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Neighbours Episode 3204 from 1998 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3204
Australian airdate: 05/11/98
UK airdate: 09/03/99
Writer: Barry Kay
Director: Nicholas Bufalo
Guests: Portia Grant: Sue Ingleton
Bianca Healey: Joy Mitchell
Cassandra: Elizabeth Shingleton
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Drew telling Phil that he'd be better going out on his own than working for Lou.
The bank turning Drew down.
The Pub
Phil commiserates with Drew - he says there's plenty more banks. Drew says he knows when he's beaten. Drew says he's not looking forward to Lou finding out and gloating.
The Coffee Shop
Madge has written on a piece of paper that Sarah's mouthwash has made her lose her voice. Sarah says it's impossible - she sells quality cosmetics. Madge writes that she'll Sue! Sarah says she'll contact the supplier.
Sarah and Libby go to sit at the same table at the same time. Libby apologises for giving the cosmetics Sarah gave her to Sally.
The Pub
Drew tells Lou that the bank knocked him back. Lou says he's disappointed. He admits he's a good mechanic, but he was impressed by the work that Drew put into his proposal. Lou says he knows how it feels when big plans are dashed. Lou wants Drew to incorporate his mechanics teaching plans at the garage. Drew says he'll think about it.
The Coffee Shop
Lou comes in to talk about Grey Growler tactics with Madge. He tells her not to say anything, just to listen(!). He says the secret is for the team to talk to each other! Madge mimes that she's lost her voice. Lou says he could get used to it! He says she should join a mime company. Madge shows her feelings by kicking him!
Susan is telling Phil that Karl wants to nominate her for Citizen of the Year. Susan said she wasn't keen at first, but now she thinks it might be a good idea and help the school too. Phil tells her to go for it. Susan asks Phil to nominate her. Susan says she doesn't want to tell Karl because he'll tease her if he knows she's in the nominations.
Susan asks about Ruth. Phil tells her about Lance putting his fist through the plaster and getting blood tests. Susan tells him to keep her informed in case they need to make allowances for his exams.
The Coffee Shop
Portia comes in and tells Madge that her ankle is healed. Madge mimes that she's lost her voice. Portia decides to use the opportunity to apologise for what happened with the newspaper article and says she's ready to come back to coach. Madge writes that she and Lou will coach. Portia says the Grey Growlers must take a vote on it.
The Pub
Portia flirts with Lou at the bar. Lou asks her what she wants! She thanks him for donating to Hilary's hospital fund. Portia says she'd vote for him for Citizen of the Year. Portia then asks her about the coaching of the Grey Growlers. She doesn't want the Grey Growlers "being unsettled". She asks Lou for his support and in return she'd support him for Citizen of the Year. Lou says as far as he's concerned it's the team that make the decision. Portia says flirtily that she's sure Lou will do what's best!
Later at the Pub
Toadie is telling Lou he's having problems with the "lift" for the flying machine. Toadie says they need to invest more capital to test it with balloons. Lou gives him $200 and tells him he hopes he knows what he's doing. Toadie asks Lou why he's suddenly being so generous. Lou says that he's always generous!
The Allotment
Lou is inspecting pumpkins with Drew. Drew says he's got a secret weapon - he's injecting honey through the side of the pumpkin. Lou asks if it's legal - it's like putting the pumpkins on steroids! Drew says it's only honey. Theirs and Harold's pumpkins are about the same size. Drew tells Lou he'll stay on at the garage. Lou is delighted but tells Drew not to give up on his business aspirations - his time will come.
Phil comes up with the horse and Lou asks him how much he wants for the horse and caravan. Phil is curious what he's going to do with it. Lou says he's going to donate her to a farm holiday centre for disabled kids. Phil suggests $2000 and Lou agrees! Phil says it won't harm his chances of winning Citizen of the Year. Lou says he hasn't thought of that(!). Phil tells him to watch his back - Susan's in the running too.
Ramsay Street
Libby sees Mike's mum outside No.32 with some shopping. Mike is out. Mike's mum can't find her key. She asks if she can leave them with Libby. Libby invites her in for a cup of tea.
Libby goes to make Mike's mum a cup of tea with a teabag. Apparently this is not acceptable - Mike's mum says teabag tea tastes all papery(!). Libby gets out some read tea and a teapot. Mike's mum and Libby chat about Libby's family. She notices the idol and they agree it's very ugly but it was a present from a friend of the family.
Mike's mum says she hopes her behaviour hasn't seemed odd but it has been a hard 18 months. She says Mike's father won't face up to the fact that Mike has separated from his wife. Libby says she doesn't disagree, but sometimes relationships can't be saved. Mike's mum says Libby is a nice girl. She still looks a bit unsure about her involvement with Mike though.
The Pub
Portia is flirting with Lou again. She says he's going to be hard to beat for Citizen of the Year. Lou says the main thing is to do your bit for the community! Susan comes in and says Lou might not have it all his own way - she has been nominated too. She says, "Let the best man or woman win!"
Lou is playing with Lolly while Toadie works on the plans for the flying machine. He takes Lou and Lolly outside to see a dummy of Karen floating with helium balloons(!) Lou unties the end and helium Karen floats away. As she floats across Ramsay Street it gives Madge quite a fright!
Mike's mum brings Mike's ironing to him. Mike says Libby thinks he should be ironing his own shirts. Mike's mum says Libby is a nice girl but she's not in Victoria's league! She asks him when he's going to come to his senses. Mike says he's in love with Libby and there's nothing she or his dad can do about it.
Libby is telling Susan that she got along well with Mike's mum despite the teabag tea faux pas(!). She says she's looking forward to getting to know them better. Libby says she might invite Mike and his mum over to dinner. She says she's glad that at least one of Mike's parents like her(!)
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