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Neighbours Episode 3448 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3448
Australian airdate: 19/01/00
UK airdate: 23/02/00
UK Gold: 21/4/05
Writer: Alan Hopgood
Director: Louise Leitch
Guests: Brendan Bell: Blair Venn
Summary/Images by: Alan & Tracy C/Alan
- Tess hearing someone trying to get into the house as she and Susan are about to leave.
Tess' house
Tess (and Susan) nervously wait Brendan's arrival in the house. He is surprised to see her in the house given the locks have been changed (he explains that off as losing his keys hence having to get new locks installed) and will get her a set cut for when she comes back. "I'm not coming back," she tells him but he thinks that if they meet to talk she will come back despite her leaving with her belongings!
As they are on their way out, Brendan tries to un-nerve Susan by menacingly getting the message across that he knows who she is and where she works.
The Coffee Shop
Amy is happy to see Billy and Anne pashing because they are back together when she comes in. They in turn want to know where she has been but she avoids answering instead calling Lance to reassure him she's fine (he's been calling her loads) but the phone is engaged.
Number 26/Ramsay Street
Despite the pouring rain, the Scullys get the barbie going in the garage as a way to save money although they knock back Steph's offer to pay board.
Susan (and Tess) arrive back in the street and she tells Tess to start taking her stuff in, she's going across to speak to the Scullys.
With the horrid weather, Susan offers to lend them her kitchen to cook in but they gracefully turn the offer down however are forced to accept her offer of a salad only because she runs out of the garage before they can object!
Number 28
Susan gives into Tess' plea to help by getting her involved in making the salad for the Scullys. As they chat, Tess comments that Libby is wise not to rush into something. She apologises to Susan for what she saw at the house and fears that as Brendan can be nice and charming (like today), nobody will believe what she says about him.
SUSAN: Well I've seen the bruises remember.
Susan then mentions she's entitled to her share of the furniture but Tess would simply rather start afresh. With that thought, Susan tells her about #32 being up for rent and its currently free to move into and promises to call Phil later about it.
Number 26
In the garage, as the family eat their BBQ food and Susan's salad, another good Samaritan brings them more food - Harold and Flick hopes it's a cheesecake!
Number 28
Karl finally calls Lou to tell him about the fire and reassures him that both Lolly and Drew are safe.
Lou's Place
Billy asks Amy what her big plans are for the year and she replies to learn Italian so that she can get on the international flights as you need to speak a language fluently. A very peeved off Lance arrives and isn't happy that he couldn't get hold of Amy. "I don't deserve this," he tells her and demands to be told what is wrong!
Lance has pulled Amy aside so they can talk privately. He wants to know what happened that she didn't show up at the millennium party. Amy tries to say she was working but he's not buying it although eventually he seems to believe that she was genuinely working. Lance wants them to go home to have their own private party but Amy would rather stay at the pub (with Billy and Anne) and then all head back to #30.
Number 28
The good news is Phil has agreed to Tess moving into #32. Susan again wants them to go back to her old house to arrange for Tess to get her share of the furniture, but she would rather not go back.
Anne and Billy arrive home and Karl tells them about getting through to Lou. In turn, they're asked what happened to Amy and the explanation was she had to work although Billy points out that her behaviour was completely bizarre. "Sounds like our Amy!" Karl comments.
Number 30
Lance finally gets Amy get back alone to #30. Amy does her best to avoid kissing him and is saved when her mobile rings. From the tone of the call, it's her new love interest (Damien) calling but when Lance returns from the kitchen she pretends it's her mum summoning her home because she's forgotten her brother's birthday. He wants to go with her but she cites that its family only however compromises to spend the whole day with him tomorrow.
Number 26 (next day)
As she stands in her destroyed kitchen, recent events start to get to Lyn and she begins to cry. Joe manages to cheer her up a bit by saying he's going to start work on the kitchen today. Flick helps to bring a smile to her face too by saying in some countries its tradition at the end of the year to throw the old stuff out and to buy new and to pretend that is what they are doing!
Ramsay Street
Susan and Karl head towards the car when they run into Harold. They tell him that Lou knows about Lolly now before they go on their merry way.
Someone has been waiting for them to leave though - Brendan!
Number 28
Once Tess answers the door to him, Brendan pleads for her to give him 5 minutes and she reluctantly lets him in. He tries to apologise as he doesn't know what came over him before then saying that perhaps a few days break will do them good. "You locked me out of my house," she reminds him and he puts that down to being angry, something she's done to him "plenty of times." This time though he knows he was the one to blame, adding that sometimes he does silly things and that's why he needs her - to keep him on the level.
BRENDAN: Tess, it's going to work out, I will never hit you again, I promise.
The Coffee Shop
Its Susan this time who catches Billy and Anne pashing when she comes in and Anne decides she needs to head off. Susan explains to Billy how and why Tess has ended up staying at the house and asks that he doesn't spread it around.
Number 30
Lance has a suggestion for Amy as to where they can spend the day - down by the river at their special place. She cites her lack of enthusiasm as choking on the breakfast cereal Lance has just given her! He can sense from her body language that something is wrong but she manages to fob him off that she is okay and is happy to spend the day at the river.
Lou's Place
Billy gives Anne a pressie of a diary, with a lock to prevent prying eyes! Anne is upset that she hasn't a pressie for him, so instead tells Billy that they need to relax around each other and stop being so cautious. He is so touched, that he describes what she's said as being better than any pressie she could have given him and to seal the deal they start pashing. Aww!
Number 30
Lance is just about ready with the supplies for them to head off, when Amy says she's got something to tell him. He stops her because he wants to say it first because its apparently more important! Lance explains that Billy and Anne getting back together has got him thinking about them and the problems they've had.
LANCE: It made me realise, I mean I guess I already knew, but it, well I'm now absolutely certain about us. I love you Amy. I just want to be part of you. I mean I don't know how to say that but I just want to be with you forever.
They hug but Amy stares uncomfortably ahead.
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Susan Kennedy, Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3448
Susan Kennedy, Tess Bell

Tess Bell in Neighbours Episode 3448
Tess Bell

Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 3448
Anne Wilkinson, Billy Kennedy

Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson in Neighbours Episode 3448
Amy Greenwood, Lance Wilkinson

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