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Neighbours Episode 3530 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3530
Australian airdate: 12/05/00
UK airdate: 19/06/00
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Anna Johnson
Guests: Sean Edwards: Daniel Collopy
Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Simone King: Denise Briskin
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "Dont Say Goodbye" by Human Nature
- "Live Through This" by Felicity Hunter
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Lou crashing his car mid-driving test.
Brendan telling Tess he loves her; Tess asking him to stay the night. Stupid, stupid girl.
The Scullys' where Flick Says No
It's the middle of the night and Flick is on the phone to Sean, who's in a nightclub and wants her to join him. She says that she can't see him as her dad will kill her if he catches her sneaking out. Sean asks her again to come and see him for an hour, but again she says no and suggests The Coffee Shop tomorrow for lunch. He thinks that it's a boring idea, but okay - he'll do it. He puts the phone down and Flick looks contemplative.
No 32 where Brendan had a Good Time
Brendan and Tess have just gotten ready in the morning and Brendan offers to drive Tess to school. There's a knock at the door and it's Susan picking up Tess. She sees Brendan there and doesn't look happy about it.
The Scullys' where Felicity is Making Breakfast
Flick has made a cooked breakfast for her parents. Lyn thinks it's great but Joe is suspicious. He has just gotten home from his night work as a taxi driver, and he's completely exhausted, and needs to get ready for some day work. Lyn thinks he shouldn't go to the meeting as he looks like a wreck, so he goes to have a shower.
Joe says it'll be okay - it's just until he gets them back on track financially.
Ramsay Street where Joe is Being Kind
Harold asks Lou why he's out walking, and Lolly pipes up that "Daddy crashed." Lou admits to Harold that he crashed in his driving test, and Harold thinks it's a good thing, as all those extra pounds will drop off in no time?
LOU: What extra pounds?!
Joe drives past and asks Lou if he and Lolly want a lift. Lou says no, he doesn't want to pay, and it's because of Joe he doesn't have a car. Joe says he's not asking for them to pay, and Lolly and Lou get in the car with Joe.
Erinsborough High where Tad is Getting Happy
By the lockers Tess walks past Tad and Paul and tells them it's a great day. They don't understand why she's so happy. Tad is trying to tell Paul how to spend his money that's just sitting in the bank, when Felicity joins them. She tells the boys she's about to meet Sean at The Coffee Shop. Tad has an idea - if he takes Simone to TCS too, then Simone will realise that the boyfriend thing is true.
As if on cue, Simone appears, and Tad asks her if she'd like to have lunch with him down at TCS. Simone agrees to Tad's delight and follows her out.
The Coffee Shop where we find Sean dropping a Bombshell
Flick tells Sean that things are really tense at home, so she's sorry about last night; Sean tells her that it was a really good time, and she missed out. Simone and Tad turn up and Tad walks over to Flick's table, when she introduces Sean to Simone. Tad tells Simone that Sean is the boyfriend. Simone seems really pleased! Aw!
Sean then very seriously tells Flick that he doesn't know if he can keep up their relationship. He feels that he never sees her, they seem to live on two separate planets, and he doesn't think he can "hack it." What kind of expression is that? That's something cats do.
My cats hack when they see Seagulls on the roof outside. They also hack up furballs, but that's a different story and probably not all that relevant for the purposes of this recap.
Erinsborough High where Felicity is Missing
Tad sits next to Paul in class and tells him that he and Simone are back together. Paul doesn't seem that he could really care less. Tess is taking the class and realises that Flick is missing from the room - but hey, surprise surprise - no-one seems to know where she is.
Lassiters where Flick is sprung
Flick follows Sean out of The Coffee Shop and says she's sorry about their relationship. Sean says he loves her, but her dad is so aggressive and it's making things difficult. Flick says that once her dad gets to know him he'll be fine. She believes in what they've got - please can they try? He relents and they kiss, and as if on cue for the second time this episode, Lyn appears.
Flick says that she has a free period, and she's on her way to school, but Lyn's not convinced. Sean introduces himself and tells Lyn he's on his way back to uni - he's studying architecture. He says goodbye, and Lyn tells Flick that Sean seems okay, not the monster that her father made him out to be.
The Coffee Shop where Lou makes a Strange Purchase
Harold comments that it's unlike Lou to buy the rich things he's buying (Cake? Flapjack? What is it?! I need to know!). Lou says they're not for him, and Harold clicks that it's for Merridy. Lou says it's a thank you for dropping off Louise at home, but Harold knows it's because Lou is attracted to Merridy and it seems to be reciprocated. Lou seems shocked that this might be the case.
Harold advises him to jump at the opportunity. He's so sweet! Lou grins widely.
The Bishops' where Tad gets A Shock
Tad is trying to get Paul invest into a DJ business with him. Paul's not having any of it, plus they have to buy Harold a new tuba. Tad says they have to spend money to make money, and the Skate Jam thing is a good idea. Whilst they argue about that, Tad has gone silent, reading a letter. Simone asks him if he's alright. He's not - this is a letter from his real mother.
Tad explains that the adoption place found her, and now he's really nervous. His mother has given him a number and has asked him to call her, but he's too scared to. Simone tells him he's really brave to have gotten this point. She decides to leave and thanks Tad for trusting her enough to tell her about her mum. Tad tells Paul he was nuts to give her up, and Paul leaves the table to do some homework.
Lou's Place where Silly Tess is Making A Mistake
Tess is telling Susan that she feels alive for the first time in months. She was nervous about Susan finding out, but Susan says that it's not up to her to judge Tess, but she can't forget how Tess was the night of New Year's Eve. Karl approaches the table with drinks, just as Brendan comes in the pub and Karl asks him to join them. Susan and Karl seem really tense with him there.
The Bishops' where Tad speaks to His Mother
Tad phones the number from the letter and speaks to his mother.
The Scullys' where Flick is Helping Out
Felicity has made her parents a really nice dinner, with candles on the table and everything. The phone rings and Joe answers it to speak to Flick. She is cross that he called her landline - but Sean wants to be open about their relationship. Joe isn't happy about it, but Lyn tries to distract him by saying that things are going well at the salon. She also tells him that she met Sean today and that he seems nice. Joe says that he's 19, and he doesn't like it, but Lyn reminds him that they can't lock her away, and she'd rather Flick had him at the house than snuck away to meet him.
The Kennedys'
Harold and the boys have come round for dinner, and are really grateful for it. Karl gets them some drinks, and Susan asks Tad if he's alright - he seems distant. He tells them that he spoke to his biological mum today. Susan says that's great, and asks what she said. Tad says he's seeing her tomorrow, and seems unsure, despite Susan asking questions and making lots of encouraging noises.
SUSAN: So, tomorrow's a pretty big day, then?
TAD: Yeah, yeah. You're not kidding.
I so want this to continue, but unfortunately we're taken quickly to:
End Credits
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