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Neighbours Episode 3456 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3456
Australian airdate: 31/01/00
UK airdate: 06/03/00
Writer: John Davies
Director: Simon Palomares
Guests: N/A
Summary/Images by: Alan/Alan
Paul tells Tad that Harold and Madge didn't have to take them in but they did because they're good people. Tad asks him if he's saying his parents aren't. Tad pushes him onto the settee. Paul asks Harold if he thinks Tad is alright because he's not been himself lately. Tad's lying on the floor in front of the sofa. Harold tries to wake him up but realises he's not asleep, he's unconscious.
Harold calls out to Paul to get Dr Kennedy. He runs over to the Kennedys and Karl comes over straight away. Harold calls an ambulance. Karl checks Tad and diagnoses alcoholic poisoning. Harold is frantic and Paul asks how bad it is. Karl says that huge doses of alcohol work like a general anaesthetic and shut everything down - they won't know the extent of the damage until he regains consciousness.
Michelle continues to harass her parents about getting a new guitar. Joe agrees to get her one but Lyn says that she'll have to get one second-hand. Michelle's not pleased about that! The kitchen has been almost completely restored to it's former state. Felicity and Joe plan to do something together and she suggests going to a vigil at parliament house for political prisoners. Joe reluctantly says that sounds like a good idea. The Scullys hear the sound of an ambulance outside and all rush to the window. Felicity runs out to see what's happening, Joe follows. Harold says that Tad has had a bit of an accident. The ambulance drives off to the hospital.
Back inside, Joe starts to speculate about what might have happened to Tad. Felcitiy says he probably just fell off his bike because he's been riding it like crazy recently. Joe says he's been doing everything like crazy and he doesn't want Felicity to hang around with him anymore. Felicity says that Tad is one of the nicest boys at school and he's a good friend of hers - she tells her Dad that he doesn't know anything about him and he can forget them going out together today. Joe tells Lyn that he just can't get through to her.
Harold and Paul wait at the hospital for news. Harold wonders what he's going to tell Tad's parents when he gets through to them. He asks Paul to tell him if he knows anything about where Tad might have got the alcohol. Paul says he honestly doesn't know anything and the only time he's ever seen Tad touch alcohol was when he found Madge's wine just after he'd moved into the street.
Lou sees Felicity in Ramsay Street and shows her an empty bottle of whisky that he found in his garage next to Tad's cap. He asks her if she helped him to polish it off. Felicity says no and then says she's got to go and runs off. Joe comes along just afterwards and asks Lou what that was all about - he explains and Joe tells him that Felicity had nothing to do with it, Tad probably drunk it all himself which is why he was rushed off to hospital. Joe tells him to get his facts straight before he upsets people, especially one of his daughters.
Karl tells Harold and Paul that Tad still hasn't regained consciousness and they should be prepared for some problems that Tad might face if (or as Harold puts it, when) he wakes up - like brain damage. Felicity arrives and asks Paul how Tad is. He says he's a real mess. He tells her she's caused enough trouble, she wouldn't be there if she wasn't involved. He tells her that she treats him like dirt and has Tad wrapped around her little finger. She tells him that he's full of it, the reason she's more friends with Tad than him is because Tad actually wants to be her friend and nothing more whereas Paul is only nice to her because he wants something.
Lyn and Michelle return from looking at second-hand guitars but Lyn says they were all too expensive. Joe is still angry about Lou and tells Lyn that Felicity has got a bad reputation just for being around Tad and he doesn't want her seeing him anymore. Michelle says that they egg each other on in her opinion. Joe asks her what she means. She says it's like the time that Felcity and Tad sneaked out and didn't come home until morning. Lyn and Joe are gobsmacked.
Lou tells Harold about the whisky he had stashed in the garage. Harold tells him how stupid he was to leave it where it was accessible to minors (ahhh innocent Harold). Lou says he trusted Tad. He continues to assume that Felicity and Tad had a party and drank the alcohol together. Harold sets him straight and says that Tad drank the whole lot himself and it's possible that they could lose him because of it. Karl comes out and tells Harold there's been a change in Tad's condition.
Felicity gets back and Joe asks her about Tad drinking. She says it was the first she heard of it today. He asks her if she's been drinking behind their backs, she says no. He asks her if she sneaked out one night and didn't come home until morning, she says yes. Joe tells her that it's a bit hard to take her word about the drinking when she's been sneaking out behind their backs. She says it was only once.
Tad has woken up and Paul and Harold go in to see him. Harold tells him where he is and what's happened.
Felicity has a go at Michelle for telling their parents that she sneaked out that night. She tells her to stay out of her life. Meanwhile, inside, Lyn and Joe discuss the situation. Joe says he never had this trouble with Steph and he gets along fine with Michelle, but he can't get Flick. Felicity listens in. He says that she spends the nght out who-knows-where but if he does something wrong she looks at him like he's committed some sort of crime against humanity. Lou knocks on the door and interrupts the argument. He apologises for what he said earlier. Joe reluctantly thanks him for coming around but isn't very enthusiastic.
Harold tells Tad that he gave them such a scare, he says he knows it must be difficult with his parents divorcing but this is not the way to deal with it. Tad says he's okay. Harold mentions calling them but Tad tells him not to, they won't care because they're not his real parents - he's adopted. He says that he doesn't know who he is anymore, it's like he never knew.
<<3455 - 3457>>
Karl Kennedy, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3456
Karl Kennedy, Tad Reeves

Lou Carpenter, Felicity Scully in Neighbours Episode 3456
Lou Carpenter, Felicity Scully

Paul McClain, Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3456
Paul McClain, Harold Bishop, Tad Reeves

Tad Reeves in Neighbours Episode 3456
Tad Reeves

 in Neighbours Episode 3456

 in Neighbours Episode 3456

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