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Neighbours Episode 3556 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3556
Australian airdate: 19/06/00
UK airdate: 25/07/00
UK Gold 06/07/05
Writer: John Hanlon
Director: T. Grant Fenn
Guests: Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Maurie Ryan: Neil Fletcher
Frank Brown: Barry Friedlander
Tim Harrison: Tom Budge

- "Lift" by Sunk Loto
Summary/Images by: Shona
Karl tells Susan that he's being sued for malpractice
Joanna Douglas tells Madge that Harold's been charged
Police Station
Madge asks Harold when the flight to Tasmania is. She wants to go with him but Harold reasons that she can't leave the boys alone and she has to stay to open the shops. Frank will be with him. He optimistically says he'll be home this time tomorrow - Frank said so. Madge says he's innocent and Harold nods, saying he is.
Number 28
The tumour in Glenda Ryan's arm must have developed rapidly after the x-ray Karl says - it's extremely rare. Susan thinks that means he'll be vindicated for sure but Karl thinks that's for the courts to decide. He's also worried about what damage this will do to his reputation with the patients. Susan wonders why Glenda is doing it and Karl thinks she wants someone to blame. Susan agrees that they should keep it quiet from Libby.
Lou's Place
Libby and Steph are at the pub with Drew - they're hoping to get off early the next day before the weekend rush. Drew says that Libby will have problems on the hills with her scooter and Steph suggests she leaves the scooter at home and ride on the bike with her. Drew isn't happy and talks about luggage but Libby isn't taking much. Steph tells him not to spoil their fun and Libby thinks he's jealous. Drew isn't and to prove it he'll give the bike a service the next morning before they go.
Number 24
Madge is on the phone, distressed. Tad and Paul ask what the solicitor said. She tells them that Harold will be put in a cell and they all wonder whether 'Innocent before Guilty' still exists. The hearing is first thing in the morning and hopefully everything will be sorted.
Number 26
Maurie Ryan is over and Joe gives him a beer. Lyn invites him to dinner as Glenda is still away at her sister's. Lyn and Michelle come in as Maurie tells Joe that they're suing Karl. Lyn thinks it's terrible and Joe wonders if they could have worked it out another way. But Maurie thinks Karl is incompetent. Michelle asks what'll happen to Karl - Maurie thinks he should be struck off.
Number 28
Libby tells her parents that she's travelling up on Steph's bike and Susan asks whether it's safe but Karl thinks it sounds fun, to Libby's surprise. He's obviously still miles away when Libby tells them that she and Steph are going to camp out instead of going to the pub to stay. Libby tries to get a lecture, but he says it sounds terrific. When she asks what's wrong he tells her that he's fine - he's just been thinking about Harold.
Number 26
Maurie leaves, thanking Lyn for the nice meal. After he's gone Lyn tells Michelle to go and do her homework. Lyn asks Joe whether the legal action will go ahead, as Michelle listens covertly. Lyn thinks Karl and Susan could be ruined, but Joe thinks they'll have insurance to cope with this type of thing - Glenda and Maurie are who they should be worrying about. The system will look after the Kennedy's.
UK Gold Commercial Break
City Police Station (Tasmania)
Harold sits in a cell. He stands up when someone walks past the cell but sits down again once they've passed. He looks at a scar on his hand and sighs.
The Coffee Shop
Karl talks to Cassandra, who's coping fine. Lyn comes in with Michelle and tells Karl that she's sorry about the lawsuit. He tells her that he wants her to keep it quiet. They talk about Harold, and Lyn says it's obviously a misunderstanding. She promises Karl that the other business won't go any further.
City Police Station (Tasmania) - Interview room
Frank has brought Harold a suit. Harold didn't sleep last night. Frank says that the first night is the most difficult and Harold hopes that this is the only night he'll be spending in jail. Frank quickly promises that it will be the last night. Frank tells him that Madge has been on the phone - it seems half of Erinsborough is wishing him well. Harold breaks down.
The Coffee Shop
Paul tells Tad that Harold hasn't even gone to court yet. Tim comes in with his rollerblading 'crew' and tells them that these BMX losers (Tad and Paul) messed up his rail trick. He tries to push Paul but Tad tells them to calm down. Michelle comes in and talks to Tad and Paul about Harold - Tim picks up on this and finds it hilarious that Harold's in trouble with the law. Paul goes for him but Tad manages to restrain them. Tim thinks Paul will keep.
Hobart Magistrates Court
Unseen to us, the magistrate tells Harold that he is committed to stand trial at a date to be fixed. Harold walks out, dazed, with Frank telling him he's sorry.
City Police Station (Tasmania) - Harold's cell
Frank says the committal hearing was not about establishing guilt - just that the Crown believes that there is enough evidence to go to trial. However some things are in their favour - the Crown is relaying on witnesses to events that happened years ago and people's memories are so bad that this might not be reliable. Harold asks what if you have no memory at all. Frank says that they'll get a top barrister and when the DNA test comes back Harold will be free. He brings up the topic of bail: $10 000, about normal for armed robbery. Harold says that he can't borrow that, not even against the house. After he bought Grease Monkeys the place is mortgaged to the hilt.
The Coffee Shop
Paul and Tad come in to ask Cassandra about Harold but there's been no word. They decide to go home: Michelle wants to come with them but they tell her it's a family thing. As they're about to leave Tim and his rollerblading crew come in. Tim asks 'McLain' if he's seen 'The Shawshank Redemption'. Paul's had enough and pushes him over.
Number 24
Lou talks to Madge about the bail money. She can't leave him there much longer but there are limits to what they can borrow against. Lou tells her not to do anything until he calls her back and leaves as the boys come in. She tells them about everything and notices Paul's shirt - Paul tells her about the fight. She isn't happy.
The Garage
Drew tells Libby that he has to do a few things to the bike. She tells him that her cousin Lottie, her bridesmaid, has called and can't travel. Drew suggests Steph take her place but Libby, although she'd love Steph to do it, doesn't think it's her thing.
Number 28
Karl comes back to Susan marking. He sits down and tells her about telling Pippa about the lawsuit. Susan thinks this is when they find out who their real friends are. She tells him it'll be alright, even though the next few weeks will be a bit tough. Libby comes in and asks if she's interrupting anything but they say no, they were just discussing their respective days. Libby's off to pack. Karl's glad they've got the weekend to themselves.
Number 24
Louis is back with a big smile on his face and asks Madge whether she wants the good news or the good news first. He tells her he has the bail money: his accountant has some money and they've used his house as surety. He tells Madge that she'll have Jelly-Belly home tonight! Madge is tearful and speechless. Lou squeezes her hand.
City Police Station (Tasmania)
Harold is jumping around when he finds Lou has posted his bail money. Frank says they can leave now and fly home tomorrow.
Outside number 26
Libby and Steph sit on the bike, ready to set off while Lyn, Karl, Susan and Drew nag about safety etc. They set off with the farewell party calling to them to have a good time. Joe arrives, having just missed them. Maurie gets out the van with him and Lyn notices Joe's hurt his hand. Karl offers his assistance but Joe says it's okay. Lyn tries to convince him but Joe refuses. Glances are exchanged with Susan looking particularly angry and Joe and Lyn walk into their house.
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