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Neighbours Episode 3511 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3511
Australian airdate: 17/04/00
UK airdate: 22/05/00
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Ivan Hart: Erik Donnison
- "Lie" by Tim Watson
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Flick telling Joe that she didn't want to go to The Rockets concert.
No 30 where Joe is Hurt
Joe wonders why Flick decided not to go. He said that if she didn't want to go, he would have gone...he says that she didn't want to go and that's fine. But it's obvious he's really upset. He quickly leaves the house
No 32 where Tess is Showing Off
Daniel does a pretend karate move on Tess when she returns from judo. She tells him that karate and judo are different, and he asks her to demonstrate how they're different. She says she might hurt him, but he watches Jackie Chan movies so he'll be fine.
Tess tells him to put his hands around her neck and she throws him onto the floor. He says he's fine but doesn't actually get up.
No 30 where Flick feels Bad
Flick says she's going to go home - she feels bad about it. Tad offers to take the rap, but Flick doesn't want to - another lie's not going to help.
No 32 where Tess is Massaging
Tess is massaging Daniel's shoulder from his fall, and he goes to get something from the bathroom which will apparently help. As he disappears, there's a knock at the door and it's...SUSAN! HOORAH! The boring world of No 32 is better again.
Well, my world is better again.
Susan says she's on her own tonight, and would Tess like to come round to watch a video or something? No thanks, says Tess, she's ever so tired...just as Daniel comes into the kitchen saying "I've got the massage oil, I'm all yours...hiiiii, Susan..."
Susan puts on her great 'knowing' face whilst Tess tries to explain about the accident and the massage oil. Susan leaves with a big smile on her face.
The Scullys' where Felicity learns some Home Truths
Joe's on the sofa with a paper. Lyn asks him what's going on - have he and Flick had words again? He says no, she's at The Rockets concert with Tad. Joe refuses to talk to her, and she announces that she's going for a walk. Just as she leaves, in walks Felicity. She starts to say that she needed the money, then confesses that she just didn't want to go. Joe asks why she didn't tell him that, but she said she didn't want to disappoint him. She offers him the money for the concert and the t-shirts.
JOE: You know, the trouble is, Flick, that you're not real good at thinking of anyone other than yourself.
FLICK: That's not true. I do.
JOE: Darlin', if you wanna carry on the reputation of being a rebel and the black sheep in the family then you're succeeding.
He leaves.
The Coffee Shop where Susan is trying to Build Bridges
Susan comes into the Coffee Shop where she sees Lyn sitting down. Susan tries to be friendly, but after Michelle's suspension Lyn's having none of it. Susan orders blueberry cheesecake and turns to Lyn.
SUSAN: It's my guilty little secret...I can't watch videos without cheesecake.
LYN: (barely acknowledging her) We all have our weaknesses.
Disappointed, Susan turns back to the counter, then goes to sit with Lyn. She says that she had to suspend Michelle and she knows that Lyn is angry with her about it. Susan then goes onto say that she knows Michelle is being bullied, but it takes a long time to stop - it's one girl's word against another's, so she has to watch them all the time, note the behaviour, and teach both the bully and victim to modify their responses.
Lyn says she knows that in her head, but she thinks that Michelle was singled out. Susan said she had to suspend Michelle or Cecile's parents would have pushed for criminal charges with the police. She tries to reassure Lyn that she is dealing with it.
Susan asks Lyn why she's here late at night. Lyn says she's taking some time out from her family, in a very uninterested way, then asks Susan what videos she got. A Japanese comedy and a Spanish Mystery apparently. Yes, but WHICH ONES? That's what I want to know.
Susan nervously asks Lyn if she wants to watch them with her, but Lyn declines cos, you know, her and Karl...but hey! Surprise surprise, Karl's doing a locum in the country (now if I were Susan I'd be worried about which locum he's apparently doing but Susie seems unfazed) and so Lyn would love to join her.
Susan order two pieces of cheesecake. O man - that woman has the patience of a saint.
No 32 where Tess is Nervous
Tess is getting out the ironing board with a piece of toast in his mouth and asks Daniel how his shoulder is. He mentions that he'll miss surfing for a bit, and offers to teach Tess - she says she doesn't want people gossiping, but he persuades her.
She asks Daniel if he has many female friends. He says he has a few. Does she have male friends? Only Daniel.
The Bishops' where Harold is Being Kind
Tad has obviously told Harold what happened, and Harold said that it would explain Joe's behaviour earlier. He doesn't understand why Flick didn't just give the tickets back to Joe. Tad says that she did it to lend him the money - he wanted to buy Coral a birthday present. Harold mentions that Coral has been worried about Tad - so what did he get her? He says he got a necklace and posted it this afternoon.
