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Neighbours Episode 3510 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3510
Australian airdate: 14/04/00
UK airdate: 19/05/00
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Geri Hallet: Isabella Dunwill
Daniel Fitzgerald: Brett Tucker
Ivan Hart: Erik Donnison
Simone King: Denise Briskin
- "Sunstone" by Skunkhour
- "Life Without You" by Chris Pettifer
Summary/Images by: Miriam
Toadie tells Geri that he doesn't want her on his show. A lady at the adoption group tells the group that not a day goes by when she does regret giving up her baby boy; Tad watching on, upset.
The Bishops' where Tad is Desperately Clinging
Harold comes home to find Tad there and is cross that he went to pick him up when Tad came home on his own. Tad apologises and think he may have found his mum - at the Vanish meeting (adoption group).
Lou's Place where Geri is Annoying
Is she ever anything else?
Toadie asks Lance what he's planning for his holiday - he's going to go and see Julia. Toadie doesn't think it's a good idea, so Lance says he'll just stay at No 30, then. Geri comes in and tells Toadie she's in a great mood - she's been to a business meeting with the head of the uni Radio Show, Tony, who has told her he wants more of the same at the radio show.
Geri tells Toadie she has loads of ideas for the Radio Show, so she'll be round early tomorrow to discuss them with him; he tells her he's busy but it goes straight over her head.
No 30 where Joel has Gone Away
Toadie tells Lance that Joel has gone away overnight and will be then going to Tasmania to see his parents. Lance thinks that he's gone away because Dione overheard the Radio Show and is now giving him a hard time.
The Bishops' where Tad could be Heading For A Fall
Harold tells Tad that he doesn't want him to be disappointed - he wants Rachel to be the person Tad thinks she is, but the chances are slim. Tad is having none of it - he's utterly convinced it's her. Tad even thinks she looks like him. He's found his mum. Harold says he has to go - they'll talk about it later.
Simone's at the door, and Harold leaves. Tad offers her something to eat, but she's upset - she's had a letter from Paul and it devastated.
The Scullys' where Lyn makes a Declaration
Joe's on the phone telling someone that if they don't make the delivery ASAP he won't use him again. Lyn's having breakfast and wishes they could win the lottery. Joe asks her if she's having trouble at work; she says she is but she is meeting Ivan today to sort it out.
Flick comes out in her dressing gown and Joe asks her if she's looking forward to tonight. Flick has no idea what he's talking about until he mentions The Rockets. He gives her some money to get herself a t-shirt and one for her dad, too.
Lyn's in the utility room annoyed that he hasn't put the washing in the dryer - now she has nothing to wear to her meeting with Ivan. He's sorry, but the game went into extra time and then penalty shoot outs blah blah blah...he's more pathetic than 2005Karl™.
She tells Joe she's had enough - he can do his own cooking and cleaning and washing from now on.
Lynnie's on strike! And Joe's in shock!
The Bishops' where Simone is Still Upset
Simone is still upset over Paul and kind-hearted Tad offers to spend the afternoon with her. She acquiesces.
No 32 where Daniel is Naked At Night
Flick turns up at No 32 where she wants help with her English assignment. Tess tells her it's too early, and Flick comments and she and Daniel have nightwear which is co-ordinated. Neither Daniel nor Tess are impressed that she came round at such an early hour in the holidays.
Daniel tells her that, actually, he doesn't wear this outfit to bed - he wears nothing. He shuts the door in Flick's face.
No 30
Toadie's on the phone to Joel - he's going to spend a couple of weeks with his mum - he's really upset over Dione. Toadie answers the door and Geri comes in, which Toadie is less than thrilled about. He says she's busy and he totally ignores her.
She thinks the Radio Show is going to propel her into television, and has simply heaps of ideas to double their ratings. She'd also like a black coffee, thanks.
The Coffee Shop where Tad appears to be Over Susan
Tad and Simone are at TCS where they're eating. Which is what you usually do there. Harold comes off the phone upset, and says that he no longer has a manager for Grease Monkeys, so Simone says he should give the job to Tad. Harold says that he might have to.
Simone leaves and thanks Tad for his support over Paul. As she goes, Tad asks if they can do this again sometimes; when she says she'd like to, he looks all chuffed and pleased with himself. Aw, Tad.
Over Susan, then, are you?
The Salon where Geri is Seeking Gossip
Geri is at the salon having her hair cut and comments on Lyn's clothes - she's wearing a tracksuit, which Geri thinks is unusual. Lyn tells Geri that she loves her column, and Geri says that she's branching out to radio.
Geri tries to manipulate Lyn into giving her some gossip for her column, but Lyn says although she'd love to, she can't - client confidentiality and all that.
Ivan comes in and Lyn says she needs to speak to him as soon as possible, but Ivan says he can't make the meeting today - she'll just have to cope. As he leaves, she walks out after him. She tells him she's been subsidising the staff wages, and he needs to find the money soon. Geri sticks her head out of the door and listens.
Joe comes along and sees Lyn looking stressed, and asks if she's alright.
Lyn goes back into the salon, and Flick and Tad bump into each other outside...Tad tells her about Simone being upset about Paul, but she'll be alright. They discuss where they are going to hide tonight so that her dad thinks she's at the concert. Tad has the perfect location. He doesn't let us in on it, though, so I guess this is one of those plot device things where they turn up in the next scene in the perfect location.
No 30 where the Plot Device Works
Toadie's trying to find something for him and Lance to do, but they can't agree because Lance is being boring There's a knock at the door and it's...Tad! And Flick! Now we know where they are. They ask to spend the night here watching TV, and Toadie's fine with that. Lance tells Toadie he knows he's been boring lately, so he'll go out with him tonight.
The Judo Place where Judo Happens
Lance and Toadie turn up at the Judo Place and find...Harold! He doesn't seem too pleased to see them. Lance is looking bored until he sees Tess in her Judo gear when he suddenly seems interested. Tess comes over and tells them they might find it difficult, but the guys say that it'll be a piece of cake.
You know what this reminds me of? The advert with that guy from Four Weddings who goes to the yoga session ("I'd say I'm an intermediate, actually") and then has to call the chiropractor...that's C.H.I.R.O....
The Scullys' where Lyn is Striking
And not in a good way.
Joe wants Lyn to cook him something but she refuses. He gives in and says he'll tell the girls to pull their weight. He'll cook tonight. But - oh no, the rugby's on. But Lyn is ignoring him completely as he yabbers on about the girls. Lyn says she's eaten - she had a quiche already.
And now the remote control's not working which really puts Joe in a bad mood as he can't watch the rugby.
But hey - he can just go over to Toadie's and watch as, after all, he does owe him a few meals...
No 30 where Flick is Sprung
Tad and Flick are listening to loud music and pretending to play actual and blow up guitars. Flick asks what Tad's hiding, and he confesses that when Simone came over, she stayed for a while and he had fun with her.
There's a knock at the door and Flick runs to it - it's PIZZA! But no, its...
Who's devastated, thinking that Tad and Flick are here for 'private time.' Flick confesses. She sold the tickets.
I don't know about you but I ain't gonna wait for the reaction. Quick, quick, cut to:
End Credits
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