reconsider, which they do. Tad answers the door to Bianca and tells Paul he has a visitor. She's come to see if Michelle is there. When she discovers she's not, she leaves. Madge asks who the attraction is and Paul says 'neither of us'.
Carpenters Mechanics
Steph has a flashback to the accident while standing over the bike and we can see the damage. Drew asks her if she's OK. She says she's fine, just seeing again though brings it all back. Drew asks her what she wants him to do with it. She says just throw a tarp over it, she doesn't feel like thinking about it right now. Drew asks if she's seen Libby. She says she thinks Libby isn't up to visitors right now - except Drew. Drew says she's sick of everyone. Steph says she doesn't blamer her, being cooped up in the hospital all the time and it won't last. Drew says he's not going in to see her later and Steph asks if he wants to go for a drink. He says yes, but looks distracted. Steph asks him what's up, and he says it's just the end of a long day, that's all.
Flick suggests Michelle get Damon involved in a book club or night class to get him into the real world. Michelle says he won't talk to anyone but her, and the only way to help him is to build up his trust. That's why she's going to get him to help with her assignment. Flick says 'what if mum and dad find out? Michelle says 'but they won't, will they Flick?' Michelle opens the door to Tad and Paul, who tell her Bianca was looking for her but she wasn't in. Michelle says she's been home ages, are they sure it was really her they were looking for. Tad pats Paul on the shoulder knowingly, and they go into the kitchen to talk to Flick. They tell her that they won't be going in for the competition after all. Flick says they could just go in and not tell Harold. 'Or maybe they're just chicken' says Michelle.
Lou's Place
Steph tells Drew not to worry about how Libby's being - if it was him lieing there he'd be telling her to get on with things and not to worry. Giver her the time she needs and be ther for her 'One thing I know for sure is Libby loves you, that's not going to change'
He changes the subject to the bike. He says he can get her a good price for it. She's not sure about selling it though. She doesn't want to burn her bridges yet.
Madge has fallen asleep in Harold's arms. She wakes up and decides to go to bed. Harold decides to stay up a bit longer. Madge tells him it won't help worrying about it, but he says he won't be long and sends her off to bed.
Drew walks Steph to the door. She invites him in, but he decides to have an early night and leaves. Steph watches him go.
Damon's House
Michelle runs up to the house and knocks on the door. She asks what he thought of her assignment, and he says he had a few thoughts and would she like to look over it now?
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad argue about borrowing equipment, as they borrow pens from Flick. Tad says that he's noticed Flick hanging around the postbox 'every afternoon when Postie Pete comes by'. Flick says he's the one doing the drooling.
Damon's House
Damon tells Michelle her assignments aren't too bad, she just needs better planning. She feels he's helped. The kettle boils and he leaves her to look over his marking. She sits down and notices a box on the side. She opens it and it contains a necklace. She holds it up and looks at it. Damon walks in and catches her.
DAMON: Do you often touch things that don't belong to you?
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