Harold gives Tad some money to cover the tickets to give to Joe, and says he can work it off at Grease Monkeys over the next few weeks. He also asks Tad to come to him in future if he needs cash.
The Kennedys' where Lyn seems Depressed
Susie and Lynnie have just finished watching one film. Lyn's hugging a cushion, and actually looks quite depressed. Aw.
SUSE: What did you think of that?
LYN: Yeah, I..I, I didn't get it.
SUSE: Me either. I think the subtitles might have been wrong.
LYN: Something was.
SUSE: That would be a funny job, wouldn't it, writing subtitles for the movies! Do you want another cup of coffee?
LYN: I'd better not - I've gotta work in the morning.
SUSE: Oh. Thanks for keeping me company.
LYN: That's okay. It's nice to have a few hours away from the mess and the chaos.
SUSE: The mess and chaos of three kids - I know that one well.
LYN: I've got a bit extra mess at the moment.
LYN: Mmm. I'm on a domestic strike. You know, no washing, no cooking, no cleaning.
SUSE: Marvellous! Tell me more!
LYN: Oh I don't know. I just got sick of being taken for granted, I think. Just thought I'd stop and see if anyone notices.
SUSE: Did they?
LYN: No. Not yet.
SUSE: Oh, they will
LYN: Before the blowflies take over the kitchen.
What on earth are blowflies? I almost thought she said Bow Ties but that wouldn't make any sense.
The Scullys' where I keep thinking about The Kennedys
The kitchen is spotless. Lyn gets home and Flick asks where she's been. Watching a foreign film with Mrs Kennedy. Aw. Mrs Kennedy.
Lyn tells Felicity that the kitchen looks fantastic, and Flick says she didn't think her mum was speaking to Mrs K. Mrs K. Aw.
But yeah, says Lyn, they patched it up. Lyn asks Flick where her dad is, and mentioned that he doesn't seem to be feeling too good - is it anything to do with Felicity? Flick tells her that she didn't go to the concert, and her dad's not happy. She gave back the money, but Lyn asks why she didn't just tell him she didn't want to go.
Felicity says that she tried to do the right thing by him but can't get it right. He loves Michelle and Steph the way they are, but not her. Lyn gives her a hug and goes to see if Joe's still awake.
She sticks her head in the bathroom and tells Joe that Flick has cleaned the kitchen and done all the dishes. Joe is cleaning his teeth and ignores Lyn, who's telling him she knows about the tickets. He doesn't understand why Flick didn't just say she didn't want to go. Lyn says she's a teenager and thought he'd be disappointed in her.
Flick comes to listen to the bathroom door and hears her dad say that he has no trouble with Michelle or Steph, but Flick is a virtual stranger to him. She looks gutted.
The Coffee Shop
Daniel and Tess are discussing surfing and swimming. She gives him a hug, just as Susan walks in. Tess tells her they were planning a trip to the beach - she warns them not to get sunburnt. Harold asks if Tess is still married. Susan smiles at him in a very cute and enigmatic way.
The Scullys' where Things Get Worse
It's morning, and Lyn comes into the kitchen where Steph is up and has made a lovely breakfast on the table for the family. Lyn is thrilled and offers to put the coffee on, but Flick says she's on strike.
Joe comes in, but promptly goes to answer the door. It's Tad asking how things are this morning; Joe says they were great until just now. He gives Joe the money back and says that Flick borrowed the money for him. Flick interrupts and says that she's told her dad the real reason - she just didn't want to see The Rockets. Ich. This is so horribly awkward.
Joe gets up and leaves. Tad apologises and Lyn offers breakfast to him.
The Beach where it's Beachy
Tess and Daniel are walking along the beach front and talk about how Harold was looking at them earlier; Daniel asks if they'll be the talk of the town now? Tess isn't sure - Harold's a nice guy, generally.
The sit on a bench on the bench where he throws a drink at her.
Outside the Salon where Lyn is Getting Angry
Ivan is counting money outside the Hair Salon and Lyn comes over and says hello to him. She asks if there's any money left in the safe as she needs to pay wages today. Ivan says she's the one responsible if there's no money in the safe - she's been losing him money. Lyn is livid.
The Beach where it's Still Beachy
Tad and Flick are on the beach talking about her dad...oh, you can just see this coming, can't you? Flick asks if Tad has asked Simone out. No - he doesn't want to rush her. They spy Tess and Daniel on the 'beach' - although from the wide angle it's just a glorified reservoir.
The Salon Where Things Get Worse for Lyn"
Ivan and Lyn are arguing whilst Harold and Joe look on. Ivan says that he never wanted to hire her in the first place, and Joe walks over and defends her; Lyn begs him not to.
Ivan sacks Lyn.
Poor, poor Lynnie. Things just go from bad to worse with her...
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